Initiation into whores. part I
Initiation into whores. Part I.
It happened when I was eleven or twelve years old. Girlfriend I got sick, so I went to visit. She lived far away on the outskirts of the city. Houses there are many built. I walked, looking for an address, then I saw a hole in the fence and decided through the rack - faster. And when she heard that the unfinished house kitten literally screams. I found a ladder, climbed to the second floor, then on the third. He passed through an opening in the wooden gangplank. And then I saw two guys teenagers. One kitten pressed to the floor, methodically beating on the head, saying: - According to the ears of the NIT, the ears ... and other concentration primatyval hard wired to the cat's tail heavy bolt. I froze for a moment, then quickly ran to him - grab the kitten and run. And with all the fluff fell on hard cement floor: third, standing behind the door jamb framed my leg. It was a guy fifteen years, the tall thin pale lips and close-set little eyes (oblique dark bangs, acne on the cheeks, nails bitten to the gnarled fingers - all this I considered only then).
- Who are you such-and-and-I? - Barely moving his lips, he asked.
- And who are you?
- And you sme-ee-lai, or what? Kozel who we are?
- We ME-e-estnye - bleated one of the boys - we are quiet ... and not malice that ...
- Understood? Quiet us! If we do not get angry. So where do you come from? - I heard the screams kitten, and I thought to save him.
- Do not touch it, - I cried.
The guys laughed again:
- Hera is compassionate ...
- And too pious ...
- Take it in your company!
- She kotyatok plant will be ...
- Guys - I interrupted them - why torture him, I'd better give it.
- No, - said Hera.
- We did drown.
- How...
- Very simple, pin-to-tail and tied into the pond.
- Oh, please, do not!
- It is necessary, it is wandering. So infectious. He probably shingles, so we do a noble cause: saving the population from infection.
- He's not sick. You yourself take his hands.
- We risk
- Give it to me, and he will not stray. I'll take him home.
- Do you live near?
- Long away. This is me to her friend arrived. You give?
- No.
- Why?
- Because utopias. I decided.
- Well, I let you buy it!
- And a lot of money do you have?
- Almost nineteen rubles.
- With myself?
- Not at home. But I bring.
- House say. Give the address - Hera looked at me for a long moment. I called the address details, what then sorry, but I was then a naive girl.
- Perhaps I'll give you a kitten. Just...
- True?!
-... If you undress right now.
- Right at you?
- Yes. I felt myself blushing ...
- But I am ashamed ...
- Oh, shame? - Hera smiled and went to the kitten. He was sitting on the floor, tied
the tail of a heavy piece of iron, from time to time to get up, poked in the side and mewed plaintively. Man shoe blow knocked the kitten on his back and stepped on his stomach. The kitten cried - a plaintive and piercing.
- And if I'm strangle this, carrion, and he's on your eyes drown in blood? Because of you! Not ashamed?
Gera pushed harder.
- Do not, please, I am now! - Not undoing, I ripped the dress over her head. The boys froze, staring at me.
- Farther! - Hera ordered.
- What?
- Take off panties!
- Can I turn my back?
- Can. I turned back to them and pulled down her panties.
- Absolutely. I cried, but obeyed.
- Now turn your face.
- Hut, hut, turn to the kid by a pussy, ass forest ... - grimacing, singsong began one of the boys.
- Shut up! - Hera shouted.
I stood in front of them, covering the lower abdomen.
- Take your hands off! - I told Hera. The other two looked at each other fun and excitement.
- Guys, well, please ...
- Kozel, pinch-ka Kitten foot than heavier.
The kitten cried again, I shivered, her arms ... and felt the tears roll down her cheeks. And Gera stepped up to me, held out his hand. I recoiled.
- Get away!
- Come on, nothing will happen to you.
His voice was hoarse and his eyes were covered with a film like, it does not become alive.
- Get away! - I took another step. All any longer - a wall.
- Ger, and what do you persuade her? I am right now, Kitten loop around his neck tighten built so tightly - it will again silk.
And he seemed not to hear. He made a step toward me, another step ...
- Here I'm in command. Understood? I! Right in the face of a gust spoiled rotten teeth. Then kitten cried again. I blinked. Hera put his hand on my shoulder. I winced and instinctively threw his arm. He hit me on the cheek.
- Do not twitch a bitch!
Hera became awkward movements feel slightly swollen bumps on the chest. I felt the trembling of his hands. And me as whether it beat chills.
- Please do not! Oh please! Boys!
- Ma-a-alchiks! In-and-a-ADO! - Derisively wailed Kozel.
