The bus, as expected Ira, was crowded. On Irkin stop of it, however, half of the passengers came out, but was willing to enter even more. Irke managed to hurry up and get through the first bus, but the joy was short-lived - not wishing to walk the crowd burst into track and pripechatat Irku to the wall at the rear of the site. It was not a bad option - you can look out the window, which makes the trip not too boring, and breathe the air, a little fresher than the breath of passengers.
Go Irke was long, and she tried to think of something else, so as not to pay attention to constantly abutting the back elbows and zigzagging on the turns, then drop it on the window, then norovyaschie squeeze together with a window to the outside. Irke often had to ride on the bus during rush hour, she was used to the hustle and learned to treat it philosophically: you can not avoid it - be patient, you can not tolerate - distracted. Of course, for the fourteen girls such discretion is rare, but people have been known to get used to anything, even at that age.
This time, however, there was some unusual feeling. It appeared, immediately disappeared, reappeared, held out a little longer, again disappeared, and when Ira finally realized what it was, it appeared again and has not disappeared. It was someone's hand, which lay on Irkin ass. Ira waited, hoping that his hand will disappear again, but instead felt a slight compression of his ass fingers. They clenched and unclenched, then coinciding with zigzagging bus, do not coincide. Seizing the moment, Ira, how it allowed tightness, booty jerked to the side, trying to throw hussy, at the same time, almost removing the neck, I turned to see who it belongs hussy.
It belonged to the young man is quite good looking, diligently pretended that he had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, he continued his work, and Irkin spurt led only to the fact that his hand was on Irkin leg just below priests.
Sitting comfortably, hand slipped down a bit, and her fingers brushed legs already slightly below the skirt. To somehow distract, Ira began to recall the events of the day. By law, meanness, the first thing she remembered was the boy who sat under the stairs and peek under the skirts of girls. Hand on the second Irku released, but then came back and slowly moved forward and upward, being under Irkin skirt at the bottom of her stomach. Ira felt her cheeks blush, it seemed that the whole bus sees her doing, and she was not alone. A sharp jolt of the bus brought her to her senses, squinting slightly to the side, she saw that no one pays attention to it. Jirka calmed down, even more so, that the hand remained motionless.
For a long time still did not have enough patience to hand. She slightly moved down, but just enough so that the fingers formed Irke between her legs and gently pressed on her bottom. Ira squeezed his legs, fingers pressed to her tighter, and then Ira suddenly felt that all her pleasant. A few seconds of hesitation, Ira opened her legs. In gratitude fingers stroked her between the legs and up to now only Irki realized that to do with it. Ira froze with fear, she did not feel. After a while she realized that the fingers between my legs anymore - hand moved up and found herself on the stomach Irkin higher panties, fingers gently walked through the gum. Irke was terribly ashamed, but as almost always happens with young girls, she is more afraid of what it will see, than the fact that all this will continue. She tried as hard as possible to cuddle belly against the wall, so that nothing could be seen.
Hand leaned over and unexpectedly between the belly and elastic pants. Almost immediately, she began to move slowly down. On Irkin cheek it was possible to strike a match, Jirka stiffened, her lips trembled, and a new wave of fear and shame from head to toe washed over a girl. The hand froze, giving Irkin fear time to quiet down and let go of fear when Irku again moved down. When he reached the soft delicate hairs to lobochke hand stopped again, his thumb caught the gum panties, dropping them down a little, and continued movement of the hand.
When his fingers found themselves between Irkin legs, Ira felt a strange pleasure, almost immediately replaced by a new wave of fear. She absolutely no idea what happens next, and in her head she succeeded each other the most absurd and fantastic options to continue, however, be forgiven for such a young and inexperienced person. Meanwhile, one finger finally went to the crack, and slowly, without pressure, began to stroke her. First, it causes Irki not very pleasant, but it felt like between the legs becomes wet, and with this humidity finger movements become more pleasant and enjoyable ... Ira ceased to perceive everything that was happening around her. She did not notice any hustle or tremors and wavering, never heard swearing pushing each other passengers around the bus except for her there was no one - not even the guy was just her and the hand, the hand itself, and to whom the hand belonged - Irke it was all the same.
Hand rolled over, settling comfortably in Irkin panties and finger continued to stroke Irkin crack. Suddenly, a finger pressed gently on the lips and parted them to be there, where Irkin hand was a rare visitor, a stranger was not ever. Stroked Irkin sponge inside, he moved to where they came together and began to make a circular motion as if in search of something. After a few seconds of these movements Ira felt some new, unfamiliar, but is indescribably pleasant feeling. It happens again when the finger back again to this place, Ira took a deep breath to keep a ready to break out a groan of lust. Finger made a circular motion, now focusing on the results they place a wave of pleasure again and again rolled on Irku until you have filled it all. Strange to say, but Ira increasingly recognize these feelings, they seemed to her family and friends, and even it was strange to realize that she is experiencing them for the first time. Finger Irku vengeance caressed it gently spread her legs, the last effort to restrain the groans and sighs. Shame gone somewhere ago, the only thing that Ira was afraid - that someone will see.
...Fear broke with pleasure. At the next stop, which again came out of the bus-floor, hand instantly disappeared from Irkin panties. Ira turned and saw his adversary, tightened in the cycle of striving toward the exit of passengers. Itself I do not understand why she does it, Ira rushed after him, but he was already at the bus stop and the bus broke screaming thick aunt with huge purse, surrounded the Irku and cut off her path to continue the amazing adventure.
...Before his stop Ira went to a strange half-sleep. The feeling of warmth and pleasure between the legs still remain held with each step, and Ira, by going to the nearest staircase correct panties, she tried to repeat the experience of the bus. Hardly Irkin finger went into the crack as a delightful feeling, fill it in the bus, regained its former strength. Almost ran Ira flew home, trying not to lose on the road this feeling to bring it to the house entirely. Barely opening the door with trembling hands, Ira flew into the apartment. On the move kicked off her shoes, she fell on the bed and somehow dangling panties to her knees, rooted to his hand so suddenly insatiable cunt. Her finger moved back and forth impatiently looking for some place through which it opened the road to the world of pleasure. Panties prevented Irke, she took off them altogether, and fell on his back, continued voluptuous ... the search. Finally already familiar feeling washed over Irku again, she found what she was looking for her finger quivered, whirled in this place, and again flooded pleasure, and again, and more, more, more ... Ira is no longer restrained herself - she she was alone, she was afraid of no one and shy, she sighed and sobbed, moaned and squealed, laughed and cried like a fool, and finally, after a long and groan, fell silent. Light, almost imperceptible puff of shame was visible on the horizon of her pleasure, but Irke was not before - she now knew the way to happiness, and she knew that she would go for it again and again, but still no idea where ...