White moon
In September, as part of the international public organization "Greenpeace" Lake Baikal, sent the youth group of forty people. The event was held under the auspices of respect for the environment. Mainly in the group were high school students. Among them was fragile girl of small stature Masha. A trip to Lake Baikal was an incentive for the best students, among whom it was. The group should pick up trash on illegal dumps, arbitrarily arranged by the locals. It was something like a summer camp. The action had a double meaning - take care of the nature of Baikal and wean locals accustom to arrange in forest illegal dumping. They taught to appreciate and love nature.
The camp is located at the beginning of the forest, near the lake. The sandy strip of beach shores well was visible from above. Nearby, two hundred meters, there was a large mushroom-shaped stone. Stone stuck out of the water, but it could easily go down the sandy spit. Why group located within walking distance of the stone, no one knew. Maybe a place just like it, and so decided to head. It was said that this is a holy stone, supposedly ancient shamans there brought a sacrifice to the gods. At the side, just to the left was a wooden room with no roof. Dining room - a large wooden covered pergola could simultaneously accommodate almost everyone. Along the walls of the dining room were equipped with benches.
In total, the team counted a little more than forty people. The camp was about equally and Russian-speaking foreigners. Basically, students and pupils from different schools, from different cities of Russia and foreign countries. Belgians, Dutch, Germans, French, Americans and others. Everyone called each other on you. Such was the demand for the older on the first day. Age differences do, it is as if it was a small democratic community. Groups were divided into two, twenty men. In each group, four senior, adult men and women. In such a multi-national team was supposed to be a translator. And he certainly was there. Korol'kov Igor, forty-two man, with strong muscles and athletic posture. Once in sports. The last seven years Igor lived in Germany. It is well mastered two languages, German and English, not counting the Russian course. Masha, immediately drew attention to it. It was the man of her secret fantasies. It was Paperback Hero.
Camp lived routine. At eight o'clock breakfast, and then the band went into the forest, collected garbage in white bags and put them beside the road. At two o'clock dinner, after dinner back cleaning, then dinner. Saturday, Sunday - closed. You can go to the bath or on the beach. Sometimes the head arranged excursions. After dinner, everyone gathered in the "dining room" under a wooden canopy, discussing their work and receive new assignments from supervisors. In the center stood Igor Korolev and all translations. From English into Russian, from Russian into German. Everyone called it simply - the King. And he enjoyed such treatment.
Once the team leader gave them a short tour to the holy place. Local shaman sitting on the ground in a beautiful national costume at the fire and told the legend of St. stone, beside which they were sitting. This large, exposing its tip out of the water a piece of rock - a holy place. Shamans in this large stone sacrificed to the gods of domestic animals. The lecture was very interesting and liked everyone. King unobtrusively translated, who should be the one to hear. Masha now and then looked at him glances.
Masha has long tried to attract his attention, but to no avail. Whether she was too young for that, I do not have a clue how to do it. Days went on as usual, during their stay in the camp steadily declined.
Once, pausing on cleaning, hurrying to dinner and changing clothes in the tent, she wore a tight-fitting T-shirt over his naked body, not wearing a bra at the same time. Naturally, it did not attach any special significance. Little did happen, it was necessary for the house and go without panties. But this has given great importance to the King. And even more. T-shirt stretched across her breasts. Nipples brazenly stuck out under the thin cloth. He seemed enchanted stared at her nipples stood out clearly through the matter shirts. Mary noticed his gaze casually. She sat at the table, ate and saw how he looks. The king was sitting almost directly opposite her. Masha came crazy and unexpected thought. She even itself did not expect. Probably affected for a long stay on the nature, in the wild in the open air. Or rather, that the parents were not there, and they took care of it. "Interestingly, his penis swollen? - Masha thought. I wonder would it look". Masha from this brazen thoughts excited, swollen nipples and are now seen much more clearly. They brazenly stuck out from under the thin material. Naturally the King noticed it and looked into her eyes. Their eyes met. Masha electric shock, it pierced depraved arrow to the heart. It was a look wildly hungry for female affection of men. Hunter Sight who noted their prey. Mary felt in her secret place moistened. Her desire has now become a reality, and the King noticed it, and her panties now also on this guess. But they have to guard the entrance of foreign walkers, they should not miss to intruders, because their task - is to protect the entrance to the secret and no one to not miss. But who and when to pass, that settles the hostess. And in this case, only the panties became silent witnesses of the act of penetration and betrayals.
