I am a chemistry teacher at the school. I am forty years old, but I kept the slim figure. In general, I'm a woman even though where. I have two children, the eldest a girl named Katy, the youngest boy Kolya. My husband left me when Kohl was born. Since then interrupted by casual relationships.
It was an ordinary day, like all before it, did not foretell or anything bad. I came to the school held five lessons, checked a bunch of notebooks and zasobiralas home.
I looked out of the class of laborantskoy, on duty all removed and gone, and then I can leave. I began to change. In dealing with chemicals under the robe I wore special clothes.
I took off my robe, suit hung on their shoulders and turned back to the closet. And I saw that the door is a boy in my class.
I cried out in surprise, hanger with clothes slipped from his hands. For a moment we looked at each other, then I realized that almost naked, and that guy devouring me with his eyes. I grabbed my coat from the floor and cover them.
-What are you doing here? how did you come? In general, it is necessary to knock! - I blurted out hurriedly.
-I came to you in the case - the guy said.
At first I did not understand what he said to me "you".
-In what case? - I was surprised, finally losing the meaning of what is happening.
-It relates to you personally, - he said.
-How are you talking to me? - I raised voice.
Ignoring my question, he approached me. And abruptly snatched a dressing gown from my hands. I was taken aback by such impudence and arrogance.
-What do you allow yourself? - I shouted.
-On knees! - Ordered the man.
I could not believe what he was hearing, he ordered me to stand in front of him on his knees.
-You are that deaf? I told you to get on your knees! - I ordered the man loudly.
-Young man…
-Last time I repeat! - Shouted a guy.
I was scared. The guy looked at me sternly. It seemed to me if I did not obey his orders, he did make me something bad. I knelt down. Something was unreal in this situation: adult woman kneeling in front of a boy of fifteen.
-Now listen to me and not words - began talking guy - From now on you are my slave. All I'm saying the law for you. I ask you answer, I command you are doing. Nor any failures or any questions. Understood?
-I realized - I replied.
-Now we check.
The boy walked past me and sat down at my desk.
-Undress - he ordered.
My heart sank. I can not expose you to the sons he told me good in front of him. But looking at the guy, I realized that I'd better obey him, as if it was a shame not to me. And I was very ashamed.
I reached for a lock of her bra.
-Standing undressed - again ordered the man.
I stood up, took off her bra and threw it on the floor. This time I was not able to overcome the shame and therefore closed hand.
-Do not you dare close to me! - Shouted a guy.
I took her hand.
-Briefs shoot.
I pulled off her panties. Now I was left completely naked, struggling in order to close.
-Come to the table - he ordered.
I came close to the table.
-What is your size?
-Third - I replied.
-Bend over the desk, hands behind his back.
I leaned over and took her hands. The guy took me to his chest, and began to knead it with your fingers. I became disgusted with shame engulfed me, but I did not dare to resist. The boy continued to knead my breasts. I was hoping that no one else will, and will not see me like this. The boy stood up, dropped the chest:
-And breasts that sagged at you - he grinned.
I said nothing. He walked around the table and came up behind me.
-And the ass anything, - he said, and patted his hand my ass.
-Spread the buttocks.
From fear and shame in my trembling legs and arms, but I obeyed. Spread her hands buttocks, still stood leaning over the table.
The guy ran his hand between my legs at the crotch. I shuddered. He clenched his fist labia and moved them, and then slapped him on the hand. I bit my lip to keep from crying out.
-It has long been fucked? - Asked the guy for me.
-A year has passed, probably, - I replied.
-The whole year you are not inserted into these holes?
-This we fix that, - the guy said.
He began rummaging on my shelves, I was waiting in the same position.
-Found! - Exclaimed the man.
I glanced at him. He was holding a stick ebonite four centimeters in diameter.
-Come here.
I stood up and walked over to him. He handed me a stick, I took.
-Fuck yourself - he ordered and sat down at the table.
Fucking ebony stick yourself in front of a teenager, it was beyond my strength - so I thought. But I put a stick in the vagina itself, while I had a little bend in the front. Propihnuv stick a little deeper, I gave her, and again introduced. I began to fuck myself on the boy I did not look, it was a shame.
-Deeper cram into do not be shy - prompted guy.
