Deal. Chapter 3
Outside the window it was already getting dark when the lock clicked and the door opened Alain tired eyeballs loaded packages.

"So the money raised went to my costumes on her new clothes, right cycle of junk in the nature" - I thought with indifference, confident tsokaya heels up to her. All day I was training in balance and gait in these worsted heels. Wheel I would not do, but the hundred-meter race ran. Probably.

- I look practiced, - appraising calmly stated she saw my gait.

- Yes, Madam, - I made an awkward curtsy.

- Well, once again fall - deprive speechless for three days, then six, and so on, - she said wearily, abandoning bags at the door. - Get dressed, yet packs left in the car.

I quickly put on her coat and followed Mrs. And the fool, it was clear that the purpose of this mission was to test the skills learned. Trying to measure sexy ass wagging (practiced in the mirror!) I went ahead, feeling the back of his head at himself hard look Alena. I was smart enough not to use the elevator, he now worked or not. It was important to show what I've learned during her absence. However, Alain was smart enough to take advantage of it. And yes, it worked.

Silently cursing, like a fool, I went down the five floors, trying not to repeat the sad experience of the past times. Now it gets much better, and no packet is also safer. On the third floor, I crossed to the low middle-aged lady holding in her arms a white lapdog. She was waiting for the elevator and heard my steps, briefly gave me a head to toe look interested. Her interest was clear to me - the girl with my looks, or rather skinned, not frequent visitors of our city. But because of this couple I almost repeated her flight again.

Bichon dog ... This exuded a wonderful scent that made me almost no head spin. I barely had time to grab the perilla. Like smell my sudden illness, damn ugly mutt start barking at me breaking out of the hands of the ladies. Only when they disappeared in the elevator riding up I felt a little better. Leaned on the railing and moving filthy breath, I continued my descent for fear of angering Alain his slowness.

The fresh evening air a little cheer me and helped aired brains expelling durmanyuschuyu stink. it was so fresh and well on the street, that I involuntarily paused at the entrance of enjoying spacious, like a little child. Walls once my flats which has now become my dungeon are pretty fed up with me and mercilessly pressed on the psyche. Even prisoners supposed to walk. And finally, I'm out!

Grins Allen was waiting for me in the car to deliver packages with a variety of logos. It looks like she did not lose time in vain, and off in full, curing his tortured soul of good old Babskii shopping therapy. Having loaded my eyeballs, she put the car on the signaling and clicked his home, carrying bag and a package with suspicious contents ringing.

"With girls do not seek" - I thought resentfully, bending under the weight of their luggage and followed her. Now it was a real test for my feet.

Alain waited for the elevator, holding it for me.

- Let's stamp your faster.

I could not help but cheer her generosity. Logically, I knew that she was, in general, do not care about me. Grohnu Well, well, I punish ... but in packages were not only clothes, and she probably did not want to see their contents scattered across the stairs.

Especially not thinking, I squeezed into the elevator. As soon as the door closed, I was almost felled. It was very hot. It seems that the smell of the skunk has not yet had time to erode out of the booth. Alain could not help but notice as I flushed.

- What happened to you? Sick?

- No ... not really ... But this neighbor with his stupid lapdog. This smell is driving me crazy ... Madam, - I confessed, leaning against the wall of the booth.

Alain philosophically nodded and rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and then smiled, as if she knew something that I did not know.

- Hold on a bit, we're almost there.

When the doors opened, I first ran for the exit. My vagina is already beginning to tingle noticeably. Heat engulfed my body wildly stirred up her responding pleasant languor in the stomach, but in the apartment I was a little let go.

At home, I under the leadership of Mrs include those or other packages in different rooms. Some went to the refrigerator, a part of the new-old room Alena. Few perepalo me. Among the junk found a decent clothes for me, a few pairs of shoes and black boots. All on the damned high heels. Oh yes, in addition to clothes, I found a bowl with my name and leash.

- It is necessary, Mrs.? - I winced, spinning in the hands of a shallow metal bowl. - I do not think that here sell sperm substitute.

Alain sat in the kitchen and enjoy sipping a cigarette, and I sat, as I should be, on the floor. The legs ached terribly from a day walk on his heels, so this break was just what we needed. The day was drawing to a close, but who knows what has prepared me my harsh mistress.

- And you are not supposed to think, - she said absently, with pleasure exhaling a cloud of smoke. The first cigarette in a month! - I do not live suspicious strangers without a passport and citizenship, but there is a dog Lola eating from this bowl.

- But I have seen ...

- Yes, to me sometimes comes to African-American pupil on the exchange, but I do not live.

This situation is discouraging.

- Where does she live? - I asked quietly, hoping to finally find out what she was up and not be if I spend the night in the park with the homeless.

- Co-ver-shen-but without at-nya-ti-I - in syllables she said, smiling contentedly my confusion. - She did not tell me, and I did not ask.

Stubbed out his cigarette in an ashtray (she bought it), Alain got up and went to my room, beckoning me to follow. Wearily he collapsed on the bed she told me to stand in front of the mirror and take off finally, shoes. Last I did with great joy.

