In the park
She was walking through the park, just like it was shorter to go through the so-pinned, wanted to write horror, turned off the track, she sat next to was unbearable. When he ran, too, cutting off the path, and also in a hurry. Seeing women writing off the track, he stood up, forgetting everything. Her thighs, so beautiful, stretched, lowered pantyhose, on his knees, and buttocks, white, smooth, so beckoning. From pussy jet flowed. The woman saw him, but I could not stop and continued to write, she looked at him over her shoulder. It was evident in the beginning of the pants grow growing hill she wrote. When the stream dried up she pulled tights standing up. The boy quietly went to her, taking his hand, just took a little girl who silently went with guilt on his face.
You're taking me away from the crowded alleys, was dragged into the bushes, put on his knees and pulled out his penis. He already stands as the count. Beautiful, intense and very hard. It pulsates with excitement. Of Vienna and bulging veins. I borax it in cam and feel what it is resilient. I am contracted by the end of the skin completely. Outside crawls your elastic, hard, red, shiny dickhead I admire her and podrachivayu member. At the end of the head acts as a large drop of grease and hangs. Tips and lick it with pleasure. Carefully and gently lick your head and under it all folds. I lick the trunk and testicles. You moan and watch how I do it. Then I open the mouth and take a prick. Lips, a ring covers the barrel and begin to slowly suck. We both moan with pleasure. Then I begin to suck harder and deeper. I swallow it all, down to the eggs, in the throat. You're in ecstasy. You take me with both hands behind your head and start to fuck rough and deep in the mouth, into the throat. Then scream, shudder and descend into my mouth tight, hot jet of sperm. Its so much that I did not have time to swallow whole. She runs off with my lips on the chin and chest. According nipples dripping onto his stomach. I lick and suck everything, everything, everything!
When she gets up, he kisses her, embracing her hands clasping the priest, and compresses, strongly pressed to her. Unfolding it, he sat down, pulled up her skirt, and sharply lowered tights with shorts to his ankles. He bends her. It rests in a tree sticking out ass crouching slightly and spread her legs as far as allowed tights. Settle down, he licked, passing directly across the gap pussy, and kept at the hole puckered anus. She gasped a sigh only no patience. He began to lick, venturing slowly pussy beginning to unfold, the language was part of a deeper, she ran down, groaning caresses. Then he began to raise his fingers delving wall pussy, turning out to lick deeper. She came so loudly cried about it for the whole park. Her pussy was shaking twisted uterus to let go, turned around, so close to the entrance. Guy felt tongue surge, wall pussy, and fingers squeezing the vaginal muscles. He quickly got up and while she came, she pushed right to the full. Member resting in the uterus pushing it in all the nutria pussy clenched in orgasm. She did not know what it and who it fuck just moaned, ending minutes, five, and he fucking and fucking, her sharply and quickly, keeping the hips, barely standing. It was pretty cool, moans, sucking, squishing, slapping sounds of bodies. For ten minutes he pumped it until they together do not come close to orgasm. He hammered his dick in her pussy, moaning their screams merged into one, the body fell into a rhythm, long orgasm just take them, not in consciousness ...)))
He took his descent and her pussy, she gave him such waves pussy, nutria all lived their lives !!! Staying they panting, she hugged the tree, hung to keep the last bit of strength, he embraced her, remained in it until the dick is not weakened. Pulling a guy pants, he kissed her on the neck first, then in the ear, whispering, you're just super, I could not help it, you're such a glue. And he left, they lead in a hurry somewhere. She sat down, pussy twisted, throbbing, flowing from it to the ground, the sperm mixed with juices, she took out of her purse, wiped a handkerchief, putting it in his pocket, straightened, looking around, and went quietly, no longer thinking about the affairs ....
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