I am 16 years old and I have never ebalsya to this case. It was the summer when I stayed for a few days at home alone. In one of the most beautiful days of my neighbor I came home from the institute, and when it turned out that her parents had gone to sleep she asked me, of course, refused.
In the evening she went to take a bath while I sat as a restless and my mind did not leave the idea to sleep with her. When she came out of her bath was not nothing except easily thrown over her dressing gown from under which could see the stunned leg and looked through the chest. She lay on her maid, and I sat down and we sat and watched a movie she cleverly covered his chest with his hand but I still noticed her. It was delicious, then I decided to put a hand on her knee she flinched but said nothing when I started to lift the hands of the above and my hand was stroking her thigh and when I wanted to touch her pussy she grabbed me by the arm:
- No, Sasha stop
- but I can not you drive me crazy asking you to let me fuck you
- I'm not sure:
- Okay, then I just polapat you
- okay
I began to caress her and then I pulled off her robe and her young body has brought me. Suddenly she grabbed my dick that was sticking out of his pants and then lifted unzipped his pants and freed him her nice lips touched the penis then it zaglatila its entirety it was unforgettable in her movements could be seen that she was not the first to do it and then I asked her to lie on her back and spread her legs, I began to lick her juices passionately and caress the tongue clitoris when it all broke out, I put her his penis and began to fuck. Her moans drove me crazy, and I could not stop when she had finished.
I took his cock and gave her mouth, she began to suck it and this pleasure I finished on her face. It was unforgettable.