- You'll be two roles - whores and bitches, if you are in the good will and the third - the role of schoolgirl - wearily muttered Allen, took out of his jacket pocket phone. - I am after all a teacher and educator, I do not want to leave you without education. To be honest, I plan to return to work in the old school, and leave you without food for a whole day alone at home it seems inhumane. Behave obediently and I'll give you an exchange student at the school.

- On the house ... So I'm still going to live here? - I asked cautiously.

Exasperated snort, Alain something pushed on the phone and my legs immediately buckled from the pain, but when my hands touch the floor all over. palms Fingers formed in the palm like glue glued. From throat came a familiar whining. Again. I looked reproachfully at Alain, who answered curiously stared at me, shaking his head this way and that, as if seen for the first time. The finger is pointed at the mirror.

In the reflection looked at me a hefty dog, the first sister Lola. From fright, I jumped from the mirror and tried to get up, but when both my hands off the floor and re-rank the pain brought me back to a horizontal position. Only now I noticed a discrepancy - my hands, chest, whole body is still left.

- Do not overexert your brain Lolachka. No, you're not a dog, it is an illusion created by the collar. While she was working all see you like this. Dogs do not talk and do not walk on their hind legs, so ... And it does not matter, you have already realized itself.

Oh yeah! Now then, everything fell into place. Alena Petrovna lives her bitch Lola. Perfect cover, forge documents for the dog easier and cheaper than for a man. I could not help but marvel at the genius of its voobrazhalki.

- That night you spend in this way. If you do not like it, I will return as it was black schoolgirl let go to his home ... Um ... Where would she did not live there - a sleepy yawn Ms. - Let me think ... We need a system of codes. If you agree - lick my hand, not according to - stand and do not move. Or a "wow" - yes, two - no. Only now it is better not bark - the neighbors above us the chest baby.

Once again, I looked at my reflection. It would seem that choice themselves, and it was not. Miss drooping head, I took a step to meet her.

- Stop if you think you have no choice, you are greatly mistaken. Perhaps I did not say so - as if reading my thoughts Alain. - If you will not be punished or not I need at the moment - with my permission is free to go either way, what you want. Though human, though dogs ... Main Stay in touch and come back home in the morning.

The news was overjoyed me, but I hesitated briefly and licked her hand still. The day was long and strange, and I - well-fed, but tired. And it was necessary to give your feet some rest.

Habitual movements patting me on the head and scratched behind the ear, Alain retired to her room, and I climbed up on the bed and crawled under my crumpled blanket smelling sweat.

That night I had a terrible dream, and almost certainly this was due to the stench of lapdogs. It seemed to me I stunk it through. Around me were jumping clone balonki together zalivayast terrible barking, barking, which seemed to penetrate my brain, skin, flesh and bone ... And now, I look at my hands and I see, I see how they are covered with hair ...

Plaintively whining, I woke up in a sweat, completely forgetting the details of the nightmare. The time was the fourth floor, and sleep was not the water eye. Despite some sweating, I feel I can sleep in full force. And even a little excited. My throat was dry from all of these experiences, and I decided to have a drink, but on all fours could only get to the toilet. I had to cheat by moving a chair to the kitchen sink. Thirst prompted me where you can attach a bowl.

For the rest of the night I was looking through babskie magazines - the only reading in my room. Morning, sleepy, dressed in pajamas Alena he caught me languish in idleness under his door. Glad whining, I almost pushed her feet, licking her hands beseechingly.

- Yes, yes, yes, my girl, missed the Lady? - A little sleepy she smiled, gently stroking my hair. - Today we have a lot to do, prepare breakfast Lady, as she takes a shower.

Before we go into the shower, Alain returned to me human capabilities. Oh, how happy I stood on two legs!

Breakfast was about the same as yesterday, but now for one person and coffee.

- Madam, please leave for Lola water at night - I sheepishly asked, sitting on the floor at her feet. It was surprisingly nice to hear human speech from his mouth. - It is possible to use this bowl.

After a shower, Ms. wearing a robe satisfied my behavior was in good spirits. Or just got on the wrong foot.

- Extremely sensible idea, Lolachka - cooed Alain sipping coffee. Legs crossed, she excitedly ran her foot on my lush tits, fingers toying with fleshy nipples. Not much kicking my melons and causing them a pleasant eye trembling, she opened her robe and beckoned to him. - You slept well?

- Yes ... Madam, - on the machine I said I could not help being raised by such inconsiderate games with my milk bottles. They like living jumped and rolled randomly waving tight tits.

- Ai-yai-yai is not good to lie. I have this phone does not even need - I looked in the morning recording from the cameras in your room. You had koshmariki, and then you lain in bed and read a cognitive literature. For Fiction praise, but I still have to punish you. But first morning cunnilingus - enticing spread her legs, leaving my last bust in the rooms.

From Mrs. smelled of jasmine, but disclosed hungry pussy lips with drooping petals smelled otherwise. I finished off the day before these changes with the sense of smell. It all smells almost as good as usual, but not quite, and Mrs. Dee a word has not mentioned about this.

Willingly Lady hugging her hips, I pressed her lips to her bosom brackish, merged with it in a greedy French kiss. A little surprised and excited moan Alena was the best proof of the efficiency of my dirty mouth. Sweeping licking grease generously allocated Mistress, I drove the language on the outside of the pussy and inside it, and then Tyrke spout in dissolute chubby clit.

