Mother-in-law with Rublevki
Based on "Lust For Mother In Law" by Lovely_Emma_21 c
I love my wife, but there is a story. We met her at school, and she asks if I were innocent as children. At learned everything, starting from how to move her hips when podmahivat and ending with how to work the tongue when caress. After school, we went to different universities, but after studying in a hurry to meet each other. In the third year they married, and a year later had a son Kolya. We live together for 12 years. After our son grew up and graduated from junior classes, ancestors built a grandson in the military fashion college, and she asks, suddenly turned to religion. At first I thought it was from her boredom, and she was involved seriously and more and more time is spent on temples, and even gathered somewhere out there on a pilgrimage.
too much has changed in bed. Of course "conjugal duty" she performs, but no longer any frills we have it is not observed. Even by the usual oral sex before she now applies a negative; otlezhus in its "missionary" position and good. And always mumbling something there about what they say is not pleasing to God.
Of course, I increasingly prefer to finish in your own fist, rather than once again to stick to it. And she, in my opinion, just glad that I do not impose. Do you think for yourself what kicks adult, married men masturbate as a teenager?
On New Year's holiday, son, Kolka, released for 10 days, and it was decided that all the Christmas holidays we will have a country house in Svetkin parents. Svetkin father General, seated in some Moscow headquarters, on a good position, and somehow managed to catch our troubled times "fish in troubled waters". In general, a house on the ruble cut off. Not that, quite mad, against the background of the neighboring even modest, but by the standards of normal citizens - Palace. (By the way, do not think that I Svetke by calculation married when I courted her, her Dad is still a major dust swallowed the polygon).
Then I could not imagine what will turn for me this Christmas.
Grandfather with his grandson finally found common interests and spend days dangled it on a ski trip, the museum, and if not on fire in some part.
Sveta was torn between sales in shops and visiting churches, as did Christmas, the morning service, the evening prayer.
In short, I sat all day in a huge house alone with her mother Svetka - Galina. She did not like to hang shopping, because it was overweight and quickly tired of walking. But, despite their age and completeness, Galina was a woman gay, with a mischievous yumorkom and eternal smile on his lips.
To be honest, in my opinion, Galina and do not fat, that is. A. Most of the weight falls on her huge breasts and baggy hip and possibly Svetkina "chill" in the bedroom he made me look at other women less biased, but when one morning the mother-in-law went to the kitchen in a long nightgown, I felt that my cock stiffened.
I could not take my eyes off the large hanging breasts, I wanted to bury them in the face. And I wanted to embrace her hips and push all of their 20 centimeters inside her. Waking up, I realized that even forgot to breathe as he watched Galina moved around the kitchen.
Incidentally Galina can not be called a prude. Sometimes talking it releases such jokes that even the barracks wits blush. No: Sveta clearly the character and temper went not my mother. Although this does not mean that it would be ready to fuck with their own in-law.
But I wanted it. It is about something spoke to me and muttered something unintelligible in reply. But on what I could concentrate is her chest. Huge, amazing. I wanted to see her naked. Awful. Once again, I apologize that blurted out something in the subject. I almost finished right in sweat pants when he saw how Galina leaned over the table to get the salt. Hell, her breasts ended somewhere near the navel. Why it seems so attractive, why so want to touch him? I popped out of the kitchen to the bath, and just one touch richly finished in the sink.
I knew that this will continue day after day. She would walk into the kitchen nightie, and I stupidly staring at her charm, for nothing more than daring. I might have to leave home to avoid this situation, but I was too excited. One day I made a decision. I have to fuck her.
- It seems Viktor Sergeyevich likes to service? - I asked.
- Yes, the service - it's his whole life.
I decided to turn the conversation in the right direction to me:
- I hope he does not forget about you?
- I spend a lot of time, but I have become accustomed.
- I'm in his place would never leave your bed.
She looked up from her plate.
- Sergei, you should not say such things to me.
- I know this - I said, looking straight into her eyes. - But it's true. You're a very sexy woman, Galina.
She reiterated:
- Sergey, we do not need to talk about anything like that.
I got up from his chair and walked over to her closely. Her breathing became heavy and her eyes were exactly where to go. My cock was sticking through the thin fabric of her sweat pants right in the chest.
- So I do not have to tell you that the dream make love to you?
She gasped, her eyes fixed on my cock.
- Sergei.
Suddenly, the phone rang. We were both startled, and stared at the food pipe. When I finally explained to the subscriber that he did not get there, Galina was not in the kitchen, while upstairs they heard the voice of my grandfather waking grandson:
- Soldiers get up!
Well, today, too, have to masturbate, but oh well tomorrow is another day.
The next morning Galina start the conversation:
- Sergey, we need to talk about what happened yesterday. You do not have to feel sorry for me, and do not have to tell me these things.
