I remember how it all began, never forget those sweet moments spent with you .......
It was at the beginning of last autumn.
I decided to ride your car, go out of town. We were driving on the highway along the forest. Our eyes met, and I saw the look in your burning desire. I turned off the highway and drove into the dark forest area. Turn off the engine and so casually put my hand on your knee. I began to stroke her slowly moving higher and higher. Our faces have begun to converge. I could feel your breath quickens. Our lips have merged in a gentle kiss, passing in passionate. I caught your sweet lips. You've had a hard day. You dressed nicely, to your formal suit with a skirt just above the knee. I turned to face you. I like your beautiful face, your eyes, lips, your nose. I hug you with one hand behind his shoulders, the other hand, I stroked your knee, thigh, slowly climbs under her skirt.
Hand I took you by the neck and pulled him close. My tongue has become very nimble, he got into your mouth and studied every corner of it. I'm the one hand caressing your ear, you second hand crawled deep under her skirt. I liked that you thin stockings, so nice to caress your thighs, they are resilient. You're completely surrendered to me. You reminded me of a defenseless bunny in need of protection. You're relaxed, you obey my caresses. I kissed your lips, cheeks, neck. You, her head thrown con me more and more parts of your beautiful face. I felt poured into your chest, and your panties are wet. Are you squeezed my shoulders and hugged me tight, tight. I was excited the smell of your hair and your perfectly chosen perfume. I was getting a hand to wet your panties, and just pushing them, getting to your pussy. Second hand I caressed your neck and ear. My lips kissing your neck. You just woke up, beginning with one hand to unbutton his shirt covering the, luxury, nalivshuyusya chest. Second hand suddenly touched my pants and started to caress my the strained member. The finger of my hand caressing your pussy lips, stroking them then one is on the other side, penetrated deep into your pisenki, stroking in a circular motion straining clit.
You rasstgnula my shirt. I kiss my breasts, biting my nipples. Rasstgnula my pants and freed my flushed varmint. My kisses have already fallen below the lips and have your breasts examined. You unbuttoned shirt is completely and began to knead her right breast. You caressed nipple fingers you squeezed it lightly. The nipple left breast got my tongue and I licked him, sucked his lips. You said I was a fast and agile in the weasel. You barely have time for me.
- Sweet, gentle, my sweet. How to please you today? - I whispered you.
Unbuttoned his pants, did you see how powerful spring flew out member. You took his hand and started to move up and down. I was so pleasant caress of your hands. You wanker I cock and I'm from a little bit of joy nastignuvshey nipple. You gently moaned. My fingers were already deep into your pussy. You flowed strongly desire. But I continued to caress you.
I looked up and saw your eyes begging. Hand, I pulled your head of his friend and felt like you started to caress his tongue. You kissed the head, then sucked it into herself. As far as possible. You sucked my boyfriend gently tickled his tongue. You got to my buttocks, lightly scratching my ass.
- It would have eaten all of you - you whispered.
You looked up, and I catch your eye.
"Who are you - my whole world"- I read in it. - "You are my master, do with me what you want".
We move to the rear seat, there's so spacious. At the same time they threw off their clothing remnants. For you were only panties, stockings and shoes. You spread your legs wider, I wanted to caress your tongue there, I have to bring you to orgasm.
It's good to see you razlgshuyusya in the back seat with his feet spread wide, that you put on the front seat. I pulled off your panties. My eyes opened your pussy. I started licking her greedily. Do you like this rudeness. I am more and more kindled your desire to feel my cock inside. I'm teasing you. You could not help but moan. I squeezed his hands your elastic hips, I squeezed your ass in his hands and continued to lick your pisenku, caressing your klitorok. I strained my long tongue and began to fuck you to them. You are moving toward me nasazhivayas him.
I was tough and gentle at the same time.
You stroked my shoulders, sitting up a little.
Then I stood up. Spread your legs, you squeezed my hips. The head of my gun lay on your lips sex. I could hardly contain orgasm, almost aloof.
- Enter me. I beg - you requested.
You hugged me around the neck. You're trying to drive the movement of the pelvis, my term in itself, but I deftly dodged. I'm teasing you, I wanted you experienced maximum enjoyment. Hands, I squeezed your breasts, I put pressure on her nipples. You chased my member, I dodged. You really wanted to. And I knew I had to do it. A powerful movement drove you in his club. Your eyes almost flew out. Your claws are digging into me.
- Oh my darling, Oh my queen !!! - I said.
Grabbing your legs, I began to enter into you speeding and speeding up the rhythm. You held me by the neck and bit my ear.
- Harmful ... - You swear.
I have served on all the member depth, reaching the most eggs. You turned to me his ass. I could not resist and wanted to punish you. Type your otopyrennoy ass and the way you twisted like a cat made me an animal instinct, and I began to spank your ass, then another. Now blows rained already on the ass, legs, back.
I went to a member of your pussy as you can deeply. You're beginning to move towards my hips. You dug its claws in trim seats. Are you happy the way I fuck you. You nozzles and moaning every time my entrance in you deep. I enjoyed the power over you. I liked to bring you the joy of sex. The hand I caressed your klitorochek. The second hold your shoulders continued to stick to his penis.
Pulling a member of the pussy I put his head to the hole of your priests and applying slight pressure, I went there. Your ass is so narrow and it hurts me. I fyrchal, moaning in pain, but continued in agony fuck you.
- Yes, my love, yes, kisenka, but the sun.
I quickened my pace. I liked the way you turned your head. I saw your beautiful hair, sensuous lips. The smell exuded love thee turns me on. I leaned toward you took and squeezed tight your breasts, began to play with your lips, your tongue, continuing to fuck you.
I'm a little tired. I sat down on the seat and you sat on my cock his razdrochennoy recordkeeping. You parted lips sex fingers, just leaned back and began to move. I baldel on the type of your pubis, your chest. I hugged you, pressed to my hairy chest. You're rubbing on my nipples berries of their breasts. He scratched me. He kisses me. I am biting my lip in ecstasy. I crushed your buttocks, breasts, stroking her waist, the gap between the ass. I walked into your anus with a finger, then two, and fuck your ass while you're rubbing your klitorochek on my cock. I felt that you are on the verge of orgasm ... you're shaking with pleasure.
- Come on darling, stop my joy. Stoney my fish, shout, no one do not fear, I am close, cry.
You convulsed orgasm gushed at you a huge wave. You whipped me in the face and scratched. Your cry, and therefore how much compressed in you my penis, pain and happiness I came to you. A powerful jet of warm sperm breaks into you instantly brought you to a second orgasm.
From surging buzz I strongly painfully squeezed you tight. Pain, my cries and repeated orgasm makes you squirm on my penis, in the grip of my arms like a snake. Your fingers are strongly dug into me, I could smell the blood, and my gut beast continued to play you.
- Yes, the hare, it was excellent !!!
Then we get confused and apologetically sat in the back seat, afraid to look at each other .........
Author: Glory Pushkin [email protected]