A wish
Vick sat almost in the back row of the audience. It was her favorite place you could see all the present and not be visible to the other main thing that behind him there was no one! Within ten minutes after the start of lectures in the cave all squished-finger fingering clit she caressed herself again.
Masturbation on the second or third pair, depending on the subject and the number of students has become a daily program of self-satisfaction after orgasm and giving yourself a promise not to do so to continue the next day was repeated all over again. Hard 19 year old girl was confined to sex 1-2 times a week, and that it happened closer to the weekend.
And sex was not always what it should be. With classmates did not make sense to engage them as at once began a manifestation of the sense of ownership by the guys that she openly hated. Claim guys were on to a flexible slender body slightly above average growth small chest tightened ass long slim legs and a very nice person with a luxurious wheat-colored hair. With 14 years, she felt the power of their beauty especially when the summer comes and wearing a light dress she always feel the lustful glances value which realized over time.
Growing up in a very wealthy family where pride samoznachimost honesty and freedom of thought were fundamental principle of the parents are not worried about it in terms of early marriage or detey.Ona was quite sociable with friends never arrogant and emphasized their social status.
Standing Man Vicki was not (not quarreled for a long time) and the frequent accidental connections feared satisfied. On weekends, you can meet an old friend of him-but she was not happy in terms of sex.
For all external diligence it was impossible to discern its true attitude toward sex. Looking at her no one would dream not dreamed that it sits in the unbridled desires and rather dissolute girl. Here and now I am sitting in a lecture wet with grease pachikom she mastrubirovala. It is necessary to take the trouble that would not give out your face and breath of this state - it also did it with ease. Just pick up skirt and spreading his legs slightly apart, she caressed herself imagining in your mind various lewd scene and group sex and sex with the nearest girlfriend fuck in an entrance and even sex against her will. All this was reflected in its expensive mobile in the form of videos and photos in addition to all this it was possible to find and own candid photos taken personally. Excites her, and the danger of being seen by anyone. This morning excitement was particularly strong Vick did not even wear panties but dressed expensive fashion skirt to see Cooter that slightly did not reach the knees. The lack of underwear and completely clean-shaven pussy only increased her excitement. Stopping look at the photos where the girl was standing bare-ass, and of the large member on the ass flowed sperm Wick bit her lip and inaudible moaning violently start to finish. Legs became cotton cave declined squeezing liquid. She took a napkin and quickly without making any sudden movements dabbed her pussy. It must be someone to look -I want real sex -I would want that me well tahnuli I want to I want !!!!! Oh, that's my very wet out there I will not go to the lecture go home - said to myself, Vic.
Waiting for the end of the lecture, and then come up with some ridiculous reason for the friends she quickly dressed and went out to the parking lot jumped into their cars. The desire for sex arose again lower abdomen ached in the hole again, there was moisture. What is it with me today - it is necessary to throw out all of the head she thought but the thought of sex would not pass to get home where I can fuck the present-spit on everything - I decided - spun in her head. Very removing the steering wheel jerked it from the parking lot.
Often staying home alone for 2-3 weeks when parents were on business trips to Europe motayas she loved to do is bring themselves to orgasm 2-3 times a day.
Easy being raised on his own naked body she masturbated in front of a huge mirror in the master bedroom often using not a bad collection of sex toys that had gathered in a good range for 3 years. Loss of virginity in 17 years opened in it even greater desire for sex. Being a girl and fondling her clit she is often inserted in his ass dildo from which received no small pleasure. Over time, I learned to violently finish from anal self-gratification while trying to maintain his innocence. She was well aware of what the alternatives but it is not pleasing to put in 3-5 minute twitches in her by her boyfriend. Over time, it appeared and OH !! her beloved who showed real sex from whom Vick could not refuse never would. They are suited to each other, and she even thought about the future with him but one unpleasant incident separated them. She was looking in all this for an excuse realizing that constant self-gratification is not a way out but I could not deny myself this pleasure.
