- Can you help me take off your shoes?
- What? - He asked
- Footwear. Can you help me remove it? - And I looked searchingly into his eyes
- Remove? - Dull and hesitant, he said,
- Yes. I just have something to back ache. You are welcome. - "I hope this is the last please. At least on my part." It flashed through her mind.
- Well ... well ... I'll bring a chair.
- Why do you carry it? - She smiled - Just kneel.
- Yes? Oh well.

She leaned back against the wall and watched with pleasure as the boy gets in front of her. She picked it up on the street. Itself spoke to him, and the course of conversation I realized that waiting in line for brains this guy did not stand. "Well. So much the better for me. It will be easier to get him to do what I need." She remembered how her heart pounding, when for the first time in some movie I saw as a man kissing a woman feet. She was jealous of her, wanted to be in its place ... And then met this boy ...
So he stood in front of her on his lap, waiting for when it will submit his leg. She tore her foot on the floor and trying not to rush, start to lift it. Feeling like flushing tried to reassure yourself ... "Do not worry. Do not worry. Ahead there is still time. He will still be kissing them ..."
But it did not help - she was unable to stop in time to his leg and barely touched his lips toed sandals ... and gasped with excitement. Although the leg was moving slowly, sandals toe caught him off guard. Startled, he jerked his head and looked at her blankly. And there was nothing she could not answer and just smiled at him.
When he took off the shoe it, as if by accident touched the soles of his feet bare hands ...

- Mm-m ... What are your soft hands ...- escaped her.
- Soft? Ah, yes! Of course! I have very soft hands. - "found" he said.
- Well then, here's the second foot. Prove it and the same. - She smiled, handed him the second leg and closed her eyes in anticipation.

But "evidence" It boiled down to the fact that he decided to just tickle her. She jerked her leg, mentally swore and pulled up to his knee, leg brought it to pripechatat sole to face this blockhead. But time caught on. She pulled his leg, putting fingertips on his forehead and slowly led them across the face to the chin.

- Little Man! - Forcing a soft smile, she said.

They walked into the room and sat on the couch. There was an awkward silence. "And that pull?" - She asked herself, and said ...
- Do you like a massage?
- Massage? What is massage? - He was taken aback.
- Well massage. You're lying, and you massage. So like it or not?
- A! Of course I like!
- Then lie down on the bed.

He walked over to the bed and lay down on his stomach.

- No, lie down on your back. - Whispered conspiratorially, she turned off the light. She went to bed and, throwing a leg over his body sat astride his pelvis. His face was clear that there was little he understands. "Perhaps he was thinking about sex. I will not upset him. Till." - She smiled to herself. Slowly bending down, she began to unbutton his shirt, then stretched her floors in different directions, and ran her hands over his chest and stomach. "What would you say such a thing to ... And what the hell is the difference?" - She thought.

- By the way, you know how to look at a woman to see her completely?
- What?
- Well, nothing - I'll show you.

She stood over him so that her feet are located on either side of his chest.

- Well? How do you like my body?
- Uh-uh ... Well ... Okay ...
- A foot? Do you like my legs?

He turned his head from side to side, looking at her feet.

- I will make easy to you the task. - She said, and leaned his hand on the wall so as not to lose your balance, put his right foot on his chest. - Well, how?
- Norma-and-cially ... - with the air of a connoisseur he drawled.
- Ha! It occurred to me. Look - you're lying at my feet, and I put you foot on his chest. Just like Mrs. and servant. You do not feel like a slave, huh?
- Wait wait. What do you mean it?
- I say that I look like a Lady, and you're a slave. Although there is. Not where my foot is.

With these words she tore the soles of his chest and slowly brought it to his face. She put the heel on his chin, pulled socks over her fingers and play.

- So, I think it would be more correct ... Lady foot the place on the slave's face. Do not you think so?
- I ... I do not know ...
- It is time to decide. Do not you like your position? - With these words, she slowly lowered her entire sole on his face. Now heel still remained on his chin, and his fingers are located on the forehead above the left eye. She stood so for a few moments, enjoying, and then closed her eyes and began to gently massage the sole of your face about it. Her inquisitive sole examined every line of his face - eyes, nose. Lips her sole paid more attention ...
Some sounds pulled her out of this blissful state. It was his voice.

- ... I say enough! I do not like to be a slave, and ... - her sole interrupted his speech useless, sitting across his face, on his mouth.
- It looks like you do not quite understand what role awaits you. You are a slave. And your voice I have not heard, except when I'm asking you. Otherwise you will not be able to speak at all. you understand now what I mean.

She removed his foot from his mouth, put her on the throat and involuntarily stayed in this position. She felt the blood pulsing under her feet. Under her feet throbbing life! And she can abort her feet this! That's what it lacked all the time. Authorities! Power over men.
She gently pressed on her throat ...

- Well?
- I...
- Obviously not enough for you. - It has come much stronger.
- I ... xp-r ... - he began to wheeze. This amused her and she laughed.
- ...Hyr-hyr ... - mimicked, laughing, she said. - You're like a little beetle, which I press my soles!
- I ... xp-rr ... - again, he gasped and reached out her hands to her feet, trying to relieve the pressure.
- Well. You had it coming. - And she suffered all his weight on his throat, severing the second leg of the bed.
- Well, how do you feel there beneath my feet? What did you say something, because I'm asking you? And, you can not speak because my foot cut off the air you? - She scoffed at him.

After standing so for half a minute, she said ...

-Uh, how do you blush! Okay, for the first time is enough. Moreover, who would lick my heels?

She laughed, she floated in the clouds, she was happy. She reveled in the power.
She went to him, put his feet on either side of his throat, and with a smile, watched as he clears his throat and gasping.