- Ah-ah-ah ~ Dirty bitch, you ... Ahhh ... not so hopeless .... - And then sweet moaning praised me Alain, digging his fingers into my thick head of hair.

Hunger whether returning or part of the excitation Mrs. involuntarily passed on to me, but I undeniable flowed. Love Nectar Lady glossy layer covered most of my depraved little face, trickling down his chin and dripping on the buffer. Not so much but I have begun to shine between her legs.

It could not last long and after a few minutes of heated kisses, her oyster trembled and Alain clearly and loudly finished irrigate me loose "girl's dew."

- Vuh! It was super! - Pretty lounging in a chair, murmured Mrs quite slowly move the legs. - In your mouth just wonderful. Remembers going to do this every morning.

- Yes Milady.

- When pribereshsya here I am waiting for you in the lap of the output. It is time to display your publication.

She reached out a sated cat and trying not to slip on their own puddle, got up and went to his room. Sliznuv lips balances over, I began to get out of the kitchen. Hands do work, but mentally I wanted to finish as soon as possible ... and finish. My body missed orgasm, wanting to take a warm living member. At night, I thought a lot about it. Recalling a past life, I felt I was gradually losing the current shame and internal changes irrevocably away from Alexander which was not so long ago. And it was not only in the body preoccupied chlenososki, in which I was imprisoned with the help of magic incomprehensible to me, but life under the heel Lady was no less effective.

By the time Alenka I sat on his lap, obuvshis and dressed to the exit to the street to your yesterday's outfit. I sincerely hoped she obzovet me a fool and orders to dress decently, but it was not quite true.

Alain came out of her room a completely different person than the whole month was with me. She was wearing: tight-fitting brown trousers, so accentuating her slender legs and buttocks; elegant white shirt; vest the color of the pants; and jacket. On his feet were covered business female shoes on a wide-heeled middle. Her nose was wearing round glasses graceful in a silver frame, even though we both knew that she had a remarkable vision. If not for the feminine figure and long hair, it can be confused with a very stylishly dressed gay. In short, she was dressed as I forbade her, but ... she looked still charmingly.

- Are you stupid or what? I told him to wait for me here, about clothes not a word was said! Hurry and get up off your clothes cancer, bitch, - angrily, his arms on either side, and ordered Alain went to my room.

I undressed in a flash: it was not a lot of clothes, and Mrs. looked very severe. By the time she returned with something in their hands, my hands were on the floor and black ass - top. Without further ado, Alena spat on the knot of my sphincter and began to push it tapered anal plug made of latex 3 cm in width and length 7. tightly clenched teeth, I'm just an asshole felt millimeter by millimeter tube enters me, extending my hole.

- More tell me thank you, bitch. Be patient, you need to develop your working hole. It is hard to learn, easy - to fight, right? You will become a great anal whore - quite lybyas she wailed, squeezing my right palm poluzhopee free.

The price of a pair of tears, sweat glasses and two minutes of wasted time, cork is entirely taken its place within me. Outside, there was only a pen, like a mushroom cap. Approvingly slapped my ass, Alain hitched to the collar leash.
- Do you really want to do this? - I balked, since guessing about her plans. What would I not humiliated here, this walk has raised everything to a whole new level.

- Do not worry, Lolochka just behave naturally - she winked, pressing the phone button.

I barked a couple of times, checking whether Allen actually transferred me to the "bitches" mode. Cheerfully smiling and enjoying what is happening, Ms. purse and took almost forcibly pulled me by the leash onto the landing. The door behind her with a loud bang shut, cutting off my retreat.

Having got me into the elevator, Alain noticed as I shiver covers.

- What are you, Lolochka, afraid?

I licked her hand.

- Do not be afraid fool, take a walk for ten minutes, you have a couple of trees litter ... and we go home - a piece of cake - patting me on the head she reassured me.

Her words are not much help, but I started to shake less. My difficulty with the role of the dog just beginning.

In the courtyard stood the middle of March. The weather outside was unusually sunny, but it was still cool to walk naked. At least, it should have been. When I wake behind Lady timidly came out of the door, the cold hardly felt. As it was the case or whether the modification of my collar - only God and Mrs. Dee knew the answer. Gag in the ass unpleasant rubbing, with every movement recalling myself to constantly squirming hips. I do not doubt that soon get used to it, but until that happens I had to put up with it, unconsciously straining ass.

Alain lazy step led me into a small park for dogs, a hundred meters from our house. Relaxed walking and with an innocent smile, greeting neighbors, it hurts and then yanked on the leash, and then, adjusting lagging me. During the time spent in the role of whores and nymphomaniac, her reputation for decent women merged into the toilet. People would be hard not to notice her revealing outfits vulgar make-up and frequent visits of strangers into her apartment, from which could be heard cries of indecent. Rumors went faster wildfire and soon some men from the area began to use its services.

"If I were in her place, after the return of reason immediately slipped back to where I do not know" - I thought nervously twisting his head and trying to keep up with the Lady. I constantly felt that is about to fall down an illusion and everything will start to poke a finger at me, moaning and groaning, photo phones and ashamed, calling a dirty pervert and nigger slut. Why is this fear made my crack leak, and my heart beat faster.

