One of my favorite girlfriends name is Sasha, it is - a beautiful Georgian with a stunning smile, long black hair and a gorgeous figure. Her chest is great, but the best part of her body - is its arch ass, Sasha and uses her ass not only to sit on it. She loves to have sex with me, and most of all she likes to lick her pussy and fuck her in the ass. She enjoys the feeling and how my penis slides back and forth in her mouth, but it's for her in most cases only a prelude, as it considers his ass the best place for my penis. Licking gorgeous pussy, fuck a marvelous, narrow ass, like Sasha, and give my cock in her mouth a beauty - this is my favorite pastime, so when we were alone, we spend great time.
Last time we were together last week, when she called me to invite me to visit. Realizing that she had in mind when he proposed me to join her, I began to kiss her uncontrollably as soon as she closed the door behind me. Sasha was also glad to see me, and a moment later our lips came together, and our tongues began to share with each other moisture. She was barefoot, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, and when I hugged her, then noticed that not wearing a bra on it. And when my hands have got the waistband of her shorts and began to caress her soft, soft ass, I realized that this time on it does not put on any underwear.
After a moment, after we got to the bedroom, on it already did not have any clothes, and after another minute and I was completely naked. Sasha lay on her back on the bed, put a pillow under his head, and the other next to the ready so that when the right moment, to slip under his ass. When I started kissing her beautiful, as if specially designed for kissing face, she smiled even more, especially when my lips went down to the erogenous zones on her neck. She liked to feel the touch of my lips on her face and her neck, but she also knew that then my mouth will go to places where his touch like her even more.
The very first of these places was her beautiful, light-brown breast with large dark nipples. I cupped the closest to me and began to lick the nipple sweeping movements of the tongue. He quickly cured, I continued to lick, and Sasha purred as she is well. When my tongue followed by other luxury hill and licked the nipple, she expressed even more satisfying. "I love it, Dima! I love everything that you do language!"- She whispered to me, wriggling on the bed and giving me his chest at the disposal for the sake of our common pleasure.
She liked it even more when I took one of the swollen mounds in your mouth. I continued to lick erect nipple Sasha, licking on the areola, gently caressing the soft brown flesh. I heard her happy purring when I switched my attention to one of its treasures to the other, and when I looked at her pussy, I saw that she arched lifted her over the bed and smelled the fragrant juices flowing down her crotch. Despite the fact that my mouth and her magnificent breasts were enjoying what they were doing to each other, we understood that much more pleasure we get when they meet my mouth and her pussy. Kisses and tongue I began to move downwards in the direction of the pubis to the meeting finally took place.
Sasha does not shave, so she covered the bottom of all the abundant dark pubic hair, and I do not particularly like to lick her there, but I fell in between her legs, holding a tube of ready-sex gel. Sasha smiled when she saw lubricant. She knew that while I lick her pussy, at least one would be my finger in her ass, and this finger soon afterwards to be replaced on my cock. When I knelt between her legs, Sasha lifted his ass off the bed and I slipped a pillow on her proper place. Picking up her pussy to a height suitable for my language, she put both hands along the body and spread to the sides of his ass half. I raised an outlet tube of gel to her anus, forced a hearty lubricant and the middle finger of his right hand began to apply it around and inside her ass.
When she was well lubricated, I sat down so that my shoulders are below her hips, and she could throw my legs back. With his left hand I grabbed her thigh, twisted index and middle fingers of his right hand and a little push shallow brought them into her well lubricated hole. "Stick your fingers in me, Dima, - she told me - you know, I like to feel something in my ass".
I knew it, and knew very well, so I leaned forward to lick pussy Sasha, from which have flowed fresh juices, and pushed his fingers deeper into her as she wanted. "Ohhh, - she cried, - As well!"