On the way home, she also thought about this issue - and sometimes blaming themselves and others. Paradox - Sexy stylish The girl with great prospects in life, but there is no Man !!!
At the last traffic light in front of the house thinking she braked sharply - a second ago joined the red light. God - completely disconnected - a fool - cursed herself Vic. A little behind on the roadside was voted man 25 years run up to one of the cars behind you Vicki then the second, and apparently having been refused, he went to her car. Hearing a knock at the window on the right she rolled down the window
- Girl!! I pay well podkinte please, is not far away!
This is absolutely not part of her plans, but after seeing what a pleasant face and the ease in which she said,
- I do it late, but if you do not help others, I'll take you))
- Thank you very much, I will not stay in debt)
Opening the door, he quickly jumped into the car and sat in the front seat said,
- I to the Soviet, can I?
- Okay
- You have not been on the machine so you can not throw
- From such knowledge? - Asked Vick
- I am a master in the technical center work, you do not block normal brake
- A father is a machine - not mine
- I like this thought - he said - a jeep girl to anything - nor female unit
- Well I'll tell him about it
And he did)) and height and build, and pleasant conversation)). Turning her head she did not willingly looked at the passenger again. Even when he sat her gaze riveted on the second to his crotch. Seeing the obvious bulge in the area - she thought - what he'd get up? Catching himself on this playful thought Vick added gas) area has a 3-minute drive
- What is your name? He asked
- There is a reason to love?
- No just wanted to know the name of a beautiful girl with a big heart)
- My name is Vika), but I do not advise you to such hackneyed forms acquainted)
- Yes, I did not even have to get acquainted I have been married 5 years))
- Well, that's great
- And I'm Valera)
- Very nice your area Valera)
-Yes, thank you - stretching 500 rubles, he said,
-It's not worth it and even remove their money is enough for me)))
- No I can not because I do not like a freebie. Come to Tech Center - arrange properly)) make a gift to his father), here is my business card)
- Thank you)
- Goodbye Vick - he said come just dashing out of the car
Having parked the car at Wick House quickly went to the entrance and hopped into the elevator, pressing the appropriate button he carried her to the desired floor. Quickly pulling the keys out of her purse.
She was impatient to get into the nest. Hastily opened the door she almost burst into an apartment - AFL all I'm home) sliding on the sofa in the hallway she breathed. ... Throwing off his jacket and taking off his boots went into the bedroom and approached the mirror asked
-Well I go again?
Yes, I really want !!! - she said to herself. Everywhere Everywhere !! Taking out his secret box she chose the biggest phallus which enjoyed only once. Little fingers barely closed around his head and licked it again, felt the rush of a great desire in the abdomen. Taking off her skirt sat on the edge of the bed before the mirror is widely legs apart. Seeing reflected in seeing their own pussy reveal bud and eye-catching juice Vic held the head member on all its length slits. -Oaa, Today there is no will do everything cool !! Tossing it aside beginning to take off her blouse - pulled off her stockings. Papillae with no large brownish halos swollen pussy began calling her hand invitingly. Pulling out of the closet a new set of underwear belt and stockings grabbing her coat ran into the bathroom. I go to the toilet Vika decided to prepare yourself fully - even when engaging in anal sex with a former boyfriend - realized that can not do without an enema. Not really loving this procedure, but realizing the need for it she filled container designed for these procedures with warm water and grease cream his anus, slowly began to introduce the hose in the ass.
Hole opened easily and it easily slipped inside. She lay on her side in the bathroom and opened the tap-water Available immediately began to fill her bowels. Infusing a decent amount of water is barely enduring a 10 minute wait rushed to the toilet. She thought that it would break, but it was a necessity.
Empty, Vick repeated the procedure again until it is satisfied that it is absolutely clean ass. Taking a bath and spending habit of gently shaving machine tool on the pubis and sponges deprived itself of the last scanty hair - it's time again to photoepilation she thought. Obtershis towel standing in front of the mirror began to pull the stockings. In the mirror I displayed a beautiful young girl with a great figure and long legs. Chest heaving a second size invitingly showing excitement frankly facing nipples. Coming closer to the mirror and bending Vick looked her ass - ass a little swollen, and she gently smeared it with cream - Well, I'm almost ready, and told herself she was wearing transparent panties and bra. Coming into the room and turned on the music took a video camera.
