First Date. Part 1
Somehow, I hardly took what I equally excited boys and girls. Since childhood, he was desperate homophobic, but by the age of 21 said that looking at porn sites scrutinize Member admire their shape, size, notice each recess, hollow ...
After a time I imagined myself as a woman, even when my favorite was sucking me, I she became jealous that she has the opportunity to kneel and lips with tongue caress resilient male member, lie on your back or stomach, and deliver guy enjoy your body, thinking only about sex !!
One time I stopped to put the relationship with the girls, and I decided to give the place a profile on a dating site, to at least once in life to realize their dreams. It responded to many men, all experienced, older than me. It was difficult to communicate all at once asked for a photo with a person who openly asked how I want to fuck me. I was neposebe of such messages, but one day I noticed an inconspicuous profile Vadim.
Vadim like I was 23 years old, as I had a dense body and a lot of fantasies, also rented an apartment in the neighboring area and lived alone. I wrote his message began to communicate ..
A week later decided that I would come to visit him on vyhodnye.Sobiralsya I have long, shaved, washed out, cut his hair, and behaved like a girl, which is preparing for a date, and hopes that she will have sex. I shudder at the thought that, finally, I can pick up a real hot male member, and feel it with your whole body.
Vadim was waiting for me at the station. We went with him to the cafe, drank a couple of beers, they said. Both somehow much too shy and talked about everything except sex and our plans for the evening. Finally I offered to go to him. He lived in a studio apartment, with the sleeping area. At his home we are again drinking beer and chatting about any nonsense, since the work ending fishing. We both did not posebe, we are each other's shy. But I also overcame himself. Knowing from the correspondence that Vadim likes to dress in women's clothes, I asked to see his female wardrobe. It turned out that everything is stored in a small bag of clothing and besides he has a mascara and powder. Vadim said that he would have included something exciting on the player and finally roztelil bed I went into the shower, taking with him all that Vadim gave me.
In the bathroom I washed, oiled ass as I could imagine, I found the gel on a shelf, and began to dress. It seemed to me, Vadim would be easier if I look like a woman, the more he wanted an active role. Of all a poor choice I chose a blouse with a zipper on the chest, red shorts, short, black skirt and black tights. To make up the face as I could (this is handy when the observation of the women waiting for the end of their make-up :)), and put on his head a black wig, with short dark hair and a haircut square.
Vadik was waiting for me still dressed in jeans and a shirt sitting on
nerastelenoy bed. His whole appearance said that now it's over, that he is afraid that he wants to say "no. I'm sorry, but you'd better go". I do not know, maybe he was simply shocked, my new look, the clothes + wig did not let fly off unwanted phrases from his lips.
But I could say:
- "Hello again, this is the same, I do not worry everything will be fine!"
Sitting next to Vadik, he puts his hand on his knee. He responded srazuzhe - flushed, breathing hard, but his hand did not pull away, but rather stroked my leg from the knee, making his way higher on the thigh, to the edge of the skirt. My penis has suffered from erection in narrow girls' shorts, I could no longer terpet.Skolznuv the bed to the floor, stood in front of him on his knees, and rastegnul zipper on the pants Vadim. He was without clothes, and not excited, so I was able to quickly get his instrument. He was not at all like mine. The skin is covered another head of hair around the base had himself been a member of the lighter, my. Holding it near the root of the left hand, I admired him, slowly moving his head in his direction. Now I never nezabud when men smelled, felt on his lips the heat coming from someone else's term, which at a distance of a few millimeters in front of me.
Raising his eyes up, he noticed that Vadim was staring at me, right in my eyes. Finally he could not stand it - "Well, take it as it suck!" - Breathed Vadik, bed hand on my head. Immediately I felt like for a member in my hand shiver, and he began to grow heavy. Having overcome his shame, I licked his lips and pulling the tongue touched me to the alluring member. I started licking his entire length, caressing the entire surface of the head of the language. Vadik already started to moan, and began to direct his hand had time to grow up and lead nalitsya weight of the barrel in my mouth. Where only now got to his shyness and timidity. Now he is master of the situation, the man, and I'm a slut, which is to give pleasure to his master. I took a saliva mouth, what would my man was pleasant and took the head of his penis in her mouth. I have long fantasized about it, but the reality surpassed all expectations!
someone else's stem taste simply can not be described, it's some spice, bitterness and sweetness at the same time !! Caressing his tongue inside my mouth, I was able to pull off his stockings and panties. Vadim more factories took moyayu head in his hands and began simply to fuck me in the mouth, I coughed, choked her saliva, salty grease his cock, but did not try to escape, I like to feel strong hands behind his ears, like the taste of another member in the mouth. . This lasted perhaps indefinitely, rhythmic movement of my male motion became accelerated, it became difficult to breathe from time to time giving me otdyshatsya, Vadim took out of my mouth his cock and then him running down my saliva, which has become very viscous, filling my chin, neck, running down on her blouse. I really wanted to be the first time I had finished in the mouth and not in the throat, so I began to hold my dick fucked near the base podrachivaya it. A few seconds later a member Vadim shuddered, realizing that he ends up, I made a couple of head movements, tightly closed their lips and finally felt what is the alien sperm taste. Spicy, thick liquid began to fill my mouth.
As can be more densely compressed lips, I began to drive his tongue over the pulsing head in my mouth, not wanting what though droplet jumped out of my mouth. I remember how did the first sip of his cocktail of sperm and their saliva, warm liquid slowly fell into me as a soothing balm rastrahanoe my throat. At this point, I came myself. I was so excited that I was able to make nice with his mouth to the man that he did not masturbate himself, just had an orgasm, brighter and stronger than all the orgasms of my life!
Vadim leaned back in his bed and prikral eyes, it went on to beat a little shiver, and I continued to lick his decreasing term, making it difficult to taste the taste of his semen, licking his hand. Gradually, we both calmed down, sat to one side, and silently tried to digest proishedshem. Vadik began to mutter some words of gratitude to his shyness returned again ... he stood hesitating and stumbling in jeans, supporting them went to the toilet.
I also felt some shame, began to get nervous, but then thought exploded in my head - "I'm now the whore and a slut! I just sucked the guy drank his sperm, but at the same time enjoy the, What am I crazy? Everything is fine, as it should be! The remuneration received in the form of semen and sensations. There are still deprived of virginity back!" ..
To be continued...