I sat quietly in front of her:
- You're right, Galina. What should I, so it's just fuck you.
She got up and went to the sink. She was breathing heavily and was very tense, fingers clutching at the edge of a sink, white.
I, too, stood up, walked over to her and pressed his member to her ass. She moaned and leaned a little ass to me.
- I love my husband, - she whispered. - I do not want to hurt him or Light.
I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him.
- No one will know nothing - I whispered to her. - But really I want you, now.
- Oh, - she moaned and pushed back his hips, pressing his back closer to the penis.
I gritted his teeth with pleasure.
Slowly, I pulled up her nightgown, until unable to see her big ass, draped with white panties. I put my hands on her buttocks, and she leaned harder, pushing his buttocks in my hands. ... I raised her nightgown up and told her to hold her. As soon as she did, I pulled off her panties, at the same time freeing up my cock. I could not wait. I pushed her hand in the back, so that her face almost buried in the table. When I dipped a finger in her pussy, I was surprised at first by how wet she was, and then by how close it was. Or Grandfather had a tiny dick or a lot of time has passed since its fucked.
She moaned and her body shivered as I fucked her finger. Then I pressed the head of my cock to her entrance and grabbed her hips tightly, and now I was on the all ready.
- Tell me what you want to do this - I said to her.
- I want you to fuck me - she replied sharply. - I want you to put this huge dick in me.
- Yes - I said. - I also.
So I drove to my mother in law, and she cried, and I could not hold my own scream. She was so wet and tight, and I realized that I could not hold back too long.
- Oh my God! Fuck me, Seryozha! What a great! Fuck me hard! - She yelled again and again, and I felt her body trembling.
She was hot, she bent down below so that I can enter the entire depth, on which I was only able to reach. I went in and out, in and out, over and over again until he felt how richly and powerfully finish, and she seems to be finished three minutes before, and all this time just quietly moaning waiting for my seed.
We were both suffocated, I backed away from her, and she was resting, leaning heavily against the sink. I sat down on a stool at the table, but as I saw her, her sweaty ass, and our mixed juices flowing down her trembling legs, I started to get excited again.
- Let's go to the bedroom - I told her.
She looked at me and starts to rise in my cock, still sticking out of my pants. It is well understood what I was going to go there. Galina shook her head.
- I can not. God, I can not even go.
I wake up.
- Then, in the living room. Now I want to see your breasts.
She let go of her nightgown and let her back to hide her body, then she stood up and walked in front of me into the living room.
I sat on the couch, while she was standing in front of me in indecision. I pulled off my pants and eye Galina stared at my rapidly growing dick.
- God, you're huge.
I wanted to tell her that it was all for it, but rather simply ordered:
- Take it off.
She dropped her nightgown because she was standing naked in front of me, my mother-in view of her breasts hanging on either side of her belly button, led my cock in a very excited state. It was painful. And I realized that I wanted to finish so that my seed flowed to these breasts.
- Come here - I told her. - Sit down on me.
She hesitated.
- I'm too heavy.
- I said, sit on me.
Her nipples betrayed her desire, so I knew she wanted me. Slowly, she straddled me and her wet pussy, leaned on my hips.
I pulled her hips so that my cock was at the entrance to her pussy, my head against her clitoris. She groaned and bent, sliding the chest to my face. This was the moment, I'm waiting. I took one of her huge breasts in both hands, raised it to my lips and began to suck it as a great pacifier.
She continued to moan. I slightly pushed forward with my cock and she moaned:
- Fuck me, Sergey!
But I have not enjoyed all that was. I moved to her left breast and paid her much attention. And then I went back to the right. I could not stop caressing her breasts and continued to capture her mouth so deeply, as much as was possible at all. I could not cover everything, but I continuously licked her nipples and the skin around them, while it is firmly pressed my head to him. Finally, it is contrived and so deftly moved the hips, my cock was deep inside her. Neither of us was unable to refuse the continuation of what began so suddenly. We accelerated the bumps and I felt that I finish:
After I poured out, I was still pushing in her pussy and fondling her breasts until she asked to stop.
- I can not take it anymore. If I finish again, I fall unconscious.
From the way she was breathing, I realized that it was true. I left her breasts, but he kissed her on the lips, caressing her tongue until she slipped and did not get up. She picked up her nightgown, underwear gathered in the kitchen, and we went upstairs.
I walked up the stairs behind her and watched as the runs down her legs my seed, emerging from her cunt, adding new drops at every step.
- My God! - I want her back.
Still, I decided to leave her alone, because my dick already ached, and I would like to reserve forces and for tomorrow.