Now Masha always came for lunch and dinner without a bra and specially sat opposite. The bra she was no longer needed, it bothered her. She breakfasted without a bra. He worked without a bra, lunch and dinner without a bra. She liked the fact that it draws attention to the green teen, and adult male peretrahat certainly not one hundred girls. She liked to think so much about it, like to see what he wants it, liked to fantasize about how he wants it, and he secretly dreams and desires her passionately. Now Igor has become increasingly eyeing her. He looked at her breasts, nipples, shape, paying attention to her gait, her ass clad in tight blue knit sweatpants with white straps, and stood out clearly through which the strip of panties. He wanted to see her panties. He wondered what she was wearing shorts, what color and style. It became an obsession.
One evening Mary stood at the sink and washed. All this makes every day. Choosing a suitable moment, he approached her. Mary washed her panties. She was confused, but continued to be washed. Let looks just like him so. Do not go away. The idea that a foreign man is watching, she erases her panties, it is strongly excited. They were ordinary cotton white panties with a bow in the center of the gum.
- And I thought you were wearing thong - slyly he asked her.
Masha realized, it is necessary to support the theme. Perhaps this is her chance to see something she had never seen, and what long dreamed.
- And you really do not like these? - She asked seductively.
- Very popular. I'm wondering what you're wearing.
- Anyone interested - she said playfully. - And I still have ...
- Will you show? - He asked, raising an instant.
"Of course, the show" - Masha thought, but said nothing and smiled mysteriously.
Prior to the closing of the camp was only three days. All disperse, but she did not experience happiness. One evening, after the meeting, when everyone dispersed to their tents, Masha and someone else was left to sit by the fire. Across from her sat the King.
- Have you ever seen a white moon? - He asked Masha.
- No - she was surprised - unless the moon is white?
- Today, the full moon. Moon completely white. Let's go to the beach, I'll show you - he stood up and took her hand, without waiting for her consent .... Together they went down to the shore. She has already decided for themselves that will make on the shore. They walked in silence along the shore, in the stillness of the night was heard faint inking water. Water was played today in a special way, such as the mysterious and conspiratorial. He held her hand and she felt like a treacherous legs give way. "Just to reach the holy stone - Masha thought. King stopped but said Masha:
- Let's go to the holy stone - and took him by the hand.
- Look, - he showed it to the moon, when they reached the place. - You see, all white. Like a virgin ...
Masha involuntarily smiled.
- You did not know that the full moon is called a virgin? - I asked the king.
It was really a virgin, but Mary did not hear and do not look at the moon virgin. She had her virginity, which Masha wanted to say good-bye forever. King powerfully embraced her, pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips, then entered the language ... Her heart beat wildly. He put his hand on her shoulder. She dropped to her knees. He unbuttoned his jeans and lowered them down. From under the panties sticking mound. Tubercle was large and attractive. Masha carefully pulled over the side panty elastic. I looked out the excited head of the penis. Head strongly and brazenly stared her straight in the face. It was very interesting to look at her. For the first time in her life she was so close, face to face with a man's body. Maiden itself curiosity led her to the path of erotic knowledge: she wanted to see, touch, taste, feel, feel and learn. On the edge of the droplet flashed invitingly. She could not stand the severity of this man's penis and opened her mouth - there was contact. It was the first such contact in her life. "How many more I will" - Masha thought. A member of the King was really brazen, had seen in his life than one's virginity, broke through and penetrated into a variety of girls and women.
Tongue and mouth Masha felt good and felt the pulse and the male taste. It was a special unique taste of men. The head, like an electric battery, which she tried to childhood language, sent in her electric discharge pulses. It was quite unusual and unfamiliar feeling. She was charged with energy. New, sexual energy, his manly energy. Clean, good, positive energy. This it anywhere else and never have to experience, it is well known that the first experience to remember for a lifetime. Masha did not do anything, just keep the head in his mouth, tightly pressed her tongue to the sky. King stood for so apparently giving Masha to get used to new sensations (still not the first time gave the girls in her mouth a member), and began to light movements, punching his brazen manly member for itself a new path in someone else's virginity and secret desires. Her passion and her heart. Suck Masha did not know how. Experienced King is immediately felt. But it did not matter, it is for itself already decided everything.
