The road to knowledge
I worked part time in the evening that was engaged in training clients work on a computer from scratch. They came mostly women. Once I signed up tall, slender girl of about twenty-seven with a pronounced bust third dimension. Though in a client I saw women, but tried to make it not hurt the learning process. But such breasts and buttocks were hard to ignore. Her name was Lena and mainly interested her online. It has set itself the primary task to learn how to post information about themselves in the marriage agencies, to marry a foreigner. When I asked why a foreigner, said that she was already married to an Italian and now no reason for the Russian will not work. Later she told that her husband was fifty years old, he had a son the same age as her. The reason for the divorce was that he was jealous of her to some of the Russian Embassy in Rome.
Sued him a good sum back home. In the classroom sat nearby, we sat at one computer. Often it touched my legs, I sometimes admired cut her neck, hand accidentally fell on her waist as she selflessly typing on the keyboard. My desire grew from occupation to occupation. I wanted to squeeze her breasts and pulling for them to blow it. He told her stories, piquancy which increased from occupation to occupation. Nevertheless, I still honestly tried to teach her. I just do not like her glasses, it seemed to me that they had to choose a slightly different form. I think that if removed from her underwear, make sure you along with glasses. The depth of her thoughts replaced adequately gorgeous body shape. She eliminated in what became her advise how to answer her writing foreigners. She later sometimes just ran me check email on the electronic box. Shows photos of her foreign applicants. They were mostly men who wish to fuck Russian girl with a minimal cost. Was there resentment for the power, for the fact that the Russian members not taken it into account. On the scheduled sessions sometimes did not come, all that is taught to forget. But the money paid for the class, okay, I am not indignant. I have been a steady source of work with a pleasant female outline. And if it has mastered the five classes, there would be no continuation. How then in the spring, she expressed a desire to come to our university on the evening department, I told her before made it clear that I can help with the receipt. It would be desirable that it was fastened at the university for a long time. And there is that will. How clever girl, she chose the right tactics receipt, through its front. I did not make it ambiguous hints, just promised to help. Exam she had on Sunday test on the computer. I was at home, she went to the toilet he says, and she quickly to me. Mathematics she did not go. I went to class, I sat down next to her computer and helped her solve the test. Result flashed "OK"More and it was not necessary.
After examination suggested that she come to my notice receipt. Panel for various reasons did not have to relax. Relocated to neighboring teaching. They sat at a small table against each other, drinking brandy, a snack was a box of chocolates. When before she was asking how can I repay, I laughed it off. They say that you can take with a pretty girl? After the second shot glasses, she did not know how to approach. He began to tell, that it is able, to do something very bad. When asked to show? I agreed. She got up, came to me sitting, sat down and took my belt. For convenience, I leaned back. Hand it climbed to pulling the panty elastic member. After the cognac he was sluggish. Got up and went down pants below the knees, I sat down again. After removing the glasses and a ponytail elastic hair collected it with both hands began to fondle my penis and scrotum. Delighted, he began to show signs of life. Apparently after reading about the member and ice cream theory, she began to lick along its trunk. Prick the tongue began to trace along the edge of the head. Pats on the tongue was already in full combat readiness instrument of pleasure. Caressed it is really good, I regretted only that thrill beat drunk brandy. Taking lips head, she tips of his long fingers became nadrachivat trunk. I grabbed the hand of her neck and began to stick to the penis. When orgasm descends tried to push deeper. Sperm she swallowed that I liked. Correcting your hairstyle she sat on his seat and asked: Well? I said cool! But suck the last drops like Sasha - the queen of the blowjob, she apparently still did not know how. Just rehearsed. But Sasha did it with gusto and enjoyed the taste of nectar. She did it with a soul. Pulling in the mouth, I felt like a member of the trembles and shakes her unmatched Kisochka. But I digress.
After sitting and drinking a couple of glasses, I said, that is ready to continue delightful occupations. Far from objecting, she again worked the tongue and lips. Only now empty egg process lasted much longer, I am more rude to sit down on her penis, so that it a couple of times even choked. But I swallowed and the second portion of the seed. Thanking for the pleasure brought myself up and went.
After that she again came to my office, I am prudently shuts the door of the castle. Sitting looking out for on-screen messages, I read with her, while my hand crawls under her skirt, under her panties to Kisochka. I take her hand and run to his unbuttoned pants. Sensing his resilience and desire to attack her head bowed down. At any time, they could knock, so show her skill was not with his hands. She diligently nasazhivalas mouth on the penis. Hair usually stray and prevented me from seeing as a member dives into her mouth. I gathered her hair, she threw back the other way and looked and looked like she was put on him.
When I used to order her cocksucking, I decided to fuck her pussy. I told her about it. She said that they say would be nice to go somewhere for the weekend and do it all day. Such opportunities I had. Therefore, once I took her to a free class, closed the door and asked to undress. She quickly took off her dress, panties and leaned on the table. In front of me appeared a beautiful young ass to browse dusky lower jaws, and just above the anus sported a small rosette. Bust I undid it himself squeezed nice breasts. In his hands, they do not fit. He undid the belt, lowered his pants. In fact, I once appeared indiscreet desire to fuck her in the ass, but you could not agree. A member of the hanging! Her feet because of the lowered trousers, I crept to her head. Untangle the hair. Without further ado Helen realized her problem licked a couple of times, nap, started up the eggs and mouth wore a condom I proposed. Let buzz less, but hell knows how it had spidonosets? I crept back to her backside, put dick in pussy, which is close to my little souvenir is not shown. Squeeze out a prepared tube of Vaseline on her ass I gently introduced the index finger, changed it to large. She developed her little ass. She felt shaking at what she likes my simultaneous presence in her two holes. I became a member of the output almost to the end, so it from the small sponges show up my shiny dickhead.
Sponges were not exactly small, it was even possible for them to pull it. To experiment, I did not. Very much like to enter more in the ass. Unexpectedly for her, I pulled out a member and as if by accident put her ass right up to the stop. Helen gasped and just going into the belly on the table. I froze, letting her get used to new sensations. Out of this remarkably narrow holes I did not want to. Hands groped her large breasts and began to crumple. Grabbing for them began to batter her with the best possible ... amplitude. It was heard only as my hips beating of her gorgeous buttocks, I felt like eggs touch expiring sponges. I think it lasted a short time, all the same action was very welcome and pleasant. Hot beautiful ass was finally planted on my penis. When I started orgazmirovat I still tightened his chest and tried to impose it on myself for them even deeper. My cramps in her last long, limp cool pressed against her back. I was still twitching. Recent drops splashed out deep in Lena, who lay quietly and felt that gave me superudovolstvie. He kissed her shoulder, pulled the limp dick, a used condom was left in her crack. As she pulled it, I did not see. Gathered she quickly dressed and waited at the door, I will release it. Approaching the door and vyprovazhivaya, he stroked the soft skirt protruding from the wonderful ass and deliver such bliss! Ass Lena was better than her mouth. And if I did not know that in the next couple of hours I will not be able to raise his friend, I would have persuaded her to once again give me a heavenly pleasure.
Along the corridor there were people in and out of the empty class together was suspicious. A walk on the face and Lena could guess that it's just that good fuck.