How I lost my virginity
I lost my innocence
With the sole of mature, a good whore,
Twelve was to me then,
Flowed stagnant, the ...

Before doebstis impossible peers,
Himself not get any shame,
And with all the guys from depression
We caught the buzz of the hand ...

Journal zatrty all to pieces
One friend brought,
And at porn, sitting in a circle,
Fingering we, much as they could!

We're all a little wanker
And somewhere, and somehow,
In Russia, a lot of hiding places,
Where can I heartily vzdrochnut!

The school year has flown remember
And ancestors deserved humble
Permits issued in the trade union committee
In one area near ...

We rolled. There's a river,
The beach is three fucking fungus ...
Tosca green circle!
(Who is this crap is not familiar?)

Parent with mother on the river
Winz cheap nerves heal,
And I go to one in sorrow,
That's no fucking around wildly!

Suddenly I see: aside from the beach
Lying white as swan's feathers,
Babtsa Balzac leaven
View, frankly, superblyadsky!

Away from prying eyes,
From all the clothes to expose,
Lies and little finger
Shuruet klitorka in the zone! ..

There I had not seen until now,
Already, eggs instantly steamed up!
How to find an excuse to me, my friends,
To get closer to her ?!

I look for a game dish
Lying in the sand and waiting for the pores,
When it find again,
To the right to cast a cloud ...

Her take without further ado
And neatly to the side of the bushes
Her throw to cause
Find initiative for fucking!
And Well? - Fortunately, I got,
Drive next to the whore of the fallen!

I went. She smiled
She said: - Oh, what fish
The bush is found here sometimes!
And beckons shaving the hole!
I was struck dumb with these words:
I was now her catch!

And this started here:
Dick just turned into the axle,
About as the carousel
At the pussy wheeled axle,
And the ass, too, between the cases ...
In short, so I grew up!

She sucked like it
It remains only live a couple of days!
My dick stood like a sentry,
It was the age of transition,
And my stock molofi
She was exhausted a lot of times!
(But in this age, friends,
All the sperm can not scoop!)

Then with that whore two weeks
We are in her room went mad,
A mother with bateyu together
Dragged into his room!

That's how I became a man
And fucking expert!

When the holidays have passed,
I immediately went to the dogs!
Jerk off to me it was zapadlo
AND "here Ostap suffered"!

But this is different span ...
So help us whores!