Children of stagnation (3. Light. Holiday lessons)
On this day - his thirteenth birthday - she woke up early. Through the window the sun was shining, it was summer, stayed behind study, boring teachers and classmates boobies. Ahead - baldezh three months.
Guests are not collected - Aunt Anna came with her husband and their wee teddy bear - cousin brother, a year older than her, whom she had seen very rarely and that it was interested only in the fact that he was older. There is no particular benefit from him, she did not see - to protect her, he could not, because I lived far away, did not read books of interest, and in general ... Now, if they came with Masha, darling Mishka's sister, who was a student in the tenth grade and was, perhaps one of the closest World people. No, not that they are often seen - no more than once every two or three months - not just Masha told her about this, and Light was not scared when he suddenly ran out the blood - it was just disgusting. And Masha constantly hinted at their relationship with the boys, and although she never told nothing concrete, light still was all terribly exciting.
But Masha did not come - she had exams - and the Light had to pose as a caring hostess, bustle about the kitchen, listening to parents talk, and after the feast to play with the bear and drunk dad at Snap - however, the Pope quickly shod, and he went to drink up to Mishkin's father. It was then that my mother and went crazy idea to send them to bear on giving grandmother.
Actually, the special plans for the summer Sveta was not. Friends all had to move in the yard was bored, recently came to mind the idea to find a boyfriend in the summer was sold with difficulty - is that going to the park to dance, but they fuck more than met. Cottage - it was also good. At least there is enough in the morning to water the beds - and the whole day is free. You can go swimming in the bay, you can walk in the woods. Last year, it selected a good company, and they had a great time together until the two twins from next door have not fought for Kostya to the lower track, and not all was bad. Light then, in the winter, overheard my grandmother's story - she was friends with bliznyashkinoy grandmother - that Kostya is still deprived of innocence either one, or both twins. Similarly grandmother did not know, because the twins confused even his own mother. Overheard World gave food to the imagination of the whole rest of the year - she was trying to imagine how the girls are deprived of innocence, then tried to imagine how it was in Kostik with one of the girls ...
In general, everything was good, only clouded the presence of Bears. That is, it did not care, but she did not know how to behave with him. While thinking sensibly reasoned, it would be seen.
The first day was, as always held the day of arrival - to the hassle and bustle. Grandma bustled, said goodbye with leaves mom, trying all the time to feed them with Mishka, then suddenly clutched to stack things and Bears, and Amy fit in a briefcase - and then there is stuff a couple of T-shirts Yes shorts, socks, panties ... but this year's World precaution taken with itself rags and wool - the grandmother in this case is nothing, in her opinion, did not realize, and to walk with their feet smeared with the blood she did not want. Light shied whole day in the garden, which is still nothing to devour, and wildly missed - it was cloudy, and cold to go swimming in the bay. Bear seem too bored - loitering, occasionally colliding with it, whittling a stick, watching the little anthill, dug some kind of groove - just a kid, what to take with him ... Toward evening became colder, and she moved to the veranda. They suddenly found a few books, the rubble of the dresser - it seems that the old books because they were drawn by the pioneers in Panama and fun with drums in their hands ... damn it, should see these scribblers, as pioneers of their class drink vodka in the pantry. .. However, the book was funny, it was quiet around, my grandmother settled down somewhere, and the Light gradually imbued with a sense of peace and relaxation. All gathered together for dinner, on the veranda. Light, which unexpectedly hungry, along with Bear upisyvala grandmother's pancakes. Bear all the time that something was threshing - something about the raft, which he was going to build, something about the glider, something about a hole in the middle of the earth ... Light listened with half an ear and was amazed what worries beset brother. Gradually, her thoughts shifted to more pleasant things, and she began to imagine the bear with a girl - first by hand, then dancing at the disco, then in bed, naked ... then she broke down and burst out laughing, because the imaginary Bears was in bed very funny look. Not that it is well imagined, as it happens - in spite of all Mashkin explanation, she could not imagine the technique of this case - but naked teddy bear with hanging between his legs was a member before the fun that she could not stop laughing ... However, Masha said that the member should hang around, but the Light could not imagine what it looks like.
After dinner, quickly darkened, and the grandmother called to go to bed. Light my grandmother settled down in the room and went to bed Bear on the veranda. There was another bed in the loft, and a teddy bear threatened to go to live there to stage a headquarters as Timur and his team. Undressing, Light discovered that she had forgotten nightgown home. I had to sleep in shorts. As he undressed, grandmother sat on her bed and braided hair. And then, when he saw her chest, she giggled and said:
- And anything you have boobs something. Guys already paw I suppose?