And I'm stuffing deeper orgasm I have not experienced but could not guess. Feel any solid object at the vagina unpleasant. I continued to move the stick, when a guy came up to me. He grabbed my nipples with your fingers, and squeezed them.
-Can you feel the buzz?
-No, - I answered honestly.
-You are ashamed?
-Yes, - I answered, without stopping the process.
-Come to class, - ordered the man and pulled me by the nipple out of the laborantskoy.
I can barely keep up with him. We went to class. I do not even notice how took out himself ebonite stick.
-Establishments hands behind his back, - he commanded.
I obeyed. He firmly tied my wrists with rope. Then he rummaged through my desk and took out one of the drawers, metal paper clips. These clips he pinched my nipples and labia.
-Get your purse. Count to five, in no time, you will receive, - I told the guy - again!
I ran back into the laborantskuyu. Two! Handbag lying on the floor near the table. Three! I knelt down and leaned over the bag. Four! I somehow grabbed her teeth. Five! She ran back. All! I ran to the guy with the bag clamped between his teeth.
-No sooner, - he stated the guy he put his bag on the table and ordered - bend over.
I bent down, and the boy began to beat me with his hand on the buttocks. In addition, he ordered me to count in each ear's shot.
-Time! - I said after the first slap - Two! Three! Four!
He chastised me, though my fault if the offender was a child that I could not bring him the bag.
-Five! Six! - I counted the blows - Seven! Eight!
On the tenth stroke penalty over.
Now he took my purse. I silently watched how he emptied the contents on the table and dripped through my things. So he took my purse opened it. Money tucked in his pocket, I was dumbfounded.
-It's all my money to pay - I could not resist.
-Who is allowed to speak to you? - Asked the guy for me.
-Nobody - I immediately fell silent.
-That money was sorry? You do not have to worry about money right now.
He came up to me and hit me with a purse on the chest. I gritted her teeth. He rapped on the clip on my nipple, then on the second clip. I moaned, her nipples ached terribly. And the guy was hitting on him and beat. I could not even screener hands something to do.
-This is a lesson to you! - The guy said, they stopped beating me. - On knees!
I plopped down on my knees.
-In the mouth it took sometime?
-Once in his youth, - I replied.
-I wonder how you're going to earn money?
-What money? - I asked.
-I need money. And I will take them from you, and you'll have to give me as much as I ask. Clear?
-It is clear - I said softly.
-Well done.
He opened his wallet again.
-These are your children? - He showed me pictures.
-Well, here they can pripahali making money. I bet your girl well in the mouth it takes. I would not mind to plant it.
Kneeling, I shameful subjection endured by all the obscenities that he carried about me and my children.
He picked up my cell phone and dialed the number, he called himself.
-So I have to go, - he said the man threw the purse on the floor, - Whenever I call you, you should be ready to execute my orders. Clear?
I waved her head in agreement.
-Do not understand?
-I understand you - quickly corrected me.
-Yes another! From that moment underwear you wear, pants too.
He cut the ropes binding my hands, said, - "So far," and left. And I cried, giving vent to their stress. Narevevshis enough, began to brush up. First, get rid of pegs with nipples and labia, collect all the things back into her purse, shoved to the bra and panties. She wiped her tears. I was ready to go home. Only here the pants I was not allowed to wear, and I have come today in a pantsuit. I had to wear something that can: blouse, jacket and top coat. Wearing shoes, I went home.
Walking along the street, I felt a chill in the abdomen. I had to go walking there was no money penny. Suddenly, I heard the phone ring. The room was hidden.
-Hello! - I answered the phone.
-It's me. Where are you? - Asked the guy.
-Coming home on the street.
-What are you wearing?
I told him.
-Undo the lower buttons, - I told the guy - I'm waiting.
I tried as much as possible not noticeable to unbutton the buttons on his cloak. Now, when walking the floors at times cloak revealed wider, exposing my delights on display.
-I undid the buttons.
-Twenty minutes later, whether near the "MIR" shopping center. For you to be only a cloak. All the lights out - he hung up.
I was not far from the venue, but you had to get rid of the rest of the garment. I continued to go looking for a suitable place to undress. Several times I noticed that guys are going to meet me looked me in the cloak cut. I tried not to pay attention to these views, but I have a bad work. Some two schoolboys even a finger to show.