Walking on the green young grass of the park, Alain sat down next to me and patted on the head unhooked the leash.

- You see the trees there? - She pointed to a small grove of young shoots. - Run out there and pee. Then run across the lawn and play with me. If you meet the dog - say hello to her, as you have taken. In short - behave like a bitch Lola. Do it properly. Will you play badly, I'll have to take your education. For me it would be an unpleasant waste of time. I do not like to waste my time like this will lead me to tap a bad mood, and this, in turn, greatly complicate your life. And that's not even a threat, but a warning. Is it clear?

She sounded very convincing and I rushed quickly to lick her hand.

Slap on the ass Mistress with a smile directed me in a given direction. Motivated her warning, his tongue hanging out, I ran to the tree trying to hold with one hand always on the ground. One thing slowly crawling on all fours, but run fast without harming the knees was impossible, so I had to screw up your ass and pull your knees off the ground, relying only on the hands and feet. And soon this method of movement paid off. Happy with my discovery, I ran up to the tree and hesitantly lifted her leg. In fact, to pee in public was much harder than I imagined it would be. Standing naked in this shameful attitude, I closed my eyes and tried to relax his bladder presenting before the eyes of a babbling forest stream.

"I'm a bitch, I have nothing to be ashamed just do it" - I told myself to relax a bit and that helped. With a low rumbling from the urethra arc poured golden fountain, watering grass and tree roots. With surprising ease, I was able to stop the long-awaited process. Madame gave a clear indication to do this several times, like a real dog.

Gradually live in the role, I hurried with his tongue hanging out to go back to Alena, who filmed everything on video. This time it was a small and expensive digital video camera. It must be one of her shopping yesterday.

- Like this! Clever! Good girl! Now, run, have fun ... - patted her free hand to me.

Zadornov gavknuv I began to run on the tender grass, and kept coming back to her for the next portion of the praise. To my shame, and it left me with quite a bit (after the walk - and even less) I liked finally warm up to nature. Run naked, not constrained stupid clothing was surprisingly nice and bodryasche. Five minutes later, I again repeat the procedure, marking another tree, but there is a much easier and relaxed, without any constraint.

- Oh, good morning Alena Petrovna, long time since I saw you here - came over and greeted her young brunette 30 years, leading to hefty German shepherd leash with a muzzle. - I heard you sold Lola ...

For Alena it was like a slap in the face. The woman reminded her of her shameful failure and showed that familiar with the gossip about her. Was betting, it is not only about the sale of Lola heard.

View hefty Shepherd frightened me, and I hurried to hide behind Lady, trying to keep it between me and of dog. From Shepherd smelled hardly worse than that of a lap dog and I tried to move away from this stench.

- And you do not fall ill, Paulina S. - as if nothing had happened, smiled Alena Petrovna. - Well, at least you had with Percy's all right. Yes, because of the difficult situation with finances I had to make this sacrifice, but now everything is in order. Time goes by, and I get by. Here, the other has got Lola ... - she beckoned me.

Wrinkling her nose, and my poor unhappy whining, I dutifully approached her, trying to breathe as little as possible. But it's not much help, Percy stench hit me in the head and strange symptoms overwhelmed me again, causing my body to burn.

- Clever girl! Come get to Percy.

Timidly, almost timidly, under the curious gaze of women sobachnits, I walked slowly to the shepherd. Ritual love dogs knew every child - you need to poke their noses and smell each other's ass - this should not be a difficulty. Every step toward the goal smell became unbearable and intolerable, eclipsing all others. Having sensed the smell of new, Shepherd roused herself and curiously looked at me with sad eyes. Holding my breath, I buried her nose in his collar for a few seconds and then went around and briefly detained person under his tail, simulating live "dog interest." Poslitav executed ritual I hurried away from skunk away, and the fact there were good reasons. In addition to the heat came over me dizzy and excitement with all the "consequences". The dog, too, decided to show etiquette, but more aggressively than I am. He blocked my way and whining softly licked me through the leather muzzle, but considering it insufficient, the dog came from behind and nuzzled into my crotch oily and repeated the same trick. The answer to his rough, "Hi, how are you?" Out of my mouth I involuntarily pathetic whining, when from the pussy on my body shiver swept sweet, making my knees prozhat. Then it happened again and again - he obviously liked my taste, well, I, in turn, appreciated the smell, which turned out to not be so unpleasant.

- Uh, what's your sweetie bitch. How old is she? It has already been knitting?
- With interest Percy asked the hostess to our advances. I was not a fool and already knew what was going on. All this garbage with the sense of smell was simple to outrageous - surprising as I had not guessed.

Mind telling me to get away as quickly as possible to Allen, but his body refused to take a step and lose affection rough tongue Percy. Legs cramp literally brought lustful, moreover, I could not help spread her wet thigh, opening up more space for the dog affection. I would like in the morning if you do not stand, then at least unpretentious orgasm, and here by coincidence ... The smell of the male awakened in me the desire Bitches in season and wet wool silk male lured by the smell, urging him to fulfill this desire.

- She's in the juice - proudly said Alain never leaving my eyes and camera lens. - Recently it was first mated, but failed ... I repeat.