He came closer, holding in one hand and a kitten myauchit due to a shoulder of Hera, showed it to me. Gera, did not seem to notice around himself. He glassy eyes stared me in the face, walked right up and groped me already with two hands. His hands came down lower and lower, he put his hand down, and I felt his fingers slid across the smooth pubis, were between my legs.
- No! Get away, you freak! - I screamed and tried to push him in the chest.
But Gera fell on my whole body, pinning me to the cold wall. It was kind of insane. He fiercely wielded his fingers in my pussy. Apparently poorly represented what to do in such cases, so I just rubbed her hand and tried to stick his fingers in me. I was trembling. His ears were ringing, and ringing through that I heard a kitten crying. I, too, began to cry aloud. The legs have suddenly become cotton. If Hera not held me with his body, I would have slid to the floor.
- Hera! Come on it - the boys were excited not less than Hera.
I was standing with her hands and cried. Suddenly Hera pulled away from me, and I sank to the floor, wiping his face with tears. He is shaking hands began to unbutton his belt, then the buttons on the fly.
- Please, no, let me go! Please - I repeated like clockwork.
Hera took a pussy, it was big and hard. End, where the skin was missing, was a purple-red, Hera began to poke them, trying to get on the lips, and almost immediately something warm splashed my face. I closed her eyes for a second. And when she opened
- Hera was holding a limp penis and red with drops of white liquid seeping out of it.
- Lick my dick. - I was close to fainting - Take in your hand and lick, bitch.
- No - I turned away.
- Okay, where tomcat? - He said suddenly. Kitten sitting on the floor and mewed.
Gera stooped, picked up a metal rod and hit the kitten.
- Bastards! - I roared even louder - Bastards! What else do you want from me.
- Will you listen?
- I will. Do not hurt him.
- Get up and go over there - he pointed to the rags piled in a corner of the room.
- And lie down. I stood up, my knees were shaking. Smearing the liquid and the tears on the face, I walked over to a pile of rags and lay on her back.
- That's what good girl. Boys stood over me, something began to click. Gera shot my digital camera, I wanted to hide behind
- Lie quietly slut pictures on the memory of our meeting - all cynically laughed
After a few shots, Gera said:
- We continue our acquaintance - all croaking - Goat give you.
Kozel, elated stepped out of trousers:
- And che to do what?
He was younger than two years of Hera.
- Kiss her on the lips. Goat went down on his knees, leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine.
- And you embrace him ... neck - Hera stood over us and waved a metal bar.
- Here. Lie down beside - he kicked a goat in the ribs.
He quickly lay down.
- Kiss!
His lips were wet goat. I opened my mouth. In my ears rang again, dizzy.
- Stroking her everywhere. - As in a dream was told to me. I felt like my body slips sweaty hand.
- Her pussy touched.
Not looking up from my lips Kozel started fumbling through my peep.
- Stick your finger in there. You spread your legs. Shire. I complied with orders, and lay with her eyes closed, hugging the neck of the Goat. I felt that his fingers began to reason, wet.
- She's pissed.
- Fool, women have always, when they are going to fuck - Hera's voice was hoarse again. - Get down on it.
Goat fell on top of me all over.
- Now shove it.
I was wet between my legs, my heart was beating so that was given even to the head. Kozel began pulling her hips, trying to get to me. He poked me in the crotch and could not shove. Suddenly, I felt out of it, too, is something I poured on top squeak.
- Oh, you, too, me! - Hera said.
I opened my eyes. Goat awkwardly buttoning his pants.
- Well, now I am! - Hera said.
- And I have? - Screamed the third.
- You'll have time.
Hera gave the rod a goat.
- Bend your legs.
I bent at the knees, heart continued to pound, somewhere in my temples pounding blood. He knelt between my legs, and helping hand, put me in the dick. I uttered a cry of acute pain.
- Good girl became - he whispered hoarsely.
I felt myself in his body. When he moved in me, it was a little painful, but at the same time, what that strange feeling made me even more widely spread her legs. A year ago, I first saw in her friend's photos that she called porn. There's a naked woman lying or standing in different indecent poses and men shoved them between the legs of their squeaks, then Lenka said that is sex. Suddenly, Hera took out my gun, and sat down on my stomach, his cock looked me straight in the face.
- Look, guys, I broke her hymen. Dick covered in blood. Drach!
- What? - I did not understand.
- Take it in your hand and smooth surface - that's so - he showed.
I grabbed his fist in pussy as he showed was his stroking up and down.
- Well done. Now in his mouth - he crawled closer to my face.