I turned into the courtyard, crossed it and went for power shed. What no, and shelter. Quickly thrown off the cloak. She took off her jacket and blouse, wearing a raincoat. Things had to leave here, what a pity. But deciding that I'll take then hurried to the shopping center.
On the site I was on time, but the guy no where to be seen. The phone rang. I picked up the phone.
-Are you there? - Asked the guy.
-Undo coat completely and wait for my call to so - and he ordered shut down.
In me all sank.
With a trembling hand I slowly undid all the buttons of his cloak, and then pulled his belt, as well untying it. Flooring nothing cloak delayed, coat open, exposing my naked body on display. I was standing near the entrance to the mall and people were passing me. People looked at me, burning with shame and disgrace a woman. Some smiled, some frowned not approvingly, others called him a whore.
The bell rang.
-Now take off your coat and stand on his knees on the pavement and begging.
I was dizzy, confused thoughts, but I still obeyed. I took off my coat and threw it on the dirty asphalt. Seeing this, people started to stop and with great curiosity to look at me. I was already up to his knees and held out his hand for alms. But they were in no hurry to give me money.
-Give a poor teacher, - a breaking voice, I said, - but who can post.
I was approached by two students, both widely lybilis. One of them squatted down and took my breast, squeezed it, I did not resist. And all this before the eyes of passers-by. He pinched my nipple. I endured and it is. Then he threw a coin on the pavement, and they went up with a friend went on.
The ruble was lying next to my knees.
Start gradually darken. It became cool, autumn as in any way. People passed, stopped, looked and moved on. For a whore I have not felt more fierce. Approach solves one. That came two schoolboys. They looked at me like I'm some kind of dog.
-Kiss me shoes - ordered the boy.
I obediently bent, chest lay on the cold wet asphalt, I kissed the boy's shoes.
-That fool, - said the man and ran.
His companion ran after him. Money they were given, but were not going to go away. The boy came back, realizing it is clear that I did not run after him if he would do me some stuff. And that's what he was conceived, according to a sly smile on his face. People passing by did not even try to shame tomboy, all did not care for me.
-Kiss - again ordered me boy exposing leg.
I leaned back, his chest touched the asphalt again. She kissed the toe of his boot. He did not run away, I sat up and looked at him over. He had a stick and this stick he teased my breast in his hand. I dutifully endured its bullying. He poked a stick in the nipple, jabbed painfully, I gasped. Then he climbed up the stick between my legs. I endured. He knocked on the perineum. I could not resist and pulled out of his stick hand. The boy ran away immediately.
The bell rang.
-Well, a lot of work?
-Two rubles.
-Put on a raincoat and go to the park.
I dressed quickly and simply ran away from the place where I have gone through so much humiliation minutes. Ran on decent distance, I moved a step. In the park, I was within a few minutes. The guy was waiting for me in the center, where all paths converge in the park.
-Undo cloak - once again he ordered the man.
I unbuttoned. The guy took out a marker and began to write on my stomach ". Oral 100 p."
-Now the head will work - told me the guy - Take off your coat and get up on my knees right there in the middle of this area. Do not you dare any who refuse.
He took my coat and was out of sight. And I got up on his knees where he pointed out to me. People in the park was surprisingly a lot. By me and took the elderly and the young. Oral sex is not who is not tempted. Basically just groped the breast, and the only youth. But here I was approached by a guy can twenty-five years. He was drunk.
-Come on, - he said, and headed for the nearest bushes.
I followed him. In the bushes guy pulled out his flaccid penis. What a shame, what a shame, swept. I knelt down and took the dick in your mouth. I almost threw up, but I restrained myself and started to suck. Guy finished quickly, I pulled back in disgust releasing member of his mouth, so that the guy had finished with me. His semen was on the face and chest, and legs. I was still sick. A man buttoned his pants and stumbled away.
-Hey, money! - I shouted.
-Come in the ass, bitch, - man snapped.
His words to me slalom so disgusting that live perehotelos.
The money is not received, all in the semen, and it is necessary to go back to a place to sell them. Something like Otter sperm from the body I went to the site and knelt. Here are two students approached.
-Both cater for? - I asked one.
-Like this? - I was surprised.
-You're not a pro?
-The first time I do it, - I replied.
-Okay, go on the road to explain - the guy said.
-Only the far I can not leave, can in the bushes? - I said.
-Let's go into the bushes, - smiled at the boys.
We headed into the bushes.