I heard them discussing me, but as if from a deep well. My brain is like swimming in a pan-skull immersed in liquid pleasure and cooked over a fire of animal passion.

- Then you should hurry up and not to torture the girl. Look how it twisted, it is rather weak on the front end - for some reason, a little irritably shook her head in the direction of Pauline S. whining me and Percy. - What a suchonka you decided to seduce my Percy. Match for his mistress.

It was a very fine podkolka on the brink of a foul. A hint of well-known past Alyona, but that has not led and eyebrow.

- Do not worry, she will withdraw not you have your love-chica - retorted with a grin Ms. - Yes, and it is unlikely he will be able to debit her here, used to do it on the bed.

Well, this has been something more than just a hint. At least I thought so, because as soon as this I have now the head and was packed. Tyrke and sniffling cold nose into my parted from the excitation slit, Percy made a fatal traffic tongue licking parted from gentle folds protruding clitoris the size of a thimble and a chain reaction causing me real animal orgasm. Under my bitch whine of joy, my back arched incredible arc and hungry pussy "watered" the grass and the nose of my furry gentleman.

Percy decided to please me enough and stood up on his hind legs, about to take her from this bitch, but two-legged bitch-mistress hissed with displeasure at the poor fellow, pulled the leash and pulled him from the final mating female woodcocks.

- Well, I am broken off date them - Allen chuckled and patted his thigh, telling me to take a seat beside her.

In a moment I had the idea to go back under the shepherd, let her ride me and calm my hungry black pussy strong canine member ... But delusion was short-lived, and soon I dropped her rare drops of love secretions from my swollen labia on the ground near with Mistress.

- Not until I see vaccination certificates from a veterinarian. You never know what Percy on your Lola can pick up, - said dryly rival Alena, barely holding back tearing me dog. - And now I have to go. I came to remind about the muzzle. Silly happens if due to legal proceedings so you will soon lose, and the second dog.

In response, Alain quietly and extremely irritated something muttered something about the bitch that this muzzle stopodovo more necessary. And then he patted me on the head.

- Oh, well played Lola, even too well. You're finished? - The hostess asked sternly.

In me all sank - it really finished! Without permission! Tknuvshis nose and licked her hand, I playfully jumped and rolled over on his back, legs and fun tucked innocently clapping eyes. I had already become clear that it refers to dogs better than people, so better to ask for forgiveness and bitch Lola, rather than a person. And I was right. Alain burst out in the cam arranged on the show and I covered her mouth with his palm concealing a merry smile.

- That's because nosy bugger, you win - caressing my tum, I could not resist hostess. - Worthless bitch report to the hostess for ejaculation. But whore Lola no such privilege.

I licked her hand again, but now more in gratitude for the kindness and care. Not for farming patting my chest, Alain took her camera and clipped the leash. Back I came back relaxed and fun, rather than it came. Privilege bitches cool lifted me up, I was not averse to even spend it all 5 months, was well aware of how much it is unreal - the two stervochki so easy I will not leave in the rooms.

At the entrance to the entrance, we have slowed down the movement, until not stopped. Her beautiful face expressed deep thought and indecision. Alain pensively tapped his chin with the index finger, as if pondering the important step.

- Lola, my precious, wait a bit here, I plan to boost several events. In a parliament so you will be even better. Before you sit - before the come out - a wink Alena, picking someone else's phone. I almost did not understand it from the above.

- Hello, Oleg, I ... No, it's okay. Sorry I have not called. I was stuck in a difficult situation, but now all in-date information. I need to visit Richard. Do not you? ... Yeah ... Yeah ... That zhzhesh pancake, how could you? ... Ah, I see ... a thousand apologies, I really was deep in ... affairs. Sorry Zaya that I failed, but now I hasten to please you - I'm ready to make amends today and pick it up. Call them, I'll be there in half an hour. No, I'm not in school. I had an unexpected unexpectedly vacation, which ends in days. Sure, see you soon, transmit greetings to Rita. Bye Bye.

After this informative conversation, Ms. immediately once lit, blossomed satisfied smile. House is at the touch of a button phone removed "dog curse" and ordered me to put on my request.

- Now I'll go back for a couple of hours, may last longer, and you need to get out on the street and do one task. The task is simple - to bring me to the eight evenings of 2000 rubles. Method earnings leave you. Let's call it a school of life. Here's your 200 rubles for unforeseen expenses, you can do with them what you want. Think of it as another test. Right - do you a favor to the extent of his generosity, no - I will punish on your own, - she smiled without looking at throwing me two 100 ruble bill. - I repeat, I do not care how you earn money. In anticipation of the easiest and most convenient option for you, may not sell any of the things from my apartment. Not on your money bought - not yours to sell. Du Yu andestend?

- Yes, Madam, - I nodded, barely giving her a salute. Somehow, when Alain passed into English, it looked more severe than usual and her voice more than usual felt a note of command.