- I ... (... cough ...) I'm not a slave ... ... - he managed.
- Ta-a-ak. - She handed. - It seems that does not reach the first time. Do you think my soft soles? You do not know? I will help you. - It is very slowly ran his soles on his face.
- So now you know that they can be very hard.

She moved a little lower. Now her feet were placed as in the beginning - on the sides of his chest. Leaning against the wall, she slowly lifted one leg, held it in the air, looked into his eyes, and sharply hit the soles of his chest. There was a sound like a slapped. He cleared his throat. This amused her and she repeated the blow.

- Please, no more ... - he pleaded.
- I stopped when considered necessary. - And another three hits followed one after another. He bent.
- So who am I?
- State-shake ... - out of breath, he said.
- Ta-a-ak, right. And who are you?


- Still do not understand? Well, I will explain. Turn your head to one side!
- What for?
- Then, I do not want to break your nose! On the side!

He turned his head .... She brought it over her foot, detained for a couple of seconds and two times bitingly pripechatat soles to his head.

- Who am I?
- Ms ...
- Who are you?
- ... I ... I ... ... your servant ...
- A-ah ... you begin to understand. Not so you and dull. Now open your mouth.

She got up again at his throat. She lifted one leg, bending it at the knee, over his face. He stretched down the toe of the foot and start to lower it slowly.

- Who will you kiss, lick and suck his fingers on my leg.

She ran a finger over his lips legs and plunged it into his mouth.

- Suck it! Suck my finger like a delicious candy.

He took it into his mouth and began to lick it with his tongue. She watched as he does from time to time covering his eyes in bliss.
Soon, she wanted "deeply" learn his mouth. She started very slowly but firmly push through into the rest of the fingers. When it seemed, his mouth has expanded eventually, she began to gently push the foot inward as slowly squeeze the exit in fully packed bus. Her foot, describing a small "eight"Soon almost completely plunged into his mouth. She paused for a moment and gently stir in the fingers. Apparently, she got up to the throat, because he started to choke. "It is not enough that he vomited on my leg" - She thought, and pulled out a foot.

- Wipe it. - She ordered. He took the sheet and wiped her uncomfortable.
- You even can not wipe properly! But nothing. Keep your head exactly - now I'll wipe their soles on your face.

She leaned against the wall with both hands and put one foot on his face. Slightly shifted her, chose the best position. Then I put the second leg next. It was a little difficult to keep the balance, but the feeling ... That was something!

- Well? Like? Of course I like - you're a slave. I smell the smell of my soles ... And now I am using your face as a doormat and wipe it on the feet. - And began slowly shuffling them in his face. Then he stopped and just stood there feeling a trickle of air that escaped from his mouth and nose and pleasantly blown her soles.

- And now I want to walk you. Move the closer to the wall.

Holding on to the wall, she began slowly and gently, but not particularly caring where to put the foot on the stroll it. Chest - abdomen - face - neck - Breast - with both feet on the face - on his chest again. He groaned down there, beneath her feet, and she gave it extra fun. Feeling light stubble on his face, I decided to scratch on her sole. She stood up behind his head, leaned back against the wall, and telling him to raise his chin, slowly began to shuffle "to myself" feet. Then, putting fingertips on his lips, he lifted her heel over his face.

- Do you like this look?

She did not need to answer. She is "punted". Very slowly he lowered her heel on his forehead. She raised and lowered again. His nose rested her soles and she used it as the lightest massage, starting to drive on his soles, barely touching it.

When she got sick again, she stood up to face him, holding his head between his feet. She stood and looked at him, playing with his thumbs with his ears and thought ... "What else to do?" Then she lifted her leg and began to slowly lower it to his face, enjoying this view. She stopped in the sole of a pair of triple centimeters from his face and said ...

- I want you to lick my soles.

He began to lick.

- So ... Yeah ... Um-m ... Lick it! ... Lick my sole! ..
- Now to the heel! ... Yes-ah ... Kiss her ... lick ... And now Cheshi her teeth ... Mm-m ...
- Now the fingers ... ... Suck them each individually. Start with a large ... Yeah, so ... Now the next ... next ...
- Now, between the toes ... Yes ... Oh, how can I feel good ... You're just born to lick my ... feet, baby ...

From bliss in her arms and legs buckled. She stood there, wide-eyed and just absorbed the spectacle. From her mouth burst panting. She slowly licked his lips and felt she could lose consciousness from pleasure ...
Finally, she forced herself to pull his leg from his lips. Leaning toes on his forehead she lifted her heel a couple of centimeters, and was so aligning breath.
Catching his breath, she took her foot off of his face. Ordered him to lie down on the other side of the bed, I took a pillow, leaned it against the wall, and sat back, right up close to his face other foot. I have soles on his face and said gently ...

- Now repeat this with all my other foot.

And bliss carousel spun with new force. She was badly controlled himself, as in a dream ordering licking, kissing, sucking and licking every millimeter again, her soles, heels, toes.
She did not know how much time had passed, but felt that he could go mad from all this, ordered him to stop.

- Blown by my feet with his breath. - And while he carried out the order, he came to the senses.
Then she stood up again over his face and plays with his tongue out of his soles, fingers ...
Finally, she left him with the words ...

- Enough for today, slave. Come on, you did obuesh.

************************************************** *******************************

She stood in the hallway, leaning back against the wall and handed him his legs, and he had them shod. When he finished, she decided to make for themselves the last fun tonight.

- Lie down on your stomach. Now lick my tongue wear sandals.

He licked one and, while he was engaged in a second, first set foot on his head. She stood so slightly, then crushed his head with the toe to the floor and made a motion as if extinguished cigarette butt.

- You are a slave. You are lying under the soles of my shoes. And it looks like you like it. Still, I'll see you, my submissive slave.

She opened the door and walked away, leaving him lying on the floor ...