-Let's get up on his knees, - ordered the man.
I obeyed. The boys lowered his pants, one of them stood in front of me and the other sat behind. This I had no idea, but had no right to refuse. They came at me at the same time, one in the mouth, the second in the vagina. Fucked me for a long time, it seemed to me. In the course of my whole fucked Fingered. I finished the first guy that gave me in the mouth, but this time to step back did not give me, I had to swallow. The guy behind me a little knock and ended too. I had to lick his sperm from the following members.
Men wore trousers.
-Well fuck milf! - He praised me guy.
-Money does not give? - Without hope, I asked.
-We are poor students and the money we have. But do not worry next time be sure to pay.
Me again popolzovavshis and cast. From impotence I wanted to cry, but the tears did not. And it was necessary to return to the post. Around the completely dark, it is now probably ten o'clock at least. I came out of the bushes and took a humiliating position in the same place. People in the park is significantly reduced. I have thought that no one else will, but I was wrong.
Along the path in my direction was the company of teenagers, high school or vocational school already. They saw me and came closer. Guys were six and all were drinking beer. I was really scared.
-We cater for? - One of the guys grinned.
-Of course the boys - a broken voice I said.
The guy leaned over to me and grabbed my breast. From the guy smelled of beer and tobacco. He pulled my nipples forcing up. He was supported by cronies, their hands were everywhere and on the breasts and between her legs, and ass. I did not dare resist. The bushes have not led me, and began to be right there on the bench. Fuck me for two in her mouth and pussy. Especially not stand on ceremony with me. The guy that was behind, wringing my hands behind his back, so that I had to bend. The guy in front rudely inserted into my throat, holding my nose with your fingers. I gasped. The boys only had time to change. But nothing has changed for me. I have fucked the third time. I was covered with sweat, my hair, wiped his cock after intercourse with me. I just drowned in their semen. From the mouth of the vagina and semen flowed in streams, I just was not able to swallow all.
After such a fucked, even about the money did not ask them, but they themselves have raised this issue.
-Oh, we do not pay, - the guy said.
-No need money - I refused.
-And we'll never offer money. Just want to pay you.
He finished his beer from the bottle and told me to spread her legs. I parted with horror waiting. And it came. Guy began to thrust the bottle into my vagina. I tried not to cry when the bottle was part of me roughly. It seemed to me that I give birth again, only in reverse.
-Now we're in the calculation, is not it? - I asked the man with his bottle almost two-thirds.
-In calculating the boys - I agreed, as long as they left quickly.
The guys went on, and I was left to lie on the bench, humiliated and let down with a bottle of beer in the vagina.
-Again, I do not work? - Asked my host.
-All refused to pay me - I said, rising from the bench and stretched to toe the line guy.
-Too bad for you. You did not learn anything, - said the man - Hands behind your back.
I dutifully started the hands behind his back. Man tied my wrist. Then he pulled the rope my breasts at their base and tied a rope on the back.
-In this form, go to school right now, and you will wait for me at the main entrance. Understood?
-I realized - I replied.
Type I had a terrible: a naked woman covered in semen with a rope tied breasts, with a bottle in pussy and hands tied. I was helpless and defenseless, and I will have to go through the streets, where there was only a few hours ago.
I went out of the park. Walking was painful, brought a bottle of great inconvenience. Later visitors to the park and looked at me with disgust puckered. I went outside and walked toward the mall. The machine hummed to me passing by, people spitting at the sight of me in every way and called names.
Caught up with me two young men.
-Where a hurry, so impressive woman? - I asked one.
I did not answer.
-You want to talk? - I asked the second.
-What would you like? - Almost crying I asked.
-We want to touch you for your ass, - he said the first and grabbed my ass.
-We would like to take advantage of your helplessness and give your mouth.
I pulled into the driveway, where I got rid of the clothes. They ordered us to kneel down and fucked me in the mouth at a time. After that I went on my way. It did not have far to school.
-Hey, wait for me! - I heard a voice behind him.
I caught up with a young girl of about twenty-five.
-Answer me, you also have a master?
-Yes, - I replied without stopping.
At a meeting held a couple in love, with contempt gave me a look, and I could hear the guy said - pervert.
-I can see it? - Do not let the girl.
-Why do you want it?
-I also want to - she hesitated - How are you.