Now he will allow the girl to bring yourself to orgasm and ejaculates in the mouth of the curious girl. But it will be for it merely just desserts - in front of her waiting for the main course, which Masha, because of their inexperience virgin, could not yet guess. It will be the first. King liked to always be the first. The spirit of competition is present in him since childhood. King gave her a real festival! Sex Festival, groans, predorgazmennogo girlish tears of pleasure and happiness, he vows of eternal love. He vyderet it at the full program! As such, for which he has long did not fight girls. Neither young curious like Masha, nor experienced married but unsatisfied women, lifting and elevating them to the top of pleasure, forgetting that in the passion of their husbands, shamelessly surrendering to the King, his brazen and sassy member. nothing was sacred to his penis. Even strangers bond of marriage the family had not been able to stop him. He ruthlessly invaded and destroyed between them there all the relationships and possible hope for a good relationship with her husband. They felt it masculinity and saw the boundless power of subordination and passion of possession. Such a man, any woman give herself voluntarily. Herself down on her knees, she lowered her panties, impatiently waiting outside filling in your personal, intimate narrow world. The very lie and take a comfortable position for him. Because he is a man, he is King, he is the master. But he must have them and tearing of the vagina to its brutal, hot, starved member. Yes. Exactly. Because he is not a member! It was a sacred rock. Rock, which brought him to sacrifice her virginity to the girl. Mesmerizing beauty of the rock.
Masha stood in front of him on his knees, holding his hands over his buttocks. "Stupid girl - thought King - at least guessed panties drop. But nothing, now I do it for the full program".
Mary freed the head, looked at her and briefly licked language. Then again, as if it was a game. It really was a game for her. So the girls tease a stupid nesmyshlenogo kitten playing with him. But the King would have no time for games. In front of him on his knees was soft, fragile, pretty, graceful girl and teased his large, feral beast. She released the beast from bondage to freedom, and even now responsible for everything. The head swelled, reaching incredible dimensions. King understood - everything is now to be the long-awaited dessert.
- Open your mouth - with bated breath, and faintly said King.
Masha opened her mouth, and at this moment the King entered it. Mary closed her lips again, suspecting nothing. The King in his heart he heard orgasmic impulses. Trying not to scare Masha, his left hand imperiously grabbed her neck. That it is not snapped at the wrong time. King always ejaculated a lot, but after two weeks of abstinence on sperm nature will be particularly large. Even the eggs had been great, that speaks for itself. The more balls, the more sperm they produce. It is looming large and terrible storm. The eruption of hot, burning her mouth volcano started ...
As he guessed Mary jerked to the side, trying to restrict access inside the sperm. After all, it is not yet been accustomed. But it was not there - King stood guard, he did not let go. One of the main and most important moments in oral sex for the King - is ejaculation in the mouth! This rule was for the King inviolable, he had never broken and was not going to break. This rule was unwritten. King did not warn the girls, it just erupted in silence, letting the victim only orgasm end, until the girl sucked all until the end.
King erupted. Masha, realizing its helplessness, grunted a few times, trying to make him understand that he freed her. But the King had to feed this girl. It was very important to him. Not even in the physical sense, but rather psychological.
Masha hum stopped, realizing the futility of it. Obediently, she took a few sips. Then another and another. She swallowed without stopping until ejaculated King. But, nevertheless, she could not cope, his chin dripping warm moonlit liquid. She felt the warmth of her chin skin. After the first few sips of warm sperm Masha was intoxicated, dizzy in the head, it has ceased to be guided in space. That is, the King knew that the eruption of sudden and large amounts of semen on the girl's time to get lost, fall in prostration, but he even liked that. This was a highlight for him.
The volcano has calmed down and the battery has ceased to send electrical charges. Mary looked up. Their eyes met. It was the look of male winner. It was a royal look, he seemed to say: "You see, I'm in charge. I do not obey".
King silently raised her from her knees and then said quietly:
- Well, how? ...Did you like it?
Masha did not answer him, ashamed. And to tell Masha until there was nothing. She had not even realized she liked the taste or not. But it is set up was very positive. That is, the sperm could not please her, just needed a little time to understand and comprehend it.
