The meeting of the new year. Part Three. Gift Presentation
After the guys gave me their gifts, they all sat down at the table. I wore my short latex jacket. I took off my bra and put aside, so that it does not bother me. The rest of clothes left on me safe: shoes, stockings and skirt. However, I wanted to remove the stockings, but the guys told to leave. Explain to me what they do I look much sexier and more desirable than naked.
On the table was a lot of snacks. We ate, drank, laughed. They remembered a funny episodes from my sexual life. Memories were many. As I have some trembling with fear at the thought that I will have to fuck in the ass, and now anal sex gives me real pleasure. As I do not like when it has pierced all the favorite tongue pierced.
As for jokes, memories of the past hour. With salads and appetizers were finished and on the table was served hot. I already did not like and I decided to ask for permission to go to relax, all the same I still had the whole night to fuck with these guys. And for this I needed strength.
- Do you guys mind if hot and dessert will be without me?
- What happened?
- I'm just a little sleep. I wanted to take a nap for an hour, and then you fuck me. Can?
- What do you say, guys, - said my brother - let go of our slut sleep for an hour.
- Release the course you can, - said Petya, the landlord - but we now want.
- Of course it would be desirable, - said someone else.
- Members stand on end, and she was sleep - zagaldeli guys.
- Boys, darling, please, - I began to ask - I'll sleep an hour. But then I'm your how much you have enough forces.
- Okay - said the brother, - persuaded. But with the condition.
- What, brother?
- You're all of us today do cocksucking.
The boys nodded their heads in approval, it was clear that they had the idea to their liking.
- Do you guys like, agree? Dasha does every blow, and we let her go for an hour rest before working the night.
- Oh sure. This girl can not be on the mouth does not give.
- And you, Dashulya, agree? - Peter asked.
- Of course, the boys, suck it right. And for an hour, you'll pick up, and then forces me good fuck.
- Begin.
- With whom?
- With whom you want. And we, while you suck, we will continue to celebrate.
- So, Dasha, climb under the table.
Do I have to describe what happened next? Perhaps this too. I crawled under the table and undid the first available pants. Lowered them down, I began to lick the floor hard dick. When he got up, I took the whole thing in her mouth and began to suck monotonically as long as the guy is not finished in my mouth. I swallowed his sperm, even without knowing who owns this term. So I sucked all ten members. I bring them to the desired state, suck, swallow sperm. The only member that I found among them all, was the brother of a member. However, this was not surprising. After this term, I sucked on a daily basis for about three and a half years. And it would be strange not to find a member of that every day more than once feeds me cum.
Sucked last, tenth member, I crawled out from under the table. And he smiled at the boys lips, on which glittered the remnants of sperm. Despite the fact that I tried to swallow all, some streams were so powerful that I could not cope with them, and some sperm flowed out of his mouth.
- Now I can sleep? - I asked, gleaming with sperm on the lips.
- Well, guys, - said the brother, - let go of our whore relax?
- Oh sure.
- She sucked well, and let him go.
I got up from the floor. I went into the bathroom and washed her face and went into the bedroom to take a nap. A feast in the meantime in the next room all continued.
I woke up feeling that someone stroking my breasts and ass. And so it was. Three guys came into the room and hard paw me. In the darkness, their faces were difficult to distinguish, and I could not guess who it is. I looked at the digital clock, the green numbers that illuminate the room. A quarter to three. So I slept for just over an hour.
I stirred and the guys noticed it.
- Oh, our slut was awake, - he said one of them approvingly patted my ass.
- Come on, - said the other, pinching my chest - you have all the waiting. Our members are smoking and sperm from the eggs asks to migrate to a more appropriate place for it. For example, your mouth or ass. And perhaps pussy.
- Yes, boys, I'm - I said, stretching sweet.
- Faster, whore, you're all waiting for.
- Boys clothes leave or withdraw?
- Take off all full: jacket, skirt, stockings and shoes.
- Well leave except earrings, - said one of the boys and all laughed.
- Well, now, guys, bring myself up and go.
- Come quickly, we wait.
I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Navel brighter make-up, bright lips make up. I knew that the guys are very excited when they sucking girl with brightly painted lips.
When I was ready, I walked into the room.
- That's our bitch, - said one of the boys.
- You look a little sister - praised brother - and this is not ashamed to invite friends.
- You do not mind, that we are your little hole he borrowed?
- No contrary. I really want this.
- That's just, - said the brother, - it is not enough of one item of clothing.
- What, Andrei, - said Petya.
- Collar.
- Good for you, I'm on it, and quite forgot.
The boys happily zagaldeli, seeing as I put on the neck collar. The collar was considered in our circles symbol of sexual slavery girls.
Wearing a collar on my neck, my brother went to another room, brought out a camcorder, set it on a tripod and pointed at the center of the room, where, in theory, was supposed to unfold the main action in the title role with me.
I was grabbed by the collar and pulled down, clearly implying that I have to kneel. At first, the guys wanted to fuck me in the mouth. But this is not surprising, for three years minetirovaniya familiar, unfamiliar and totally unfamiliar guys, I got this experience, I did not know a single guy who enjoyed my blowjob once, would not want to repeat it.
The guys take turns came, took me on a collar and brutally fucked in the mouth, smearing the saliva on my face. I was deprived of every kind of freedom of action. I totally made it clear to me that I do not need anything except how to keep her mouth open wide and take it all, who wants to visit it. So I came, not denying anyone helpfully substituting your mouth under the next member who went to my tongue immediately after the previous one.
And then there was anal. Lots of anal sex. No classic, blowjob, fucked in the mouth. Guys just want my ass. I put the cancer, a person laid on the floor. The guys take turns coming up to me, put his foot on my face, pressing thus to land more tightly and inserted a member of my ass. I do not know how much time passed, but my ass about thirty times entered member. So, about three guys just missed me in a circle. While I was fucked, I moaned. And she could not understand what causes these groans in me. The pain inflicted by foot that presses my face to the floor or the pleasure that I bring the members in the ass.
But they soon got tired of it and they want me corny - in pussy. Fuck me in my girl just banal position - on the back. I lay on the floor, legs spread wide. I was approached by a guy lay on me. I hugged him tightly, pressed to him and enjoyed him as a member in its hole. Some guys just do not fuck me, and gave vent to his hands, stroking my body: chest, thighs, face. Again guys about two - three times missed my hole in a circle.
I have been on so many sleepy, not even moan. I was completely indifferent: who fucks me ... as I fuck where I was fucked. Just to fuck guys, and I had to do it blowjobs, jumping on their members. However, the guys also pretty tired. Fuck me even a little bit, they put me on my knees, and formed themselves upon me and began to circle nadrachivat its members.
After a few seconds of them start to fly sperm, getting my hair on the face, chest, neck. In general, where could only. I was both wafers of ten members. I dutifully sat on his knees, his mouth open and trying to swallow something that I fall on your face. When the boys finished, let me go to sleep. And they themselves began to disperse through the rooms.
I got to my room and immediately disconnected. I have not even had neither the strength nor the desire to go to the bathroom and wash my face.
I slept for a long time. Waking up, he looked at his watch. The time was ten in the morning. I knew from what I woke up: my lips poked a member.
I grabbed offered me a member of the lips and start to do the morning blowjob.