Ithos Vorastriks
In the city center, brazenly nadvinuvshis the main square, with the clear intention to bury it in the future for themselves, towered building guild of wizards. Brave souls who dare to challenge the guild place until it finds. Or maybe there were at one time, but only on obscure, but very disturbing circumstances very soon disappeared no one knows where, and even the memory of madmen who dare to stand in the way of the city's largest magical guilds vanished as soon as possible. Wizards did not like to joke that serve them demons and mutants - terrible creations of masters Zinchika Elamasha and - even more so.
However, in being a sorcerer (and especially Demonology) has always been and some disadvantages, which do not understand rushing to school young mages guild - master and Zinchik are now convinced of this on your own skin. Roasted skin, freezing and sandpaper simultaneously erased. And he was drowning - drowning in a sea Abbisa with this kind of tender, but infinitely cruel deed. But if it was limited to it .. Most haunted stupidity of his own death - and of course Xander, former enslaved them demoness, now the rightful owner of his soul, steamed ten meters from the water's surface - about the folly thereof, by the way, do not hesitate to recall.
- Fool Fool ... naive, like all of you, mortals, you appeal to us, asking for strength, then enslave and enjoy their power, thinking that it will last forever ... But, fortunately for us, you are mortal, when than mortal quickly and suddenly ... hurt himself on the forehead steps ... how stupid ... and because the devil, carrying out your instructions, repair stairs making a step too slippery, and very sharp corners never violated your orders. You lose, Zinchik. And now you're mine. Forever. Welcome, located at home, I'll pay for all the things that you suffered from.
His lips twisted into a smile succubus, more caustic than the hellish sea.
- And what you suffered then? - Puzzled, as the situation allowed, and corroding the body of pain, moaned Demonologist
Xander thought - indeed, like that, to go, to say that it is so made this little man would be difficult. Of course, he pulled her into the material world - but who does not dream of demons to get out? He allowed her to entertain (or rather just spit what it does is not needed her help), and the instructions are not particularly Loading ...
Down with silly ideas, you too long lived among the people. You're a demon, and demons in order and there that would do evil. On the occasion, and without.
And without deigning death response, Xander easy flick of the wings lowered itself closer to the surface of the ocean, and, hovering almost over the water - if it could be called water, of course - put her tail neck former Masters and jerk to break out of a sudden viscous substance slammed kiss. Like burnt out stigma. He laughed and threw back into the burning slime. Zinchik floundered, trying to catch a breath of air.
He, of course, much easier to afford to drown, but according to some law of nature, even in this nightmare would like to live. Or at least survive. The sorcerer suspected to die the second death does not he will, at least until you get bored demoness new toy.
Suddenly demoness hung in the air, on the face was detached expression - all this as I could judge the Master meant that his tormentor came to telepathic communication - apparently sent to perform a task in the upper world, and therefore its a little while left alone .. the reality, however, as always, deceived and exceeded his expectations
-Some who thinks you're a promising figure .. and they were not enthusiastic about your death. Rejoice, toy, it seems you have been given a second chance, demons rarely make such gifts! But while we have more time to have fun ..
-Oh, how I impolite hostess, not to entertain guests! - Suddenly alarmed winged beauty, pulled from the apple, bit into, and threw in demonology, stuffed him in the forehead a huge bruise. In the current situation, this was the least of the reasons for concern - a lot worse, could not cope with is sucked deep into the ocean. Zinchik again felt that chokes. The throat vtek liquid ice, freezing the body and limbs, from somewhere in the depths of the lungs broke free air bubble. "Everything is over.
Of course she lied to me that would give a drop of hope before death "- decided the former grand wizard, and then rested his foot in the blue-tiled floor ...
At the edge of the pool where an hour ago went to warm up after the master works of the unjust (and a staircase which still was in it, Zinchika blood) was Xander and easy movement of the index finger levitated the apple back to itself.
-What? What was it?! - Slightly stunned, and not until the end of clearing his throat asked Demonologist, having got to the land
-There are dreams, Zinchik just dreams .. and there are not just .. - said cruise with a soft smile, and suddenly added - SIT!
That something was the last word - the magician felt like his feet against his will podgibayutsya and a second later the order was made - but to say Master was not forbidden, which threatened to be a fatal mistake - under the roar of the magic words of the sorcerer's hands flew arrow black flame, forces which It would be enough for incineration half of the residents of the city - but only a little demoness winced when the spell touched her skin
-You see, you are powerless. Humble yourself.
-Better to die than be a slave to his own demon!
-I recall that awaits you after death? In addition, Bishop Abbisa confer upon you some hope and I can not let you leave without justifying them ... I understand how you feel - do not be afraid, you treated me well while I was in your power, and I will repay the same.
Succubus wizard bent over, looking him in the eye with genuine sympathy .. and suddenly dealt a sharp blow to the tail on the back with a hiss while not move and be quiet!
-Well, that to me popular with some innocent fun - on the devilishly handsome face flashed a predatory smile - I think you will soon learn to find pleasure in them .. start training now .. but no, you cause your guild leader .. you did not say anything him about this little story is true?
But the answer demoness did not wait - enjoying the resulting postponement and possible escape from this nightmare, Demonologist disappeared in the portal.
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