It is often removed the entertainments in the video. Taking a blank disc is inserted it into the camera and said, running her
- Hi, it's me again!)) Girl who now will fondle himself a very large member) here Wick laughed, but from the above hand on crotch and began to stroke the sponge through the panties. Putting the camera at the right angle so that the whole bed was in the field of view Lenses she lay down on the bed, picking up all the same bolshushy member of it and making a couple of sucking movements held their first on the nipples through the bra falling to the cherished slits.
Pushing thread panties She put the penis in the vagina and began to drive it on your clitoris is a pea already stiffened and give out. Sweet moan escaped her lips. Second hand she fingered the nipples on the breasts sometimes even with the force compressing them. Entrance to the cave is strongly parted and Vic moaning again start to push a member of the full length. The walls of the vagina parted, and he became more immersed inside
-Aaa-Aa - almost breathless moaning Wick, member filled it all but part of it was still outside. Fearing for herself she did not shove more of his and began slowly to take out and drive the back. Her pussy is gradually accustomed to such a size and now she really enjoyed.
Massaging the button of the clitoris girl writhed with pleasure, but she wanted something more, and then taking out a member of the slits all wet she picked up her knees to her chest and abundantly lubricated ass cream put it to the anus. But her ass hole and the size of the head of the phallus were comparable. He closed his eyes and bit his lip Vick began to slowly introduce it into itself. Ring anus parted and began to stretch on the head
- Aa aaaa- I want it, want it whispered, but he is not got a quarter, and then she put it on the bed and sat on it very slowly beginning to sit down. Holding it in one hand, and the second collecting smear cream and finger smearing edge moved apart ringlet he entered deeper. Feeling great pleasure from the feeling of fullness his ass Vick is no longer restrained moans. Rhythmically crouching, her new "friend" moved further stretching the anus which is beginning to get used to this invasion. Not once saw in porn films as huge cocks pierce ass girls, she was amazed but fear and the urge to retreat until now did not dare to try, but today it was a special day, and her thoughts were filled with lust and depravity.
Choosing a comfortable position she is doing all this so that the camcorder would not miss the hot moments. Vick felt the member that rested on its base in its lower jaw.
- All!! It's all in me! I also wish that I fucked in the movie !!! I would like a member of a 2 !! Want Want want!
- Ltd. -aaaoo -stonala it and saying imagine that represent scenes from the movie but only with the participation of their own from which the excitement reached a limit. At such moments, she spat on his pride and principles which either - the desire eclipsed all !!!
Taking the second term a smaller she licked his hastily sent to her pussy. Her lips were parted quite widely - from the vagina abundantly stood out juice. He easily slid inside but the place was not too much because of the phallus moving into the second hole. Satisfying himself with both hands Vick had a decent bend but take pleasure could not be compared with the paltry inconvenience. Kneeling and prognuv much ass and leaving alone a member who was in the pussy she pushes harder phallus in his already well developed ass .Vdrug yet she herself admitted, as it were skilfully caressed herself not but live sex still does not replace anything, and she ever felt hurt because of his lack of
- No you can not go on like this I want to chat now! Now! I fuck and I do not care who spit on everything !!!
Slowly pulling out all the toys Wick went into the bath
- But who to call or where to go? Going over in my head maybe she came tempting idea but do not call if a passenger whom she now drives up. Immediately there was a lot of reasons to abandon this venture because Valera said that he was not one at the moment and the how it will look at all !!! Looking at her excited holes are lured her disclosure she made herself and took the business card became dial a phone number. God, what am I doing and suddenly it fails and suddenly he's not as we would like! but what if? but what if? but what if?
- Hello! Speak!