I thought it would be faster it was all over, and obediently opened her mouth. Gera stuck to my pussy, I almost threw up, he probably did not wash for a long time.
- Hera put her cancer. - I heard the voice of the Goat.
Gera This idea, like he came out of me. Easily he turned on his stomach. I took the hips and lifted my ass. I was on all fours. Before me I saw the third. He stood there with his mouth open. Pants between her legs bristled.
Hera put his penis in me, and I felt that now he was moving freely inside. During my vagina was wet. It was almost painful, cheeks and ears burned.
- Minor extradite her mouth. Do not be afraid, it is now still, do everything. Am I right?
- Yes - I squeezed
- And thou shalt suck?
- Yes - tears flowed again. Little I went up to my face and poked pussy in my mouth.
I closed my eyes, opened her lips and letting a another body.
- Suck? - Hera asked, continuing to move his cock inside me.
- Yeah - I tried to draw in air from the Small pussy.
- Sucks! - Glad confirmed Minor.
- Stronger suck!
I tightened her lips and began to make them approximately the same motion as if I drank a cocktail through a straw. A minute later, my throat warm stream hit, I released his mouth and coughed member.
- Swallow cum, useful - Goat laughed.
The liquid was brackish and viscous. I swallowed. Gera pulled out my cock and stood up. I continued to stand on all fours. Gera made a few pictures on a digital camera. I am someone slapped on the ass.
- Well, why are standing like a fool, we already finished, sit down, have a rest.
I sat down and felt out of my holes flowing. I dropped down a hand, everything was sticky. On the fingers of blood mixed with the sperm of Hera. Hera took from his pocket a pack of Shipka, stretched goat, then Small.
- Will you be?
- No. Guys can I go? I need.
- Will - ordered Gera.
I took a cigarette with trembling fingers. Hera held the match.
- Tighten, you know how. - They neighing. I coughed.
- That's how it should be, see.
- Right now we are still's fuck, and you can pick up your kitten. His life is worth it, and you're a whore is not difficult to push the guys in front of his feet and swallow our demise. Correctly?
I heard a kitten crying again.
- Yes - blushing - I agreed.
- Then, on his knees, to prepare us cocks fucking.
- Guys, I want to write.
- Go.
- And where to?
- And, here at least syuda.- Gera have on the floor in front of him.
I did not care. I sat across from Gera, from me flowed a trickle.
- I also want - Kozel said.
I finished.
- Do not get up - ordered Gera - open your mouth, close your eyes.
- What for?
- You again?
I dutifully followed his orders. I was struck in the face warm and strong current.
- Drink! - Squatting, I swallowed the urine. Kozel has sent a stream on his chest, then back into his mouth.
- Go utris. You can not be a dirty whore.
I kicked off my dress, it was also all in the urine, tears of humiliation, I wiped her face and dress crotch. They finished smoking.
- Lie down on your back and spread your legs wide.
Again, I lay on my back, bent at the knees, spread her legs. Hera again, knelt, lifted my ass and put me in my pussy, I got used to the pain and did not move.
- Guys, you do not stand up Che dicks on a naked woman? Give her ass and lick the eggs can help.
It's an idea they liked. The first squatted down in front of my face Goat, I squeezed my eyes shut, but his ears pulled in different directions.
- Open your eyes and mouth - he hissed.
- Good Goat has learned how to behave with a whore, all neighing again, and I obediently complied with the order.
He pussy was on my face, on the nose end of the forehead, he lowered his eggs into the open mouth.
- Shire waffle iron cutting and suck.
I obeyed. Minor made it Drach. Pussy began to increase the Goat, he took out his balls and anus sat me on the lips.
- Sui to zhopolizka language.
I'm sticking her tongue back. Feeling the taste of shit, began vomiting spasms, goat stood up and planted the anus on the nose.
- Only rezkni puke asshole choke.
The smell of shit vomit cramp, only intensified. I was saved, the order of Hera.
- On your knees slut, right now I finish, it is necessary to feed a whore for a good job.
I put it on my knees, for this break I coped with nausea. Huge pussy Hera dangled in front of my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pulled them sharply.
- You Che hatched forgotten why your mouth!
I hurriedly took his cock he pushed him to the throat and began to finish, I dutifully swallowed the semen. At Goat and Small pussy, too, we were excited. Hera finished, wiped pussy on my hair, pushed back, forced to stand on all fours.
- Have fun guys.