She felt even better when I stuck my fingers over the entire length, fucking her pussy mouth and tongue licking her delicious juices. Having enjoyed this nectar, I began to lick at Sasha between big and small sponges, truly enjoying the feel of her soft, smooth flesh on the tip of his tongue. Continuing to lick her pussy, I slowly began to fuck her ass with your fingers, enjoying the guttural sounds that were published Sasha every time I strung it on themselves. She enjoyed the sensation of my fingers in and out of her ass, but we both know that there is a member of it like the most.
We both enjoyed, while my tongue slowly licking swollen lips of her pussy, penetrated into the gap between big and small sponges. We both liked it when I licked the big lips and external surfaces of small sponges. After a while, I took up another surface of its small jaws, but by the time she came so close to orgasm, I was hoping to enjoy licking her pussy up until she has finished.
I for a long time licking her inner lips of the brim to the point where they join to form the clitoris hood Sasha, then finally moved to the outer lips. In the process, I have for some time raised his head to take a closer look at the amazing pussy Sasha. She was doubly wonderful, being in great agitation, with enlarged lips and clit, so swollen that leaning out from under the protective hood. I enjoyed the view of pussy Sasha, Banged my mouth, and a view of the fragrant juices flowing from her. It was the scent of her juices How beautiful, but the taste was even better! While I pampered her eyes and nose, Sasha interrupted my thoughts a groan of pleasure. "Do not stop, Dima! Lick yet! Such a thrill!" Without much hesitation, I immediately took up her request, lost his face in her crotch and licking the nectar secreted by her pussy.
Greedily absorbed all the juices leaked, I went back to licking her lips. Now they looked even more swollen and Sasha - even more excited. From time to time, distracted by work, I glimpsed a pussy. At this time, her clit still increased in size and completely out from under the covers it with a hood. Assuming that Sasha will not stop me, I began to gently flexing with it with his tongue.
The reaction was immediate. "Oh, God, oh yeah !! Come on, Dima! Lick my clit! Suck my clit! Fuck my ass!"- Sasha begged until I fucked her harder with his mouth. I continued to please her ass with his fingers, but the clitoris licked ... short and without strong pressure. Later, when it's time to finish it, I will certainly enhance the impact, but until this moment of extreme ecstasy for both of us, I would like to deliver and have more fun with his mouth in other parts of her pussy.
The next place was the bottom edge of the precious love Sasha hole into which I penetrated tongue licking the juice, just flowing into my mouth. Moans her pleasure at the same time moved into sobs and sobs, she pumped her ass from side to side, beating his feet on my shoulders. "ABOUT!"- She was beginning, when I took his hand, fingers that fucked her ass. I took his hand away to make room for his chin, as I plunged my tongue deep into her love hole. Sasha liked it very much, and I, licking her pussy, again crossed his fingers and dipped them into her insatiable ass.
After working language at the bottom edge, I moved to the other side of her wet holes, penetrating into her tongue and enjoying the taste and aroma of her juices flowing. After processing the edge of her tender pink hole, my tongue returned to her study of small sponges. I moved them back and forth between them, licking pussy frothy nectar stunning Sasha.
"Suck my clit, Dima, suck my clit! I want to come!"- Begged me to Sasha. I am so intensely fucking her pussy with his tongue, she tore her ass on the bed, even adding the pleasure of fucking her to my fingers. Her ass is not only rose above the mattress, and rocking from side to side. Legs Sasha thrashed me on the shoulder, and her torso twisted on the bed. Her pleasure reached its highest point. I knew it was time to end it completely captured her mouth in a prominent clitoris, squeezing his lips at the base, and began to gently suck it. The language, I stroked his sides and top of the while Sasha is not mad.
Her legs stopped pounding on my back and shoulders and squeezed my head in the temple area. Hands she grabbed me by the neck and planted her pussy on my face, holding my head in the right position. Sasha's body shook even harder, her ass began to swing more widely, swinging her legs from side to side, while my head was concluded between them. I pulled her fingers out of her ass when she began to finish, and grabbed her hips hand. My mouth still held her clit, and my hands firmly grasped Sasha's legs. We both enjoyed it infinitely orgasm.