-Allo is Valeriy?
- Yes
- This Wick Are you concerned you, I picked up today
- Aa Vick! Very pleased once again to talk with you. Something happened?
- The question took her by surprise and forced her to lie.
- I have problems with the machine could not see her
- What I call your debtor -priezzhayte! Hearing the answer she was scared and ashamed uncomfortable but she made herself that would not hang up
- You know and I can not even make it) maybe you podehali to me and looked
Pause arose in response Valera even more upset her. I said to myself crazy Wick.
- Okay, but I can say only minutes later address
- Okay, I'm waiting for you and hung up saying the address.
Small shiver ran over the body face flushed Vicki but she decided not to retreat from their plans. Not imagining how things will happen next, it became quickly brush up. Pulling out of the fridge a bottle of champagne and thinking how to explain the situation Valera she did not even notice ... how easily coped with the cork and drank a glass of feeling some relief she calmed down a bit
How to dress? she thought, and realized that it seems to find a way out of this situation. You can do everything easier, and if he does not fool himself that everything would guess) Mood jumped and Vic came to the mirror smiled to herself. Pulling new fishnet stockings and wearing doroguschy set of threads of linen or rather she again admiring your sexy figure and face radiating desire. Yes, I want it very much -podbadrivala herself. Quoting myself up wore a short dress that clung to her body tight elastic stressing neat ass showing the entire length of the legs and breasts that young invitingly heaving a deep sigh when Vick. Bending it like to put shoes on high heels, she saw in the mirror as the bared buttocks and panties rim almost crashed in the crotch covered the little hole ass and pussy. This is my outfit just fly away but right now I want to look like that - it poiznesla. After drinking a second glass Vika quite emancipated alcohol gave her courage and a new wave of re-surging desire.
intercom call interrupted her thoughts:
- Hello)
- Vick is Valera I to you)
- Rises on the 12th floor) open)
The second video door bell rang and Vic opened the door to the apartment
- Hello again)
- Hi) go)
- A car as well?
- With it, all right Valera. excuse me please
- Already repaired? Bred?
- She broke down and I deceived you just wanted to see you
- And I knew you'd call just did not know when) you have today such a view was)
- Come on then I will not do anything explains well?
- agreed)
It was the first time in such a situation, although the female attention was never obizhen.Razdevshis he walked her into the room his eyes on such beauty, and he does not realize that how can this be
- Vic and you're not married?
- Do not be afraid) not) no one will come. Drink? What are you going?
- What then were treated to drink)
She poured a glass ridge and gave Valera took his glass in front of him sat in a chair with her legs crossed. From the excitement it has again started to beat shiver. Made herself she asked in a low voice
- Do you want me? Looking down, she continued, I understand that it looks ... ..
- Do not say anything I did want you can not believe that this is happening
Valera rose. Vika's eyes involuntarily chained to his crotch where Bouguereau noticeable. Sharply turning away she said:
- If you need to find the bathroom there all
- Thank you, - he said, heading out of the room
Vick finally was overcome lecherous thoughts. I'll do what I want and let him do with me what he wants I'm ready for anything. But he's ready? And what is worse I know?
Valera came out of the bathroom in a robe thrown over his father, and walked into the room. Bathrobe was wide open and she could clearly make out the figure of a young sport but the most important thing that could be seen as the perfect tense of his shorts in the groin there is clearly prorisovovalsya member and not small scrotum with two balls. Without taking his eyes from this picture Vic thought and what he will be when the rise ?? For a moment, imagining the size of the thrust in the abdomen became unbearable.
- Here I am! Sitting in the chair said Valera
- And you look great)) she smiled
- Yes, and you too! Look no tear)
- Valerie, and that you love sex?
