Julia's work. Office
Hello readers! I'm Julia, you have my story pichatali "Private Julia". And now, about what happened at the site, the officers found out, I was sent home in a madhouse. There I checked to transfer to the reserve of the army. And here I am, with the help of the heads of the doctor Alina Albertovna began to earn a little denyushek. Upon arrival me to the hospital, I was first placed in a soldier's room, there were all kinds of addicts, and mowers, they tried to rape me. She then transferred me to the women, all the good I took my suitcase with women's clothing. In this chamber were quite normal and beautiful woman, as it turned out very rich.
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They were treated for depression, nervous breakdowns, incognito. I behaved as a woman, began to release the hair. And in one of the later, autumn evenings, when Alina Albertovna was on duty, they have all gone to bed she called me in the staffroom. Began to question me on the medical history, and then asked, and I saw women pis (pezdyshku), I was embarrassed and said no, but really want to and I she appeared. Then she sat down on the couch spread her legs, her panties were removed, offered to look at her pussy, on closer I at this moment stood rooted to the spot, it is one thing to suck the male member and the other, female pisya that was nicely shaved. I started on my knees and started to kiss her gently, Alina started moaning, I began to work the tongue, she asked me to lick her point, I did it with pleasure. Then she asked, but what about the men, I said I do not mind.

She called and came Artem senior nurse, together we began to suck him, and then he entered me, my ass for two months already pulled off, and it hurt me a little bit like the first time. After that, I started my job, I began to lick at their women, which was in the House, there were four, each week there were new, 2 months of my stay in the House, I have earned almost $ 6,000 and 300,000 rubles. A decent amount to settle in life, and at the same time found pokrovitelnitsu-"X". She arranged for me in one of the firms, the messenger, but said for the time being not to show who I am, I worked as a guy in his name, for the year then let the hair down to his shoulders, I have it 100% blondinki.Izredka came on call to her mistress to the capital, where we went shopping, I felt this zhenschinoy.Pri I bought a consignment vagina Cherry Popper of soft silicone FemSkin by the manufacturer, and at the same time I really liked it. Chest I slowly began to grow, I took female hormones, pezdyshka until it was artificial.

And on February 23 this year. I was approached by the director and the manager of our company. Well, Julia, I was dumbfounded, where they learned about my second life. They showed me a letter from my mistress, where she told me to cheer up the children for the full 23 fevralya.S hint of a good reward, I looked at my bank account, she has a new lay a tidy sum, with a hint that I spent it on a real pussy, and a visa to the Netherlands for the operation. I was delighted. Well, the guys who will take me home to change. Volodya volunteered. I went pomylas, substitution, wore his "Cherry Popper", Evening dress beautiful lace stockings underwear left. then drove to the hairdresser where did a good styling, master at the same time said that he had just washed his head, but the broken light in kvartire.I here I come to the office together with Volodya, there I already expect our staff secretary Val, director Sergei and Konstantin Arthur. Valya came up to me looked at me and we had kissed and hugged each other as a friend, she told me took away, he said that, before it was Vasya, and has a 3-year, a woman, only the guys do not know about this, it is with them already peretrahalas all, they did not even know.

And so we went to the Vale to the country, where it began, I immediately paid their attention Valais, got out her pizdenyshku men with sluggish podrachivat its members. After a few glasses of champagne drunk, I undressed completely, we Valya started to suck, guys, for half a year I did not suck and swallow cum pleasure, then we all fell in love with the Valley and more than once. The next day I went to work as a woman, and Val went to the director of the new branch, and I became his secretary, almost every morning I usually hearth coffee boss, made a good blowjob. And I ceased to be afraid to be a woman.