Then Sasha came, her back arched, and then straightened up again, with the force pressed her pussy to my face. When orgasm is released, it is completely relaxed on the bed, her hands released my head and fell helplessly on the sides of her body, her legs weakened grip and hang on my shoulders. The whole ocean of delicious fresh juices of her pussy waiting for me, and I gladly licked it, leaving nothing even grease, because he knew that soon my cock would be in her ass.
By eliminating all the juice, I crawled out from under her feet and got out of bed. Tube with gel-sex fell to the floor, I picked it up and put it back on the bed, because soon it will be needed again. My face was covered with her juices, I licked his lips, wiped as I could, the fingers of his left hand, then licked them clean. I went into the bathroom and brought a towel and wiped the fingers of my hand, who visited her in the ass, because I did not want to lick them. I was going to kiss the beautiful face of Sasha, so completely clean the face of the remnants of her pussy juice.
When I returned to the bedroom, Sasha was still lying on his back and smiling, especially because I saw my stiff cock. I smiled in return, noting that it is perched on a pillow first one yet, so her ass was provided in my room. "It was great, Dima, but now it's my turn to suck your cock a bit. Do you know where I love to take your cock then".
I did not have the slightest doubt, where will my penis after Sasha left the mouth, so I went to bed, legs spread wide over her face, he took the position of 69. Now we were both ready. Sasha hugged my hips and holding my buttocks and began to sit down with his mouth on my hard shaft, until I added grease on her lovely ass. There was still a little bit from the previous times, but I added, to be sure that this will be enough. Grease it, I waited for Sasha will my cock in full combat readiness.
She loved to suck my dick and once she probably suck me until the end, while I lick her pussy and fuck her ass by a dildo. Today, however, she sucked me in as much that my cock stood fully, and to moisten it for easier putting on a condom. "All Dime, insert it into my ass and fuck off me really", - She told me, when the condom was on the right place. She preferred condoms lubricated, so that I no longer need to lubricate themselves gel.
Sasha continued to lie on her back, she preferred the missionary position, how fucking ass and pussy. Again I knelt between her divorced feet, but this time because of the extra pillow under her hips, my cock was aimed directly at her anus, exactly where we both wanted. When I took the position, Sasha again spread her hands half his ass, and we were both ready to fuck.
While Sasha held her ass open, I entered her finger to reveal her sphincter. Keeping it open fingers of one hand, I leaned against the end of my penis with the other hand to her well hydrated Rozochke and pushed it forward. Feeling that the head wedged in her ass, Sasha moaned with pleasure. "As well, Dima! , - She told me - shove it in me to the end!"
This required me more uniform shocks, and every member of my more slowly penetrated the luxury ass Sasha. When I penetrated farther, she felt stretched as she loves it, and her rectum finally filled. Sasha moaned from surging pleasure. "Oh, God, what a thrill, Dima! - It spurred me. "I love it when you fuck me! I love your cock in my ass!"
I also love to feel how tight ass Sasha squeezes my penis shaft, and I want this as much as she. In the end, we got what we wanted: my dick instilled in her a deep, to my pubic hair, her legs wrapped around my waist, and my hand gently held back her hips, guiding her as she moved toward my shock. Sasha smiled at me and said: "What a thrill! There is nothing better than your member in my ass, Dima! Let's fuck all day long!"
It was difficult to count on all day, but my cock was so good in her hot narrow hole that I wanted to fuck so as long as possible. I slowly brought him almost to the end, and then again put into place. Sasha moaned with delight, and leaned toward me until my penis has not appeared engrossed in her ass for the most eggs. Then again, I pulled out a member and vdvinul forward, meeting her a push forward, then back, again and again, we both moaned from the enormous pleasure that we brought each other. Also groans, Sasha expressed their growing ecstasy that writhed on the bed in front of me.