- Good question but I just wanted to ask it to you to know -hotelos priorities that would not disappoint a charm) I universal) and nothing is alien to me
- Ha you want to say that the other half of you can have fun? She asked herself but clearly confused this answer
- Vic come so I can see you quite set free and all that is said and done today only for you and if you do something you do not like and just tell me so
- You know you to be honest, I enjoy myself porazvratnichat so that you can yourself in no limit
- Yes, you are a treasure trove of love), I'll do what you ask
She could not understand why she was so easy to talk on such topics with a stranger but sympathy for him increased hedgehog minute and shame and fear slowly went
- Do you want to look at my depravity? merged. It is not ashamed of and why it decided to entrust their secrets which man saw for the second time in his life
It again suffered a wave of lust
- Highly!!
Wick stood up and walked over to the huge plasma screen and taking the disk to your games put it in the player. But bent not just sitting down to his knees and prognuv back and putting your ass on full display. Dress again bared buttocks, and underwear is nothing to hide.
Valera after seeing such stood up and walked over to her with his hand on his back, and ran second in the crotch. She realized that she did not straighten give leaned handles on cabinet. His fingers eagerly explored every crease pussy and gently touched the anus when wet so that they almost dripping. He lowered his trunks pulled his dick touched the strained him to her lower lips
- Condom! almost squeezed out of himself hoarse with excitement Vick missing voice
- Stop standing there like, I'll take and do not turn - he snapped. Such tone Vick only fueled, and she took this game.
Moving to the table, he took a condom out of his pocket robe and put it on the printing head and roll on. Batten down her dress at the waist and exposing all the ass he pushed striped pants and inserted between the limp filaments pretty well disclosed sponges. Big head took the whole vagina and waving his hips, he drove his penis to its full length.
Vick has moved dramatically forward but he held her hands.
- AAAA -aaaaa- what is he healthy you !!!
She felt the walls of her vagina like parted and a member by filling out all her head rested in the womb. Valera without stopping began to batter her with his gun. Its members include the entire length of rhythmically examining every corner of the vagina is accelerating the pace slackening, he forced her to moan loudly but resting in the womb of Vicki flying and screaming. She was making futile attempts to reduce the depth of his movements but he held her tightly.
Vic trying to compare this to the member previously held her she could not find anything suitable such it was not possible previously to try and realizing it she got a true bliss. Was curious and desire to look at such a body she pushed his hand between her tried to clasp his palm but her fingers are not closed. And the thickness of him !! Speaking of scrotum Valera she realized that she was clean-shaven as well as her pussy is nothing little surprised. And around the base of the penis, it has not found any vegetation. Rocking it also rhythmically clapped over her lips. Da--) it can be seen and the truth about sex very poznatelen she thought to herself.
Valera juice moistened two fingers to put a flushed their anus and saw a hole he immediately opened a crack introduced them on his surprise here at the entrance there are no obstacles. A girl is ohotliva terribly - but with whom you can be satisfied in full! Thinking so, he introduced his fingers deeper and felt his own cock through the thin pergorodku.
For Vicki movement in her ass was an incitement. No longer able to control his orgasm knowing that she could finish as soon as he entered her she abruptly pulled away and clenching your knees start to finish. The orgasm was so violent that escaped her lips cry almost crippled her. He felt a strong contraction of the vagina, pulled out a member and pressed his lips to her pussy from which poured a powerful stream of water.
-On the bed ! go to bed - she almost croaked voice choked with delight. Valera picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Putting her on the bed, she spread her legs shamelessly ... revealing his view his crotch completely wet panties pushed aside and buttocks which dripped juice. Vick quickly pulled off their clothes and then left in her stocking feet and shoes. She looked intently at Valera - how he looked while standing in front of her !!! Slightly sweating on his forehead and chest glistening with sweat - a member of a decent size polunapryazhenny hung under his pumped up press slightly exposing a massive head looking out from under the skin. Loboc and his scrotum was neatly shaved.
I'm just lucky to have him - and pretty and fucks th th who also got this? Again, I want this club a yes and he has to finish - says Vick himself.
Looking into his eyes she smiled and put her hand on his crotch touching a finger to caress the clitoris itself the beginning, and the second hand naminala his chest.