Leaving me alone with myself and wardrobe, Allen left the apartment, embodying their evil plans. The fact that the plans were treacherous, I did not have any doubts. Slowly going through translucent dresses and lace underwear, unexpectedly for myself, I realized what my problem is. I trite afraid to go out in my new girlish form. It would seem to be afraid of the one who not so long ago was jumping naked on the grass in the dog park, "bromide" like a bitch trees and there, in public, by Cooney by healthy Shepherd Concha spattered lawn? But there is one thing to be a dog, for which nobody cares, and that bribes are smooth, and the other - to go into human society nigger beauty and somehow make a living.

Cut down to the evening two pieces may seem complicated, I just could not find a way. Ideas have been many, but many of the methods require training or large monetary cost, so I chose the most reliable and proven at the moment - a whore "pink mist" in a nightclub. Especially me and odezhka them lying around - ready to suit uptime slut. I think even my close acquaintance with Frankie to play on my hand. The only addition in my opinion along was a small Babskii (sorry, of course ladies) bag, which was barely enough space on the makeup, phone, keys and condoms. Gag did not leave my sensitive anus, comfortably ensconced inside - the discomfort went away like that by itself, replaced by a pleasant friction of the bowel wall at each hip movement. Show off in front of the mirror in his "work" attire, I brought the hair in order to make up lips and spent my backup 200 rubles for travel to the club. By God, not on the bus to go ...

"Like the first time - in the first class" - I thought, reluctantly leaving the cab. I am not weak sausages such jitters. Suppose now that I was wearing, but masking skunk on me is not hung, and the minimum tissue to cover up my curvy charms, dangerously on the brink of a public exposure in a public place.

Whether I looked very impressive, whether it warned me, but ridiculously serious skinhead "safe" at the front door, just gave me a look and without bypassing the queue of calls missed inside. He asked the little money I have, "encouraging" for the entrance, I doubt that it would be enough for 20 rubles deposit, which I left after a taxi.

One of the reasons I went was in the club, began his twenty-four hours. Most of these institutions work in the evening until the morning, but it worked 24 hours a day. I never understood how they stay afloat with this crazy work schedule, here wing is a mystery, but now it was in my hand, and the interest of their success excited me in the least.

Going into "pink mist" I could understand the meaning of "black sheep". On which side do not look, but it was about me. People do not hesitate to stare at me like I was a rare animal in the zoo. Dodgy Lady Di tried to isolate me well out from the crowd, and had nothing at all - to change the color of the skin. Voila! Simple and tasteful.

Itself never before acting as a whore, I'm about a diagram on which it works. Symbolically adjusted his uncomfortable, always bouncing milking, immediately went to the bar. Alternatively there was still dancing, but my skills were dancing in heels no more, and shamefully risk screwed in front of everyone until there was no need.

Under the deafening trance and stopping color music I ambled approached the grated to shine the bar and ostentatiously sat on a chair, with his chiseled chocolate leg of her twin sister. Rod abandoned.

- What will you drink, Miss? - Politely asked the bartender. I recognized him, I think his name was here Rudik. Only here it is not recognized in an attractive black sex bomb his former client Sasha.

- Strawberry daiquiri, please.

Oh, it was almost a disaster. I have nothing to pay for a drink, but not to order too, I could not. Customers are not able to pay for the booze here do not stay long. I could only save big fat bass ... Well, or at least a large minnow.

- And me a double whiskey on the rocks, ladies drink at my expense - with shiny white teeth saved me the most daring "fish" in the pond close to peering bait. Attractive young guy, another representative of the "golden" youth sat down on a nearby chair. - Where available, the beauty? You do not expect one hour?

I had to try and make a mocking smile in seductive. The guy was trying so hard to impress me, I could not call my emotion. So what is to be an attractive woman, who sought the male-man?

- Do not worry, have a seat - I'm here alone.

Sipping from a cup filed a bartender, he openly walked look at me from head to shoes, predictably pausing on the skirt and the gang. Gentleman, he was not.

- You're the one who I think? - On the forehead, he said, to appreciate my shlyuhovaty outfit. Such with nothing can not be confused.

Yeah, well, just was not, but I do not lady, and he does not much mistaken. Such an alignment is quite suited me. Easy for me to nod past his doubts dispelled.

- How many? - Immediately caught fire it.

"Good question, damn it. How to request and lopuhnutsya? And it is not too bad bargain, "- sipping a drink through a straw, I thought winning yourself time to think. Oh, how I wanted to call the necessary Ms. amount plus money for a taxi, let him fall down as quickly as possible back home, but I restrained myself. Quickly cats only give birth.

- 300 - blowjob, 500 - to 800 - ass - after a short delay, I finally blurted out, and for some reason added. - Other at a bargain price.

Last I heard in some movie, and for some reason I thought that it would be more convincing. Plus it was or not, but "golden" boy was satisfied with the answer. My nose almost immediately caught the faint scent of his excitement in his pants.

- I am satisfied with everything, baby, - he drained his glass, intending to begin immediately. I followed his example. For courage. - Hey, you, like, this is true ... ... Amphora-American? Or is it the type of tanning or makeup?

Barely concealing his anger, I have put on the counter empty glass and got up from his chair. Well, that's what I tell him? What a week ago, I could have a couple of fucking with him zhopastuyu heifer, but recently I have turned into a dash-and whom I have no idea if left at least something from the man in me, not to mention the black woman?

