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Kiev ... 2001 ... January 5th ... People are just beginning to live a normal life after the New Year. Workers dog-cat shelter is already the 2nd of sticking to its usual place in front of the National Circus at Victory Square - Kiev learn. They also confirmed that the next gathering of homeless cats and dogs, which derive from a shelter on the street, in order to soften the people is an unbearable smell. After all, dogs and cats tend to defecate, and shelter workers - the habit of not cleaning up after their pets. But ... it seems that no one and does not prohibit standing there.
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Once I was standing near the bus stop, waiting for the trolley 17. I had 3 pairs in the KNU. Shevchenko, and I'm tired, returned home, passing by visiting "Tico-Market". And here I stand, and suddenly notice how one of the dogs taken on a cat and begins to fuck her privselyudno. The cat, of course, screaming, trying to escape, but the dog - a German shepherd, holds the victim rather hard. Member dogs, red and moist, quickly moving back and forth. The crowd, who had been expecting a trolley bus, watching this action, as the cat screamed awful loud and heart-rending. One of the shelter workers tried to intervene, but quickly bounced, barely dodging klatsnuvshih row of teeth.
At Shepherd of the mouth was foaming, tongue dangling, and seemed to dog on top of the world, but at this moment one of the men threw a shelter dog improvised lasso, and quickly pulled the animal from the cat, which was barely alive.
I do not really love animals, but the sight of the exhausted animal, which is the presently raped a cat, made my heart shrink. I waited until the crowd is completely changed, and among the people standing at the bus stop was not watching coitus. Then I came to the most important, in my opinion, aunt, and asked if you can pick up the cat itself. She looked at me rather suspiciously, but did not ask anything, and silently handed me really miserable body cat.
I live alone, as all my relatives in Mariupol, and I rented an apartment on Heroes of Sevastopol. It was about 9 pm when I entered the apartment, rather tired, raped with a cat in her arms. The first thing I did thoroughly washed, then combed, and then fed. After that, the animal has become quite a decent view, only the hole anus cat was no longer a hole - it was well-designed hole in which freely entered the little finger of an adult. I think you will not be surprised to learn that I could not resist the temptation to try to enter your finger in there. When I washed the cat, then soaped finger easily entered into the hole, but the cat did not show much joy on this occasion, so I temporarily abandoned this idea. In the evening we went to bed with the cat, and she quietly lay down at my feet under the blanket, curled up in Kalachik. So we stayed 2 months. I came in the evening after class, checked the mail, he studied and went to bed. Cat, surprisingly, I got used to my flat quite quickly, and already she found herself and food and drink.
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The cat in heat ... She started scratching the carpet, baseboards gnawed shorter - raged, because I did not let her out. It was at this time with my mom Mariupol came together with the smaller brother. They settled in the second room, as his brother was only 10 and it is unlikely he could have something to take home from the fact of living in the same room with a woman, even though her mother.
Mum with a small went to a movie, and I took the bathroom. I took a good warm up, washed his head, head, everything else, and, without dressing, and donning a robe, went to the kitchen to make some tea. I put the kettle on and went into the room and turn on the TV to look if there was anything interesting. He sat in a chair, took the cat appeared out of nowhere his arms and began klatsat remote. My robe, as you know, in a sitting position, swung open a little bit, but I do not pay attention, because he was alone at home. And here kitty licked me in the stomach. It was a common thing, it is often licked my arm or leg. But then she crawled up his chest. I laughed and spread his arms, and gown slid to the floor. The cat began to lick my nipples. It is furiously. She licked them one by one. At first I did not realize a damn, and then thought that a cat, because heat, any association with my nipples and here ... Well, in short, I decided - why not take advantage? - I tried to enter my middle finger in the hole cat. It was humid and warm. And I have not met any resistance this time. My finger easily entered, and I began to make frictions. Then I picked up the cat and put it down to his penis, which was already standing, and came pungent odor. Cat and began to lick it. I ofigel. Kitty made me a blowjob, it was just incredible. Little shershavenky tongue ... Just Otpad ... From a state of extreme excitement brought me a call at the door. Mama! The thought I saw the light, got up, put on my robe and ran to open the door. Already opened them, I realized that the kettle on the kitchen is on full heat for a good half an hour. I rushed there and saw bouncing blackened utensils. Of course, my mother asked me what I was doing so enthusiastically, he did not notice as the charred kettle. Well, I could not tell her that he was engaged in oral sex with your cat! I naplel her something about the deep thoughts, in short, otmazatsya. But the point is that I did not finish, and my cock was standing like a glove. Naturally, the mother is prosekla, and for some reason, to check what is in the CD sidyuk, I looked to see if nearby erotic literature, and found nothing compromising me, went to the bathroom. I immediately grabbed the cat and put her attractive face to the penis, but she meowed, broke and ran. You probably know how it feels when you have driven to ecstasy and finish was not given. That's it. I was ready to fuck any hole, anything, just to finish. I locked myself in the toilet and began to masturbate on the toilet. At this time I heard the sighs and moans from the bathroom through the vent in the wall of the toilet. I stood on the edge points, and, rising on tiptoe, I saw a mother who masturbate in the shower. I ofigel completely. Apparently, she did not have a father who had gone on a business trip three weeks ago. I continued to masturbate, and a minute later obkonchal the wall. I slowly slid down and started to think ...
After 10 minutes, my mother came out of the bathroom, fresh and cheerful. She patted me on the head and asked him to make her coffee, and she went to her room. I quietly slipped into her coffee klofelinchiku that just now purchased from a huckster, for the purpose of prostitution, and drink them to fuck her in all holes. She drank with me some coffee in the kitchen, we went to watch TV, and within 20 minutes she was sedated. I went into the room where the brother was reading a magazine and told him that he went to bed. To argue, I gave him two Schiglo.
He lay down, I waited until he fell asleep, and then proceeded ... I took off my mom's bathrobe. Her sagging breasts somehow I was not discouraged, but on the contrary, have increased arousal. The very understanding of the fact that my mother is in front of me and I can do whatever I want with it, has brought me to the limit. I spread her legs and immediately stuck 2 fingers in the crotch of his mother, who still was wet and warm. Her pubis was clean-shaven, which excited me even more. I pulled my cock and gently introduced it in the mother's vagina. Despite the fact that her mind was not working, the body responded to my actions - it is excited and flowed. I did not finish it. Stretching the penis, I turned to the mother stomach, and put it on his knees, leaning on the sofa. Her anus was not designed, apparently, to get her dad had. I fixed this by entering the mother's ass on the run. I fucked her in the anus for about 10 minutes when I felt that I finish. I stopped and got out of the mother's ass. Immediately I ran ... cat and began to lick licking the crotch of my mother. And then I decided. I grabbed the cat and without hesitation drove her dick until it stops. And then he came. And what's interesting - the kitty did not resist, or it was not care, or she liked - I do not know. I gently put my mother back to the robe and put him to sleep on the couch. Cat immediately slipped under her blanket. What's she got up, I do not know - I got her and went to sleep on a cot in the kitchen ...