Valera and stood beside the bed, too, but now he began to podrachivat his cock which immediately responded to his touch up and adopted its 20 cm martial status.
- Do you like to watch how I do it - she asked
- By the way, I never showed my video - give control please
I look forward to look at it, he said, extending his control.
On the panel display including a scene of its self-satisfaction, where she had been taken out of your ass huge phallus.
- Ltd.) wait, rewind, please, I want to see it again - he said.
Wick wind off almost at the beginning and the head of what is happening even more taken with the tables and cream maknuv two fingers hooked hearty. Having put it on my ass hole, she curled her knees clutching his chest with their hands and pulling up her slender legs. Parted invitingly beckoned hole anus.
- Do you like to masturbate yourself? Valera asked almost simultaneously watching the same picture on the TV and on the bed. From nedoeba or habit?
Heard a rumor rezanulo Wiki - face covered with paint from embarrassment but saw his eyes and a smile on his face I realized that this is just a game of words against which she did not have even the most wanted to talk in such a tone of excitement which made it even more.
- Do not you understand yet? Yes!! I love to masturbate himself to distraction, because I do not always get what I want when I fuck - saying this she blushed even more, but realized that she liked to say during his expressions - fuck me now in the ass - I'm ready.
A girl is not easy - in sex is ready to do everything possible, and seemed to her - luck to me today - he was thinking about myself.
Standing knee on the bed and a pillow under her ass, he pressed his tongue to her pussy and began to lick her.
- No no ! removing his head between she said - here come here! Pushing the anus and clasping his cock sent in his ass. When he saw that he hesitated said
- Do not worry I'm only good will of this size and ass I have developed Come on come on!)
Valerie saw her filming her cram a tremendous phallus but at least it and a little inferior in size, he still doubted that it would be good when it is very small stick in between the buttocks.
Vick took the initiative in their own hands and Nala itself to push the head in your ass. Ring anus start to stretch and that's head was already fully in it. Sensing the impending wave of orgasm she gave back to meet him. Valera began to slowly go into it fully.
- Strong strong! she screamed as the feeling is expanded her ass. He dramatically waved his pelvis again plunged into it completely and see how easy it was started to move at a furious pace. Vic start podmahivat backwards so as not to let him stop for a second. Feeling great pleasure from such an intrusion into her tossing her head in different directions from the lips broke moan fingers dug into her clutching the sheets to whitening. Member Valera moved it already absolutely smoothly but it still felt like it compresses Vika hole. After 5 minutes of being on a huge platoon he felt that he was ready to cum entered two fingers into her pussy and stacks same rate slides into it.
Bliss in two of their hole has reached the limit, and felt the first contraction of the vagina she gave herself to this wave. Loud cry, and he had sent his knees Vic start to twitch slightly from coasting orgasm, and for a moment felt blurred in my head began impulsively stop. Valera sharply pulling member moved up to her face put it into the open by heavy breathing Vika's mouth. She greedily sucked it a pochuvstvova as head rested in his throat breaking the gag reflex allowed him to move on.
Valera even more surprised when he saw that her lips are almost at the bottom of his baton and it all fit in it. Vic pushes his head that the moaning and hand began to massage large scrotum. He can not resist the shot first portion of sperm directly into her throat. Almost choked and released for a member of his mouth she began to masturbate sharply catching flying streams. Cum splashed her face trickling down his chin, but Vic was trying not to lose a single drop of licking her INSTANT.
Valera leaning back closed his eyes, allowing himself to catch his breath. She hugged his head resting on an elastic stomach is not letting go of the hands of the member continued his massage.
- I have never received such a buzz - she whispered, licking the last drop.
- And I did not have a passionate fairy)) - he said, pulling her head to her began to kiss her sucking her tongue and letting his.
Left on her through the night, and to give each other full he could no longer believe his luck. And Vick was in seventh heaven such a surprise. Tying relationships they have learned a lot about themselves revealing their secrets to each other. Their next meeting was more unusual about what I will write later.
While all!) Your Irina))) ([email protected])