Masha, all burned, soaked panties between his legs. She sucked a man's penis, and highly excited. Now she wanted to feel this term in itself! Korolev turned, pulled Masha to him and kissed her on the lips. Masha he said. On her lips he tasted sovey masculinity - salty and firm, like him. It excited him even more. He kissed her long kiss. Then he caught her shirt with both hands and pull up. Masha was no bra, she was not wearing a bra to seduce him. Breasts were straight, perfect, proud like a Greek goddess, her nipples protruding. Even at night, when the moonlight was seen their pale pink color. He took one in his mouth nipple sucked. Then the second. He touched her between her legs. There was hot. King broke away from the nipple. Mary knew her now, he would vomit, and may tear apart. Farewell to her virginity! But such a man she was ready to give! King pulled her panties sports jerseys. She was ordinary white panties. Loboc was hidden by a thin cloth, which hides her secret. It smelled, it was a special smell, the smell of virginity, and he did not confuse what that smell.
King Masha leaned forward, resting her hands on the rock. He just lowered her panties, spread two fingers clean neat sponges, huddled head and slowly entered. He felt, found her virginity, fragile barrier into adulthood. A bridge between the past and the future. Using both hands, he gripped her by the waist and pulled on his penis ... At this point, there was a sharp break with the girl's carelessness and the entrance into adulthood. Now Masha will see a new world - a world of sensuality and unearthly pleasure. The world of infinite bliss and predorgazmennogo seizures.
Mary realized that virginity is over once and for all - he broke it, and from that moment it begins a new life.
Snoshu Masha in a uniform pace, his balls were fighting about her hips and ass. She was very nice to feel a new sense of the unfamiliar. To enhance the pleasurable sensations, she arched her back and moved toward his cock. Now, a new road to adulthood has been open for Masha. The pioneer was the King, mercilessly skewer thin fragile girl on his proud, fierce and ruthless member. King skewer it evenly, with skill, keeping a pace. Stubbornly and persistently approaching the expected finish. Thick, shamelessly uncover the mushroom head is now touches to her secret magic button, why in Masha gradually increased voltage. The upcoming break feeling worried Masha, and led her to the abyss. Masha even more arched, trying to intensify pressure on the head of a magic button inside the vagina. She often breathed, breathing was intermittent, escaped from the mouth of the ragged moans ...
King definitely caught the right moment, and if an athlete approaching the finish line, the incredibly accelerated pace of movement. Member of like metal piston motor sports, earned her a virgin, innocent and pure even a moment ago vagina. The sharp cry of delight pierced the heart of the Machine. Spasm gripped his cock remained inside the fire, trembling vagina. It shrank, pushing himself from the thick foreign object. But without it, the subject is no longer able to live her winner. And let it gradually gets used to it. The Living Daylights and partial loss of consciousness embraced Masha. It would be her orgasm, it was her first finish and the first start time. With a difference of only a few minutes.
King continued to methodically move. He moved himself and attracted Masha, finding a middle ground of mutual enjoyment. Masha looked, and looked imploring look. She wished that he had never stopped. To her he was always so sit down. That he did not regret it and tormented when he pleases. To her he was mercilessly tortured. She even somehow suddenly wanted to become a plaything in the hands of its strong power, he wanted to fulfill his desires. She felt a strong need to always be with him, experienced the need to wash his pants. This meant that she was now his, his authority and power.
King is well felt her vagina girth member, and a nice wall clutching the trunk, enveloping mystery secret of warm liquid. Member of the enveloped abundant vaginal juices stand out. Masha screamed and turned her head unconsciously. The king was very fond of, when the girls moan and cry from its members. Masha squeaked and groaned unconscious. She struggled like a fish out of water, which pulled unerringly skilled and experienced fisherman on the shore. Out of breath, Mary stood with his head bowed down, and eagerly breathed. Her heart was ready to jump out of the young breast. She tried to catch his breath, but the King has not yet completed his fishing. He continued to fish with a bang, giving her new hope thereby to the air of happiness, love, hope again to be released into the water.
After a brief stop, the King again hid eggs on her hips. This time he moved a little faster and sharper thoroughly shoving his cock into her. He fuck and at the same time enjoying her figure thin graceful waist. He wanted to be with her little rougher, to show her his real manhood and natural essence. That's how he fucks girls who are given to him. Now let Masha, too, is aware of this.
Mary turned her head. She could not see his eyes and face, it was dull in the eyes. She just whispered:
- My love ... - she needed to say it. He brought it to such a state.
