Guys and a gentleman
Master came in to the feast mass, stands and prays to God; otkudova suddenly out of nowhere, it was the front man and son of a bitch sinned nabzdel so that you can not breathe.
- Eka scoundrel! As navonyal - thinking gentleman. He came up to the man, took a ruble money in his hand, I sprashuet:
- Hey, little man! That you are so good shit? The man saw the money and says:
- I, sir!
- Well, brother! On you for that ruble money. The man took it and thinks:
- True, it is very fond of his master bzdeh, it is necessary to kazhny holiday to go to church and around it to become: he always rubles will be given.
Mass departed, every man went home. The man directly to his neighbor and told how and what happened to him.
- Well, brother, - says neighbor - tepericha as holiday rain - the two go to church; together we are even more nabzdim; He obemy (both) will give us the money!
Here they waited for the holiday, went to church, have become master in front of the stench and let loose the entire church. The gentleman came up to them and sprashuet:
- Look, guys, it's so good you do not care?
- We are, sir!
- Well, thank you; so sorry, to me it does not happen tepericha money. And you guys, peeling the Mass, dine in tightly so come to my house nabzdet well, then I'll pay you at the same time.
- Listen, sir! Today is your mercy, both shall come.
How to end the Mass, the men went home to dinner, get drunk, and to the master. A gentleman has prepared for them a good gift - yes birch sticks; He meets them and says:
- What guys pobzdet come from?
- In the same way, sir!
- Thank you, thank you! But how, well done, it is necessary to twist undress, and then a lot of clothes for you - not soon proshibet spirit.
Guys poskidali's coat and his jacket, lowered his trousers and shirt off. The master waved his servants; they seized the men, stretched them, but began to soar: five hundred sticks were asked in the back! With difficulty emerged, but a home run without looking back, and a cast of clothes.