- Yeah, man, I'm the real "Amphora-American" - I smiled through force and gently took his hand, so if he could see this. Not wanting to continue a farce, I led him into the men's room. We will not break the tradition. Fleeting club whores or tear in the back, or in the toilet. Sometimes, in the alley behind the club.

Pleased with the answer, my "no gentleman" took the initiative in their hands. I did not have time to blink an eye, and his hand has held me by the waist and slowly down the curve of my body on the ass, Zhamkov unceremoniously under my skirt battened down the buttock.

"That's right, better to let the paw than asks stupid questions" - I thought, retaliatory hugging his waist and clinging to him with his shoulder. He was taller than me, almost on his head, and was willing to bet that he opened a wonderful view from the top on my trembling Scenic "mounds". After my "innocent" action man wound up is not a joke. I almost physically felt his animal desire to plant me on the tonsils. One erotica is not explained. What is there to say Dee? Too clever by half with pheromones?

We almost flew into the toilet, scaring molds urinal man. Ignoring his surprise annoyed look, the guy pulled me into the first free booth. No special ceremony, he sat me push on the toilet, and after a brief struggle with the belt, pulled his pants with shorts and firmly grabbed me by the back of his head, directing the head towards toporschyasemusya member. The role of the nipple was not new to me, as compared with a hose Lady Di, this seemed to me almost child's play.

Without taking his eyes off the guy face, I readily took his lollipop in his cheek. Somewhere in my brain, information surfaced, allegedly peasants like it, like to look down into the trusting little eyes degrading papillae, who knows where she belongs. And I know from my own experience as truthfully.

Not controlling the movement of your head, I just had to work hard and tongue impacting sponges around his trunk.

- Oh, yeah, baby, keep it up! So I suppose you work in the mouth of your Zimbabwe taught as well? - Sarcastically he asked, repeatedly slapping his free hand on my cheeks. - You damn mouth Honey ... Probably from the cradle member did not take out of his mouth?

Wanting to make him shut up, I was strengthened, and the onslaught of the forces that have started to suck, his free hand toying hairy balls. Buddy could not resist, and he moaned pleasure, accelerating translational movement of my head. I do not know where he picked up this racist drivel, but it's really annoying, and ... just a little wound up. Squishing my full term in saliva of the mouth, a guy with a satisfied groan stared at the ceiling, moving not only my head but also intensively working your hips. It seemed that his happiness has no limits. A few minutes later he could no longer hold back and repeatedly went down in my mouth his milk.

- Oh, yes, dark hair, suck! Suck every last drop!

I almost swallowed tongue, enjoying its first human "breakfast" with relish sucking out his last vestiges of the urethra. It was so tasty, but at the same time, so little! After abundant feeding in the kitchen, I almost forgot how little sperm develops an ordinary person. Lascivious sparkling eyes, one hand, he pulled my top on stomach hurts grabbed my nipples and indignation roused.

- Behold the Fig, milking! Slut, what are you - a cow? - Pulling my nipples with your fingers, and leading them in different directions, sarcastically I asked a guy enthusiastically watching the fluctuations of my huge breasts. - Maybe you give milk? I would gladly drank a sip of another. In the meantime, I want to fuck you in the pussy.

Throwing to play on the left breast, his hand slid down, feeling the strap of my panties. I offer it was just a joy, the extra Pyatikhatki plus I itched all the very bottom of the desire, and here came up with a great idea.

- Hey, my dear, do not want to first try the butcher?

- Of course I wish! As long as you do not have the certificate of health, I will risk my member? Do you have this? - Hastily rummaging in the pocket of his pants, he asked, pulling out at the end of the square sealed prezika.

Snort it, I took the bag from his hands and began to awkwardly print condom - the same can not be said to him that I have a devil's immune system, and therefore do not need help. Fighting gum wrapper lasted nearly a minute. Never before I did not use them, and now felt like a monkey with a hairdryer.

- Ha, and you just a slut? - Suspicious man asked, watching my clumsy attempts. On the side, I think I really looked doubtful - a whore who does not know how to unpack the condom.

- When I was sucking you this question was not asked - a little irritated, I said, finally taking out the light of day kruglyash damn.

Slightly reassured by his small victory, I cautiously, for the first time in his life began to pull on the standing dick client protection from unwanted pregnancy with raspberry flavor. Oh, not that I can imagine. If this was to happen, it is only with my member.

I barely had time to lubricate his mouth wearing elastic rubber dick, as she was lifted to his feet impatiently. Carefully nadrachivaya guy turned me face-to-push and pushed to the toilet.

- Listen here, Cobra, become a cancer on the toilet and hold on tight - your cap Soul Plane waiting for the adventure.

Not particularly worrying how I will to fuck, I obediently lowered the toilet seat and got her ass sticking out. Pretty ryknuv, youth unceremoniously slapped me a couple of times very pleased which opened his mind and pulled up her skirt, making for yourself is another pleasant discovery - my blue micro panties could not hide handle of anal plugs.

- O-na-na! Look what we have here - pulling her panties down, softly whistled guy. Wanting to know the true size of the plug, it is slightly pulled the stick back, barely pulling the plug on a couple of centimeters. - You said that you are a whore, but did not say that anal. With such an asshole you a bright future.