No other girl is not called King's favorite in such a busy, important moment. Something happened at this moment ... The King felt the eggs suddenly became crowded as inland channels high voltage flowed his life. She began to gather at the base, ready is about to break out of it and to give his life to someone else ... But the king was not willing to give his life to others. He is like a man was able to control his actions. Masha did not seem worried about anything. And now will splash and where absolutely not worried. She wanted to be a good ottrahanoy, and she only thought about this. All her thoughts were focused only now is. With this task successfully coped King.
King is denser hands grabbed her by the waist, (it seemed that something in it now hrustnet), and made the last three powerful entrance. Masha screamed. Again abruptly she breathed. At the peak of ejaculation he managed to get out of the young vagina, the girl turned to face him, in one motion put her in front of him on his knees and held it to his mouth trembling member ...
Masha already accustomed opened her mouth. The trembling and thirsty mouth poured bracer, a new life ... Masha caught and snapped it like a fish the water trying to save his life. King erupted and yelled not hesitate. Now was his turn to tell the world, tell the white moon. From the feeling of a strong hot cock in the mouth Masha came orgasm. She swallowed the sperm rolling his eyes, holding his breath, clasping her hands buttocks. There was a moment understanding the secrets of accomplishment. they did not move for a while. There were speechless. Mary enjoyed a consequence of orgasm. She stood in front of him on his knees, and she even liked. His penis remained thick and excited. It happens in men who have experienced sexual hunger during long periods of time.
King completely off his jeans, pants, Masha lifted from the ground and sat on the penis. Mary hung on him, throwing his legs around his buttocks. Korolev hands supported her ass and sit down. He does not even removed her panties .... He just pulled them up and sit down.
Masha was very excited. She felt, as a member until the end came. He is filling it with a completely different life, another world, other values. Mary lifts and sit down on the penis, ass, she again felt his balls - dense, filled with sperm. She sat on a member, at the same time feeling his balls touch her tender ass. This aroused her. His head was full of strange thoughts. She wanted, so he was always her whole life was so fond. Subdue it and used as the master of life. He's a man, and men need to torment the girls! otherwise they become men and not hunters. If it ever becomes her husband, she would allow him to do anything to her he loved so much.
King took the gum her panties and pulled them up. He liked to feel like a member rubs against the gum panties. It is even more exciting. Masha jumped sat on the cock, imagining himself a wild Arabian horse rider. She imagined herself naked galloping on horseback ...
Then he sank to his knees in front of Masha. He took off her panties. There he entered the language. It was too much. Mary never even dreamed about it, and did not allow the thought that someone once invade her personality language! And he was so unceremoniously into her with his tongue, shamelessly wandering there.
He had always, almost from childhood loved daffodils. These mysterious yellow flowers. Manila them special and unique smell. They were more open, accessible, unlike other colors. But now he has another flower that is his favorite flower. A flower, a little like a rose, but a rose. In a million times better! It has a flower odor thinner, more delicate petals and heady heady unique flavor. His virgin awakening bears and reveals itself in hundreds of thousands of lives. This flower - the whole planet, the whole world, a whole life. Cockles disappeared among flower petals pink shy. The stem grows out of itself it from the very depths of its mysterious and wonderful feminine world.
King reached the bud and decisively revealed his tongue, picking up the most important body of the flower. By its very essence, in its very primordial mystery. "Really he's baring it and touches the clitoris?" - Masha was frightened. The thought made her stop breathing for a moment, she could not breathe.
This girl did not know and did not expect that you can do here and so that a man can do that. Of course, she had heard from friends about this, and even seen pictures on the Internet, but in relation to themselves, and it is thought this is not allowed. Even thinking about it was not pleasant. She was sure that the men may not like the smell, I was sure. She even convincing somehow tried herself, and she did not like. She developed a complex.
King touched his tongue to the heart of the flower. Masha pierced a strong electrical discharge. The broad manly hands, which is not known how her ass was, he raised it to a comfortable height and took the clitoris in his mouth, his lips tightly closed their, so it does not slip. His shameless tongue began to lead an intimate conversation with her excited clitoris, is now like a tiny male member and, unlike its members, located in more favorable conditions and surroundings. Language wormed in the clitoris all the mysteries and secrets. He drew from the depths of her grievances that have accumulated over the years, and destroyed its facilities. He, like a magician or a psychologist erased her memory, grief and removed the old past failures from her memory. And now Mary could start a new life, without complexes and failures with a clean slate. And all this only made his tongue! King tongue felt weak pulses. It was the first urge to orgasm, the first of his signs.