We are quite a long time gave each other pleasure, both happy to fuck, and do not need words. The only sounds were handed out our moans and creaking of the bed, when I thrust dick in her ass ... luxury under me. She first broke the silence: "Oh, Dima, I love it! What a thrill! I love to feel your cock in my ass".
"My cock like it too, Sasha. I do not think there is a better place for it than where it is now". Having said this courtesy to each other, we fucked for a long time in silence.
All this time I was moving a member in the ass Sasha, and she give in to meet me. She began to sway slowly from side to side, and my penis is now included in it each time at a different angle. This increased her pleasure, because with every jolt her ass stretched in different ways, and her rectum differently filled. This increased my pleasure, and because every time my cock plunged in the ass Sasha, it is crimped in different ways.
"Stroke my chest, Dima!"- Sasha said between moans of pleasure. One of the advantages of this position was that I could caress her big, soft breasts. Another advantage was that I had easy access to the clitoris when it was time to help her finish.
I reached out, put them on her breast and began to gently squeeze them in time with the thrusts of my cock in her ass. "Ooo, ooo, yeah! Come on, Dima! How nice! Fuck me in the ass and pats me - and I'm happy!"
I was also happy to caress her beautiful breasts, when my cock slowly dived and surfaced from Sasha. I then, still kneeling between her legs, pulled her hands on her hips to guide our joint motion. It was nice, but even nicer was to caress her swollen front.
A third advantage of this position was that I was looking down, could see her delicious pussy, writhing in front of me, and his penis, making its way into her ass. I have also seen and heard smell delicious juices flowing from her pussy felt as they flow, flowing around my cock down my legs. But the best part of the performance, of course, be seen as the ass Sasha alternately receives and releases my cock invading her.
"Your hands do I feel so good, Dimka, but your mouth would have done better". Well, if Sasha chest longer meet my lips and tongue than do my hands, I have no hesitation leaned forward and began to lick one of her nipples.
I held his weight on his hands, his mouth caressing nipples Sasha, while my cock plowed her ass. Sasha writhing on the bed, exposing forward its beautiful hills breasts when I lick one nipple, she switched to the other, then back at the first, and so on.
Groans Sasha, meanwhile, moved to sob, her head hanging over the pillow from side to side, her body writhed wildly beneath me. I simply licked her nipples, then licked all her luxurious breasts, then taken again sucking nipples, turning his mouth from one to another. Although the sounds of it, were mostly incoherent, Sasha forced himself to say: " I want to finish, Dima. Come and play with my clitoris. I want to finish".
I was glad to hear it, because it was also close by to finish. Keeping his weight on one hand and knees, I continued to lick her wonderful breasts and the other hand began to fondle wet, enlarged clitoris Sasha. She reacted to this and quickening my cock in your ass movement that arched her back toward me and began to sob in pleasure.
We continued for several minutes, and then she cried out: "Yes! I'm coming! I'm coming!" Sasha became podmahivat my ass faster than I fucked her. Her arms wrapped around my head and legs wrapped around my hips.
The fact that Sasha is now set the pace was great, and I began to fuck her faster. I continued to lick the same breast that licked as she began to cum, and my fingers continued to massage her precious clit. Knowing that she needed a long time to come, I hoped I could hold my own orgasm, while Sasha is not satisfied to the maximum.
She had finished very strongly. "Fuck my ass! Fuck me in the ass!"- She murmured, and I did everything I could. Besides the fact that Sasha shook her head on the pillow, and her whole body shook and writhed beneath me, her legs swinging from side to side with me between them. Fucking, licking and massaging, I continued to meet Sasha all the time until she had finished.
"ABOUT! ABOUT!"- She screamed, ending, even more gripping my hips and head. I cried out and finished in a condom.
Relaxed and satisfied Sasha lay beneath me. The same relaxed and satisfied, I stretched on it, my cock was still inserted in her anus until he finally relaxed and does not slip out. At noon, we are well satisfied with each other, and both were waiting for the next time.