Anya once
It was last spring, after the May. In the evening, I, as always, was dragged from the work on the Ring Road. As it has always been a terrible traffic jam. The mood was ofigenski, screaming music, wide windows, the sun first moment and everything: One momentik, dispensable, really wanted to piss, but that is nonsense, it happens:
And then, at length, eventually became fatal in about Strogino, motion practically ceased, that is, if up to this point we have at least as it moved, well, 20-30 km / h, it is now all the ghoul. It took twenty minutes, during which time I traveled about 200 meters, a pancake. The toilet and MON Pts like a bubble, too, Pts ill. After 10 minutes I undid the belt on his jeans. Even after some time I realized that I have all the edge. The head has swept a bunch of crazy ideas, tapa quietly go out and sit down between the cars, or car and toss lomanut large steps to the edge of the road, but there is - broken, och deep, and not a single bush, damn it. In short even after 20-30 minutes, I was covered in a cold sweat began to trickle start, short. I must admit this has happened to me before, but in contrast to this accident, I knew that in a minute or two will be somewhere comfortable to pee, and then: Kakie-to two black sheep, gazelle from a neighboring steel honking and waving his arms, freaks , pancake. After a while I once again climbed to hand to check how I have it bad, the bottom already unbuttoned his fly half was not just wet and wet. Finger, I crawled under jeans, with shorts were all the trouble .. And then, I felt at first hand, and then his head, a large enough portion of urine. While I was able to stop her, an eternity, perhaps. In the eyes themselves tears. In a fit of rage, I cut down the radio. She looked down, -there trouble - feet on the inside were wet almost to the knee, but the pain has receded, though it was clear that this is not all.
Cork over a few kilometers after Leningradka. There's wagon drove into the Oka River and blocked the right strip 2.5, plus our motorists, which is necessary for all to see. I rushed to freedom, Moscow is almost empty, quickly accelerated to 120 and instinctively put his hand between her legs. It was disgusting and cold. The machine flew after polutorochasovoy plugs it was a real thrill. Here I felt that I still Pts Hoca write. At this moment in my head something clicked, I felt that this kind of border that was-would be interesting to go, well, the first experience of masturbation or spying for the boys in the locker room, that is, something exciting and dirty, that is. In general, the hand itself Saboya appeared in shorts, his head swam, the wind out of the window and I completely relaxed. When your fingers hit the hot jet, it remains only to press harder: and: it was very cool, and then I took hold of the steering wheel with both hands, his eyes swam, I gradually slowed, and everything flowed and flowed, burning ass and legs. If someone would have seen me at that moment.
At the end I want to say that the most difficult thing was to leave the car and go into the entrance. To do this, we had to sit in a parked car about half an hour. Then he waited until no one except the local drunkards will not be around, jumping to cross the entrance. Lift did not wait, and in a step raced to his sixth. Feeling, I must say were mixed. The mixture was some filth and extreme. Houses - quickly in the shower, clothes to the laundry. Impressed, I was still a few days, but I want to say that not proshlol and weeks, as I have repeated the feat, although several other decorations.

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