Over dinner, I could not take my eyes off Galina. I even volunteered to clear the table only to somehow escape. My cock reminds himself thrust into the fabric of jeans at every step that I was doing in the kitchen. Light my mother dragged a pile of dirty dishes and at the time tried to stand up so that the table covered reared my cock. They chatted about nonsense, then Svetka grabbed the cake and went back into the dining room, at the same time asked to be Galina helped me wash the dishes and do not forgot to grab an ice cream.
When we were alone, I turned to Galina so that she could see my dick. It was very close, and I heard her whisper:
- That this is so has pulled hard on you?
- You - I told my mother-in and pulling her to him and kissed her deeply, sucked her tongue into my mouth, and then became its own dive into her mouth imitating a very unique movements.
I grabbed her breasts, caressing her through clothing. Her bra was an obstacle to the enjoyment, but I could not help it.
- Serge, stop. Well not the time right.
- I can not help me, - I said, pushing her my swollen member.
She glanced at the door to the dining room. We heard how they laughed at stories told Sergeyevich. Mother-in-law undid my jeans and pulled my cock. I put my hands on her breasts, found her nipples and began to caress pinching them between thumb and forefinger. She swayed in time with the movements of his hands, gripped my cock and then suddenly sat down and took it in his mouth. I had to let go of her nipples, but this was a small price, as my mother-in-law showed me a real exhaustion. She did it wonderfully, and I quickly finished her skillfully sucking mouth. She swallowed every last drop, and then licked me clean.
Sveta called us just when she killed me, mother-in-law smiled grabbed ice cream and walked into the dining room.
The next morning, I had just woken up and was about to go down when ... suddenly opened the door and my mother-in-law entered the room. Naked.
- My God! - I just said at the sight of my Galina.
Climbing into bed, she said:
- I'm excited with the same time as you suck. I could not even be interested in Victor "these", last night. He was too busy snoring.
Galina lay down.
- Besides its small-small penis would not satisfy me, anyway. Fuck me Sergei. I know it's terrible, damn, but you want me and your cock - all that I want.
I pulled the pants and knelt on the bed. I was already excited by my mother-in-kind, lying naked on the bed, which I shared with her daughter. She spread her legs, but I pushed them back and sat down at her knees covering her waist so that my penis has touched her breasts. Galina smiled, she understood that I wanted to fuck her breasts. Mother-in-law raised his chest and hanging them engulfed my cock. I began to move, finding a rhythm. She squeezed me harder, I was moving faster and faster, and now, sensing the approach, I told her I'll finish.
She said:
- Cum on me, Sergey. Water the whole me.
And I did it. And she opened her mouth and part of the seed fell and there. Galina closed her lips and savored the taste:
- Now sit on the sidelines and watch, - told me my mother-in-law, and I realized that now would be something unusual.
I pulled away from her and sat in silence.
She managed to shake me. She lifted her breasts to her mouth and began to lick them clean from my sperm. It was the most erotic scenes I've ever seen. I began to stroke his hand again the growing member. She was watching me to see if I like what I see. Galina has lapped all but continued to suck one of her breasts at the same time, she began to caress her fingers her pussy.
- I want to see how you cum - I told her, she quickened her movements, her eyes intently watched my cock, which continued to stroke, watching masturbating mother-in.
When she began to choke from the approaching orgasm, then he smiled and asked.
- Come to me, fuck me, Sergey. Fuck my wife's mother, because she loves your huge cock.
I lay down on her, but did not go into it, because I wanted more and more to hear her words.
- Do you do this to my daughter? - She asked me.
She grabbed my buttocks prizhivaya me to him. My penis was tightly pressed against her wet pussy.
- My daughter allows you to fuck her breasts? She takes your cock in her mouth? God, - she moaned. - I want to do it all over again. How is she?
- No, - I answered, slowly starting to enter into it. - She did not even get wet from me, and she have not touched my penis.
- Oh, my boy. Let then my mother take care of you.
She lifted her hips, so that I was completely in her pussy and we both sighed.
- Like this. Insert your boy pussy Mom and let her take care of you.
We inched along, and I caressed her large breasts and wide hips. We kissed, sucked each other's languages, and I felt the taste of his own semen in her mouth - that she licked her breasts. We fucked slowly over time, and when it finally came, it was moaning so loudly that her moans echo long rolls on the back streets of the house.
- Cum in Mom - she told me. - Oh, Sergei, cum in me.
And at that moment I began to tremble, and began to finish as much as any finished, probably, never in my life. I never thought that "Workers 'and Peasants'" posture may give such pleasure.
Over the next few days, we fucked every time, as they could be alone, even in the middle of the night. We met in the living room on the first floor, the benefit of all the bedrooms located on the second. It was even more exciting than usual, because we knew that at any moment we can catch "dead to rights".
I do not know what will happen in the future, but now I'm planning that next vacation we will again hold the parents of his wife. Oh, I shall insist on it exactly ...