Grandmother breakfast
As long as I can remember, my grandmother lived with us always. One morning, when my parents were at work, I heard a fragrant smell preparing breakfast. I lay in bed masturbating, thinking of my granny.
At Grandma had big breasts and they always brought me the creeps. At times, I saw that she wore a bra and nipples breasts strained cloth blouse. I always wanted to touch these hard nipples with his fingers.
I got up and started to wear shorts, but at that moment my grandmother came into my room. So I stood there fully dressed with shorts and my risen member stuck between her legs.
"Breakfast is ready", she said. She looked at my standing member.
I picked up the penis and began to masturbate him slowly.
"It's so nice", I said. Continuing to masturbate, I let her watch me.
"I think of you Grandma", I said. "I think about your breasts charming.
Her eyes opened wide. "About my breasts?"She asked. "Why them?"
I continued masturbating with one hand while the other lowered his pants to his knees, letting her see my eggs, heavy with waiting for her sperm.
"Because you have the most delicious breasts, which I could dream of."
She opened the door completely and entered the room.
"I love looking at your breasts, Grandma, when I play with them. Take off your shirt, please."
As if spellbound View standing member, she began to unbutton her blouse, under which there was no bra. Her breasts were huge like watermelons. The nipples were dark brown with a small size of a saucer.
"Oh, Grandma", I said. "They are beautiful. Let me touch them." I took a few steps toward her and stepped over his fallen shorts. I go to her naked and my cock is moving pen to me.
With approached her, my mouth open and tongue popped out a little bit. The tip of the tongue touches the giant brown nipple. My cock is ready to splash the semen flows.
She squeezes my hand cock, caressing it and I'm coming into her palm. I looked down as my sperm flows streaming down her arms, a little gets on the skirt.
"Well, I think you like my breasts", She smiles.
She starts to take off her skirt. Throwing it on the bed, she takes off her panties and I have never seen her hairy kitty. My dick is like steel.
She stands next to me naked and I squeezed her breast with one hand while the other caressed her fleece. My cock was so tense.
I take one of her nipples into his mouth, while I caress the other breast by hand. Her hand on my cock and I put his cock in her pussy.
"Come lie down on the bed"She says.
She lies down on my bed and spreads her legs. I lay down on it, and I bury my face between her breasts. I caress the tongue at first one breast, then the other. Her hand found my cock and guides it into its cave, the entrance to which is hot and humid. And I easily thrust his sword to the very rukoyadku in the womb.
"Oh, my dear, fuck me, fuck!" she moans.
I begin to move my mouth all the time on her nipples. I move faster and faster. She begins to oncoming traffic and I feel like my overflowing sperm hit the egg on its yagodnitsy.
She moans loudly and I feel like shaking her body. "Oh dear !" she screams. She cums and I feel like my cock is immersed in a new wet maelstrom that surrounds it.
I continue to move, and when I feel that I finish now, I pull out my dick and put it between the huge breasts. I continue to move, rubbing his head nipple member. Clamped member between her breasts, and after a few movements I finish. She opens her mouth, trying to catch the sperm mouth.
The sperm breaks into her skin, in the mouth and on the cheeks. I have finished.
I lie on it.
"Breakfast is ready road", - She says.
"It is better to try me"- I say.
We continue our breakfast.