-You want to be a sex slave ?! - I cried.
-Well, yes, - she said.
-Are you out of your mind? Look at me, do you want this? - I could not believe his ears.
-I've long want, but one somehow not interested.
-If you so wish, follow me, only at a distance. But I would not advise you, - I said.
The girl behind. I almost came. Some windows in the school were burning, and I myself was praying that no one now does not even think to go home and see me like this. I stood on the porch of the central entrance of our school, and as usual got up on his knees. The girl loomed nearby.
I waited a long time. Finally, the man appeared. He waved his hand to me, I ran to him. I knelt, bowed, and the guy said:
-Lord, forgive me for what I spoke to you first, but you want to talk to that girl over there. She wants to be your slave.
-I will still punish you because you broke my rule - told me the guy - Hey, you came to me.
She came, she was terribly embarrassed, it seems she did not expect that will host fifteen boy, and this was razocherovalsya.
-Tell me - he ordered the girl.
-Are you really the owner of this woman? - She asked.
-Is there something you want from me? - I asked her boyfriend.
-I wanted to be a slave, - said the girl.
-Prove it! - Ordered the man.
-What? - She asked.
-What is your desire serious, are not toys.
-But how to prove? - I came up against a girl.
-Clear! - Said the man, and told me - Follow me.
-Wait! - She exclaimed.
The guy turned to the girl. She began to undress. She had slipped off her leather jacket, and already unzip jacket. So she flew to the ground. Bra did not take long. She had beautiful breasts, not large, but rounded and elastic still young. Nipples hardened, can the excitement can from the cold. Here it came to jeans, they walked down the long slender legs. She got rid of the shoes. Then he threw toward jeans leg ankle. It remained only her panties, and something she hesitated to shoot them.
We stood on the asphalt near the entrance to the school, just a few meters away, behind the fence held street. It was already quite late, and the people on the street were very few.
The guy waited in silence. She finally decided, she quickly took off her panties and threw them on the ground. She was beautiful, with such a figure it would be on the podium, but not as a slave, but someone else's soul is darkness. But the guy waiting for something, it seems he is not quite satisfied with the evidence of the girl. It is also understood, because as I sat down in front of him on his knees. The guy said, he began to instruct her as well as me, she listened in silence.
-Give me your phone and wallet - he ordered.
She quickly pulled out of the pockets of jeans phone and wallet and handed them to the boy.
-Get up on his haunches.
She did, boy sat on her back. I climbed into her purse.
-Children who have a husband?
-You live alone?
-Yes, my apartment's not far away.
-In the mouth he took?
-The more you earn a living?
-Parents help. They have me rich.
-Rich say it is good, - said the man.
He took out all the money purse and put them in his pocket, for my money. Purse thrown to the ground, and cell phone put it in his pocket. Without rising from the girl, the guy began to touch her breasts. Then his hand slapped over her pussy. He got up on his feet.
-Put on a jacket - he ordered.
She jumped to her feet and put on his jacket. The jacket was short, only up to the waist, so that all that was lower and so there are not disguised. Yes, and buttoning his jacket did not.
-Collect items and Sun them in the package.
She gathered her clothes from the ground and stuffed them into the bag, which I had no doubt, lay my coat.
-I promised you a punishment - appealed to me a guy - will be the punishment. You are not equal to it. According to the status it above you. In other words, you obey it, both of you to obey me. Clear?
-Clearly, - I replied.
The boy untied my hands and allowed to pull the bottle out of the vagina, which I did with great pleasure. Cuffs with breasts too removed. The skin stays red imprints on the ropes.
We moved on. I and the girl walked along in front, a little guy behind us. The girl was just a jacket, was not on me or anything, and I carried a bag with things. Before we reached the house of a girl without incident.
Apartment in her large, three bedroom, one and rich in truth. The guy does not Razuvious walked into the room and sat down on the sofa.
-You're in the bathroom, - he told me the guy - to wash. I give three minutes.
I was grateful, take a shower and clean up all this dirt and filth that stuck to me for a day. But the time to soak in the shower I did not. I quickly pomylas and left the bathroom. The girl is completely naked, the guy sucked. Man with eyes closed on the couch baldel. She skillfully worked the language. The boy opened his eyes, saw me and ordered to sit down. I sat on the sofa. Guy began to knead my breasts hand, the other laid the girl on the head. Then the man went to my crotch.