Sam walked away, toward the opened bottle of beer, drinking it began to take off, in my turn degrade goat with small hands and knees, I sucked and squeezed in his fist pussy Small, Goat was able to stick to my her pussy, but finished almost immediately hastily pulling pussy, failing to my mouth, obkonchal all back. As I licked him his pussy, Minor slipped me her, she had been the least of all, I have it almost did not feel it was too long in me, and finished on the buttocks. They moved with a goat to Hera, and also began to drink beer. I wanted to get up, but I heard the voice of Hera:
- ...Stand bitch cancer, you who authorized. Right now we continue the photo shoot.
I photographed from different angles, causing a person to turn to the lens side and smiling. Then each sfotkalsya with me, I held it in his hand pussy, took in his mouth, and shoved into my pussy, all I had to smile. Then I was allowed to change the position, I sat on the ass. Hera started showing me pictures and videos of my rape. He asked:
- Like?
In response, I began to cry softly.
- And with all the guys we like!
- Yes .. yes, - began to play along with the Little Goat.
Hera continued:
- Boys from your school probably also like your porn fortki and video.
I whimpered:
- Do not, show them to anyone. Oh please.
- That we will decide what to do with them. Well, Che guys in our band did not have a whore, take that bitch to her?
- Yes, - sarcastically replied Goat and Minor.
- What a slut, - he said to me - or will we choose only to serve, or show your kid porn from your school and you will screw around with the whole school.
I quietly whispered:
- I will be with you.
- You Th from yourself hymen are building - said Hera, and gave me a slap, - speak loudly, whom you budish, whom and how to serve, and smile.
He again began to shoot me. I dutifully complied with the order, standing in the middle of the room smiling, he said:
- I'm a whore Hera Goat and Small, suck pussy and masturbate them and give them their Suva to his.
- Congratulations guys, now we are a band we have our own whore - they clinked glasses and drank bottles of beer.
- Can my home, - I asked quietly.
- Right now we'll dedicate a whore in first, get on your knees and by the way what's your name.
- Masha - I knelt down.
- Masha 5 rubles and ours - all neighing.
- Masha, Masha - mashonki good to drive for whores, it is constantly on huyah will hang. True mashonki - and Gera had a head member of my lips.
- Open the waffle iron, we will treat you right now, beer, after so piss hotsa.
I opened my mouth, and three of them have written to me in the mouth in turn, had a lot of urine, and I swallowed everything.
-Guys, I also want to write.
- Ssy in a bottle - I, spraying, gained almost a full bottle.
- This wash. And finally polizhesh my ass - he put the empty bottle on the floor - sit on it by a pussy.
- I'm afraid.
- Where lishaynyh, - I heard the squeak of a kitten, and with tears in the eyes of the village at the tip of the bottle.
Hera took off his pants and bent over, turned to me ass.
- Lick my ass, you'll skive as goat sit on the bottle entirely. Guys look, if I do not like it, press down on her shoulders. And to remove the camera down, like a bitch licks ass.
He held the ass to my face:
- Razvedi my bread by hand.
I still sang, he told me, and began to lick his anus, tongue thrusting deep, so as not to anger the captors. Strongly smelled shit, but I kept vomiting.
- About buzz boys whore knows his business. Sui nose and breathe into the anus, supervise the boys not to skive.
I shoved the tip into the anus, and he began to fart, I dutifully inhaled all stink. Goat with Small watching it again neighing.
- How sniffing flowers.
Hera stopped and ordered to lick the fart again.
Finally Gera said:
- All you can throw away. We have a number of your cell, will send SMS, when we want to screw around. Now wash the bottle and take away his scallywag.
I derogatory jokes washed his face with urine. I somehow pulled the dress, she fell on her knees before the kitten and began to untie the wire from the tail. I was shaking, tears flowed from his eyes, and kept saying, or a kitten, or yourself:
- Do not be afraid, do not be afraid, you will no longer hurt.
She grabbed a warm living lump and ran away.
Behind came the whistling and hooting. I almost fell off the floor, hastily stepped past the gangplank, it hurts, in the blood, tore his leg, but run, run past the house, past the desert on a hot summer day, the streets, past the bus stop, near the park ... It seemed that certainly overtake me and all starts again ... I came home in the evening. I went on a different trolley buses, metro - everything seemed to be watching me.
Houses still no one there. I began to wash and wash clothes. The kitten was fluffy white and red cat. I would call it a gun, but my father, learning that I picked it up on the street, called the lumpen. Too good - Lyumik. Parents of the case I have not said anything on the construction site - it was a shame. And afraid that know about it at school and in the yard. Cell decided to turn off, hoping never to see the scum from the construction site. But in vain ...
To be continued …