Light embarrassed and quickly crawled under the bed. A couple of times it really paw - once at the disco, pressing in the corner, several unknown men, and once at the Mariinsky home when several men gathered out of their class and she suddenly found herself with Igor in the dark corridor ... Not to say, their lapane it was particularly unpleasant, but she felt that it was impossible to do ... she turned to the wall and began to study the pattern on the wallpaper. Gradually it covered the Sandman, but suddenly she heard behind the wall some noise and steps. She turned to her grandmother - that peacefully snoring in the dark. First Light was scared, but then realized that the wall of the toilet, and perhaps this is Bear. She listened, expecting to hear the murmur, but at first nothing was heard. She pressed her ear to the wall. Behind a thin partition distinctly heard breathing and some strange sounds. This went on for about three minutes. Then the sounds have changed somewhat, and before she heard any postanyvaniya and sobs. Suddenly gripped her heat. She was ashamed of - in these sounds were something shameful, and they are very reminiscent of the sounds that are sometimes heard from the master bedroom ... Then she hid her head under the pillow, without giving vulgar thoughts climb into his head ... but they vse still climbed. Through the wall came a groan, and then drops the sound of ... Light was about to get up and wake the grandmother, but then all was quiet, then five minutes later came the sound of streams and Bear stomped to his veranda. Light did not sleep for half an hour, trying to imagine what made Bear, and so fell asleep with a sense of macabre curiosity.
In the morning it was warm, and immediately after breakfast, she climbed into the swimsuit. Unexpectedly, she caught a closer look Mishkin, aimed at her chest. It made her blush, and she was about to throw the jersey, but Mishka suddenly asked her to go into the woods and swim on the way back. In the forest she loved to walk. Particularly for mushrooms, but now it was not the mushrooms. Throwing all the same t-shirt - from prying eyes - she figured that estrus will still four days, and did not take more than nothing. Bear armed with a spear, which he planed yesterday.
Bear also was in shorts and a t-shirt. Forest started off across the bay, at the bottom ... and they quickly jumped down the road. However, five minutes later Light felt that she jumps from improper dangling breasts, and one is about to jump out of a bathing suit, but better in front of the Bears, she could not.
Near the water was still cold, and they went around the bay to the right and into the woods. Bear led the way, protecting it from imaginary beasts. She followed him and watched the beautiful walk under his shorts half priests. Then he imagined between his legs is seen hanging limply member and cheered.
It took, he gets in Bears or not. Masha said that boys rises with age twelve, but the light is still no one had never seen risen member. Honestly, she really wanted to see it. It was all very curious, but always afraid to show their interest in taboo topics. While Bear went ahead, she adjusted her breasts, as well as gum, crashed into her panties. She gave pleasure to hold his palm on shaggy tubercle. The girls from their class terribly did not like this hair, calling their hair, and she repeated for decency behind them, but in fact it terribly liked the feeling that appeared at her when she held her palm on the cunt. Actually Masha told her that can be very iron itself, and then it will be very nice, but the light had no idea how and what it needs to do. At that time she interrupted Masha, because she was ashamed to hear it, and most of Masha with her on this subject did not talk. After a couple of kilometers in the forest was abandoned apiary with dugouts. Previously, they have always been here. But now they were alone, and did not play particularly in that. Even a ball they have forgotten. So they spread out a blanket that dragged Bear, and fell to sunbathe.
Bear kept silent, the book she also did not take, so prigrevshis in the sun, she quietly fell asleep. She woke up from Mishkin sniff. Bear sleeping, lying on his back, and his nose was published solid sounds - like a healthy man. Her eyes accidentally slipped down, and she was startled by surprise - Mishka's panties bulging front of something quite incredible size. She looked puzzled for a long time for it, until he finally realized that the Bears got. Her heart pounded for some reason, she was ashamed, but she could not take her eyes off this piece.
A few minutes later Bear move, and his pants in front of nearly slipped. A light suddenly saw himself a member of the tip, which crawled out from under the gum panties. matt pale skin is so suddenly looked tanned since last summer Mishkin body that Light again begun to doubt - whether it is a member or another Mishkin joke. However, leaning closer, it is considered a member of the circuit by melting and was convinced that the body belongs to the bear.
Then she lay back and, glancing at the protruding member, I began to imagine how this club is part of it. Action somehow was not. She could not understand how such a healthy member held in her tiny slit. Unexpectedly, she realized that her cheeks burned with fire, and that the whole situation is very much like her. She wanted to touch Mishkin finger member, and she even stretched out her hand, but then Bear stirred and opened his eyes. She barely had time to draw back the hand. Bear sat down, looked at his swimming trunks and blushed. According Svetin person he clearly realized that so attracted her attention. A moment they sat in silence, then Bear jumped snickered and said:
- Well, think, got, maybe I dreamed that.
- What? - Repeated reflexively Light.
- Well, maybe you are naked - Bear blushed even more ...