History 2. The first corruption
It took more than two years since that momentous event, which was described in the first story "My Defloration". I still continued to meet with Olezhek. The first year I was really happy with it, and I thought that it will last forever. I dreamed and waited, we get married. But gradually his attitude toward me began to change. Our relationship is not interrupted, but has been reduced exclusively to sex. We have less time to be together and began to walk in the company. I keep thinking about it. In bed, he assured that he loves me and I'm the best lover. In response, I was crying, she said she did not let him go, I can not live without him, and tried to keep perfectly. According to my close friends, I initially took themselves too available and independently. So he lost me some interest, but to come and fuck when the itch. Sex with him drives me crazy. And despite the fact that I had other suitors, I just fucking with him. It is still, when the parents live in the country, visited. We talked about anything and then he laid out and fucked me all night. In the morning he left and so on until the next time. Sometimes he began to disappear for a few weeks. I learned that in addition to me, he always sleeps with another girl, but said nothing, because she was afraid of losing it completely.
But I digress. Thus, it was summer. The day I was born. I decided to celebrate it at the cottage with my friend and her husband. Parents Weekend stay in the city. I have not seen Olezhek a month and on the advice of her friend, I did not call him and call first.
- Enough to serve him rescue litter - she nagged me.
But the night before he called himself. Congratulated asked how and where I celebrate, and, despite my cold tone, asked for a visit. We agreed on the six o'clock on Friday. It was a warm June evening. My friend and her husband had already arrived. I warned her that it would be Olezhek. In response, she grimaced with displeasure. At seven o'clock, without waiting, we sat down at the table. He came in with nine strangers to me friend. Sorry for the delay - do not have time to train, and presented a huge bouquet of roses. Maxim was the name of his friend, pulled from his bag a bottle of vodka and Campari. I sat new guests at the table, and we continued the party.
Somewhere about two hours later girlfriend husband severely intoxicated and fell asleep. I decided to put them on the first floor, where there was a large sofa. And I Olezhek and his friend, taking alcoholic drinks and snacks, moved to the second floor of the villa. We settled on the balcony. Guys toasts, telling jokes. Olezhek kept pouring me. At some point, I felt completely drunk and happy. I leaned against Olezhka. He hugged me and kissed me. Then, quietly put his hand on my thigh and began stroking its inner surface. A friend sitting opposite, and a table concealed from him what is happening between us. I was pleased, and I spread her legs slightly. Palm, accepted the invitation and, with his skirt, rose to her panties. Pulling their edge, finger got inside and fingering clit, began to massage it. A minute later I swam so that I chattered with excitement whiskey. Olezhek began to pull my panties. I tried to catch his arm and moaned weakly.
- What are you doing?
He lifted me up, Zadran skirt, panties pulled down to mid-thigh, and took on the couch. He undressed me, then he undressed and lay down beside him. I reached for him. Our lips met, tongues intertwined. His hands wandered over my body. My nipples stiffened. Heat swept the lower abdomen. I felt abutting the penis. Fingers have uncovered sponge, he sent a member of the mouth, and he came at me, filled in completely and stopped. I felt a slight rubbing his swollen head. Wanting to feel it more, I became the compress, then decompress the vaginal muscles. He tightened his arm around me and whispered: - You're lovely, do that again.
We lay there without moving, pulsating osyazaya touch our bodies. Unable to stand, he began to slowly move inside me. Then more. Sofa began to creak.
- Hush, - I said - your friend hears everything.
I even blushed with shame, but could not help it. Moreover, the idea that someone nearby is listening, I came in indescribable excitement, dramatically escalated my sensitivity and desire. Olezhek increased pressure. Sofa creaked to the accompaniment of my dripping vagina: FER, chpok, chpok, chpok - heard loudly in the silence. And the rising tide of pleasure enveloped me, and I huddled in orgasm. But Olezhek, without stopping, continued to fuck me ... a long time, much longer ... ottoman creaked incessantly. Sensing the approach of the new wave, I grabbed his buttocks legs, and began to beat podmahivat back to his best. But before ... Beats accelerated, and I felt like a member of shook me, releasing a stream of sperm. Olezhek paused, squeezed my shoulders and a satisfied groan. We were quiet and frozen. I was away. Olezhek sat on the edge of the sofa and gently stroked my head.
- You were okay?
- Yes, thank you, dear, - I said, and kissed his hand.
- Out on the balcony, have a smoke.
- Good. I will wait...
He got up, went to the balcony and spoke with a friend.
Maxim: - Banged?
Olezhek: - Yes!
Max: Well, how fucking birthday girl?
Olezhek: - (inaudible)
Maxim: - Let's drink for that.
Then I did not hear, and, looking at the wall, was the scroll in the mind has not yet cooled sensations act. If we abandon, I have not noticed how Olezhek returned. Stroked my back, he went back and immediately snuggled up to me. His cock was attached to my open the hole and pushed inward. The impression is that it has increased in volume. I pushed forward my ass to take it deeper. Hands lay on my hips and began to rhythmically pull my dick, alternating strong blow with a few weaker. Each deep penetration caused me pleasure wave. These waves broke into me one after the other, until I merged into a convulsing orgasm and my groans - in a happy cry.
- What are you doing with me, - I muttered, shaking his head.
And he went on stringing me and peck. One orgasm is replaced by another. How many were there? Three? Four? Five? I lost count. But, uttering the cry of victory, he began to finish. I felt a powerful jet of sperm hit me. Following another. Member slipped and felt beneath me sag puddle of sperm flowing out of the crowded vagina.
- As I was great! - Breath, I whispered, turning to Olezhka and ... saw near naked Maxim.
Olezhek also smoked on the balcony and looked at me through the open door. I looked away and hugging her knees, whined ...