King narrowed the circle of contacts and now moved directly to the clitoris. He cupped his mouth and sucked. All!!! He had to suck it only two or three times ...
Mary experienced the strongest shock, powerful discharge pierced her bowels. Something in it for a moment extinguished, and then again lit up inside. The dark and bright flash. Then a gentle, white moonlight. Ray unearthly magical white light called her with him somewhere up. She went limp after him ... It was the light from space, a ray of hope for life and happiness. She pulled Igor behind. She wanted to take him along, clutching his head in his hands and feet ... She wanted to start this new, happy life with him! After all, it was he who gave her the white ray of divine light. Instinctively, she clutched her legs and hips. But his head was between her legs. King both hands cupped her buttocks and held her close. His lips were tightly pressed to her lips.
For some time Mary was speechless, motionless, soaring in the clouds. But a ray of blew into the sky only her alone, the King remained standing not kneeling. And she realized that she could not be happy together. Reciprocity. Always someone goes to the victim, bringing happiness to others. So, if she is happy, then he would be unhappy. Or vice versa. She began to cry ...
For King it was not surprising - many of the girls were crying on his penis or tongue, podvarivshego them an unforgettable orgasm. Girls were crying with happiness from his divinely active member of his land tender and sweet language. King continued to lick her clit, but less and less. She was exhausted, leaning on the wooden wall of the bath. On top of her tortured face of happiness, white moonlight illuminated.
It was for her special day. She will remember it for a lifetime, and Mary knew it exactly, even the number noted - the twenty-first of September. On this day, she lived her life in the last few happy moments. She has known many. Today it immediately visited the male member, and male language. A mouth visited another life, the life of a man with his habits and concerns.
They sat on the bank. Quiet and monotonous sound of the waves - the cleanest lake in the earth gradually regained lovers in the physical world. Moon jealously snatched from the darkness of their beauty, trying to assign it yourself. They sat on the shirt, spread it on the sand. Igor admired her bare beautiful breasts. It is contemplated and enjoyed divine creation. He drank in the beauty of its unique fragile, trying to keep her forever, doing just as the moon. And that they had in common - take, take Statement. But the moon is not only took away, and she had to give. To give a light to those who during the night it was necessary as air and water. This day is needed the moonlight? That's the same king, being in her life at the right time and necessary.
Mary was holding his penis. No, she held on to his penis. It was held because she is so small and fragile, now needs to hold on to this powerful and reliable support. In his hand the King held her simple white panties with bow. He did not give them to her. Leave them as a souvenir. He had many girls took her panties as a souvenir. And even remembers what panties belonged to a particular owner. Now these panties were machines, the girl, which he broke on the lake at the holy place of sacrifice. We can say it brought her virginity himself as a sacrifice to the gods.
She gently squeezed his trunk. Member remained standing and did not even think to fall.
- I want to have a husband like you - turning, said Masha.
Igor smiled faintly and said nothing. He has more than once had to hear it from the girls. Especially after they delivered pleasure, but he does not worry. How could he say that he was married, and has the same fifteen-year daughter. He gave them hope that they may think of his, and he would only give them happiness. Happiness for a short time.
- Thank you for everything, - said Masha, and kissed him. She realized that erupted unexpectedly novel will not continue.
Igor has not thanked for any girl that he tormented her. So what? Man fuck ... girl broke her virginity! What's the big deal? But this was special for them.
- You do not think about anything. I just live in another country, - she said Igor. - You would not be able to come to me.
- Coming. Graduated from high school and come to you to do - I decided to Masha.
- Good. Then I'll wait for you, - said Igor. He gave her one more hope.
they also spent together remaining two days walking on the beach, she again stood before him on his knees, bringing it up to the eruption, (and in this time she liked the taste of his sperm!). He put her cancer, to sit down in the bath dropped down panties, (so he liked). She rode naked on horseback. He unceremoniously entered into it his shameless tongue uninvited ...
Three days later the camp had dispersed, but Mary could not forget the King. She did not want to forget it. How can we forget that presents and brings you happiness? They corresponded on the Internet. In June, she went to see him - he sent her an invitation.
(to be continued)
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