Wincing due to stretching of the sphincter, I felt like a kid with a toy zabavletsya twisting and moving it back and forth. Almost immediately his cock ran into the folds of my labia, and take a walk along the end of a wet, red fur covered slit by my involuntary moan slipped inside.

The guy immediately felt warm soft flow around the channel wall of his dignity, gently caressing his full length. Conveniently taking my lower back, he slowly began to work his hips, indulging his "buddy" of the new portion of female affection. While the client is fully enjoyed the trachea, gradually increasing the tempo, I, too, biting her lip, lustfully moaning in an embrace with a drain sideways.

- Ahhh, yes bitch, so keep stanochek you that it is necessary, - painful squeezing in the palms of my elastic flesh, groaning man, slapping the pelvis on my soft spot every time drove dick in pussy oiled. Well, I only had a little podmahivat and enjoy role fillies at a rodeo. In sex with a guy I had almost no experience, but this seemed to me a sex god, and he did not even try to meet me - did everything for yourself! Oh, how I was close to the long-awaited orgasm! Then it dawned on me, and I remembered Lady mandate. Barely restraining himself, shaking hands, I reached into her purse for the phone.

Yeah, that's it! Lady gave me back the phone, remove and block all the old contacts, leaving only himself and Dee. Both Lady standing on speed dial. The boy, seeing as I dial someone's number, feeling a little offended, thinking that I'm bored. He with one hand clung to my curly hair, causing me pain to bend the arc.

- Ahhh ... Hello ... You can finish Gospozhaaaa Lola! - Once on the other side responded to the challenge writhing in pain and the urgent need to end I pleaded.

- Wow, I look, you do not lose time in vain, - said quietly Mrs. - I look in the whore leaned. Knowing you - it was to be expected. But I will not detract from the work, and I'm a little busy. If you're going to say loud and clear to each client that you are a whore and a dirty toilet pervert, then you can stop. Start with this. Until the evening, doll.

Almost crying overwhelms me feelings I threw a pipe in her purse.

- Aaamm! I ... toilet whore ... and dirty pervert ... - I said aloud, allowing the dam to collapse and drown me a huge flow of euphoria. My orgasm came to taste the client a member, and I did not get in a weak vaginal massage, a guy with a roar finished behind me, almost tear my hair tuft.

Releasing Finally, my poor hair and pulling out my dick, man, breathing heavily, wiped the back of his hand to his forehead, stroking the other hand my hot ass.

- Wow! It was awesome, bitch! Its 800 rubles you worked. I was particularly pleased with your last words - pretty lybyas guy took a quarter filled with muddy semen condom and tied his bundle threw my purse. - Here you go, damn nigger, memory. Hey, did you talk seriously?

- No, damn it, just when I finish I like to shout something sort of ... Well, of course seriously! - Ironically I said, thinking - come what may. What do I care if people think of me these things? I already fell below nowhere. And if you wish the Lady - lowered even lower.

- Then let me take advantage of your butt.

- Anal - is 800 rubles ...

- I'm not quite interested. I want to cast you in the back and plug cap, and as a bonus, I'll buy your panties apiece. How many requests? - Caressing my buns asked the young client.

"Pour me in the ass? As it is in the head could come! Although ... well, yes, I'm a pervert, I can "- a little shocked at such a proposal, I thought. - "On the other hand - he could be the first and last customer for the day. The search for a new, better collect the full amount of the here and now. "

- So what? My bladder is not made of rubber ...

- Fifteen pieces.

- And you come out of the closet with my ass in the urine?

Trying not to look too upset, I nodded, giving him good at his dirty work. But he was more and it was not necessary. Poterzav my ass anal plug a little more, "Rich Pinocchio" roar when he took it out of me, almost taking with him the sphincter. I almost tears streamed from his eyes not in pain.

- Now, try to relax - it does not hurt - anus apart with one hand, and the other sent to the members, he said, and on the exhale, allowing urine to trickle zazhurchal warm in my black nozzle.

Perhaps it was humiliating. It had to be, but to my surprise, I did not feel anything. Whistling a popular tune the pepper, as if nothing had happened Ssali into a whore, as if it were a matter of course. Stretched stopper intestine easily take a warm liquid, without feeling any discomfort. Now I really was the toilet slut, once I have used as a urinal.

Shaking off the last drops, pretty boy tucked his farm in shorts and ignoring my groans of pain, pushed the stopper back, spilling out of me just a little. Counting 3,500 rubles, but before you give them to me, he sfotkal me "working" position on the phone and put my panties in his pocket.

- I hope I'll see you soon, black trash - tucking the bills into my stocking guy smiled.

Spitting lastly my face for bonus 200 rubles, the customer came out of the booth. Making sure that never leaks, I sat down on a push and a minute or two breathed, enjoying the end of the mission. More money than requested, in the course of time to come, the time is still a wagon and a small truck, plus a little bonus in the form prezika with "clover" - everything went extremely well. Tucked in the breast back to the top and down the skirt that would not shine naked black ass, I got out of the booth and nose to nose collided with Frankie and the two big men.

- So-so-so, who do we have here works without a license? - Predatory grinned guy took my anal virginity, and weighed a resounding slap without getting a clear answer.

"Here, I got!"

Continued: Bargain. Chapter 2