At first he just stroked between my legs, and then he became my chips there, gradually passing to light slaps on the perineum. The strength of slaps grew, they had already heard about the room sounding claps. A moment later, the guy already beat me in the crotch open hand in full force. I whined in pain after each shock, but tolerated. She did not release, a member of his mouth, looked at me, excited.
The guy came, he stopped beating me and with both hands grabbed the girl's head. He did not release it until it splashed into her mouth all the sperm to the end.
When a guy caught his breath, he ordered me to go to sleep in the corridor on the mat, and the Woman's bedroom. I'm so exhausted for the day, almost immediately fell asleep.
I woke up from a sharp pain in his stomach. I opened my eyes, a guy was waving for a new kick.
-Time to get up! - He said, - Prepare to eat.
I go to kitchen. Something I did not want to invent, I made scrambled eggs, sandwiches and tea. Putting it all on a tray, I went into the room.
The guy looked at me and asked:
-How many are you prepared?
-For three persons! - I replied.
-This is for whom?
-For you, the girl and I - I have listed.
-On account of the two of you speech was not. You will have only when I order, and only that will order. Understood?
-Yes, sir, - head down, I said.
-Call the second - ordered the man.
I put the tray on the table and went to the girl. That naked on her knees in the corner of the bedroom, with related hands behind their backs.
-He will covenant - I said.
She looked at me. It seemed that the man sneered at her all night. The girl did not deftly rose to her feet. All over her body were visible traces of executions Man.
-I do not regret that subscribed to it? - I asked.
-Do not drop - the girl replied.
-What's your name then?
-Well, that went to Olga, he was not used to waiting.
We went back into the room. The boy was eating breakfast.
-Why so long? - Asked the guy.
We were both silent.
-Good. You, - he said to me - I took a glass, and you piss him.
I took an empty glass and held it to the perineum, Olga, and she peed in it.
-Drink - the guy told me, when she finished, - It's your breakfast.
I silently drank all urine to drop.
The same thing I had done, and with Olga, but she drank my urine.
-Now go to work - told me the guy.
I wore only clothes that I had - a raincoat. The bottom two buttons were missing. The guy gave me the phone to tell me at a distance. I went to school.
Before school I reached without any problems on the road. Though raincoat and swings open whenever the wind gust, but the people in the morning is not very observant. In his office, I changed the coat on a white robe. And I realized that if you look good you could see that in addition to the coat I had nothing. But what is left for me.
I began to give lessons. I tried to download the work of students, so that they looked more to their notebooks than me. Therefore, the lessons took place without incident. And I allowed myself to relax a little. It was hard to be in a continuous tension, constantly waiting for some nasty things from the host, which is no good for me no end.
The fourth lesson is ended, more lessons I did not. I let go of the class and went into laborantskuyu. She heard the phone plays, picked up the phone:
-Bring me a pack of Marlboros, - I heard the master's voice - you half an hour.
Here it began. How do I get a pack of cigarettes out of money? Only one way out - to get money.
I dressed quickly, if to throw a cloak called a dress, I dressed. And he hurried out of the school. The day was in full swing. I went down the street, frantically wondering where and how you can make money on cigarettes. Do not even paying attention to the curious glances addressed to my crotch. I passed the vocational school, and somehow, even unconsciously turned to the building, he went to the back yard, hoping that someone out there will. And so it proved. The boys smoked, hidden from view from the street.
-Hey, boys, - I said to the guys.
-What? - Said one of them. All eyes were on me.
-You want to see me naked? - I said.
What a disgrace!
-What? - Surprised the guys.
-I undress in front of you, and you pay me for it, - I said.
-How many?
-Five hundred-per-view, and if you want to touch a thousand, - I replied.
-No! - Said the guy. Ten per-view, and fifty dollars for the touch.
-That will not do, - I replied.
-Agree to it or at all of that does not get - the guy said firmly.
I really needed the money, and the time left is less and less, so I agreed.
-I agree, but the money in advance.
The guy took out the top ten, crumpled it and threw it on the pavement.
-Let's undress - he smiled.
-I thought ten rubles each, - I became restive.
-You were wrong. Take off your clothes, we have paid.
I was again deceived.
I untied the belt, undid the buttons, and opened his cloak. The boys stared at my naked body.
-Take off your coat and turn around, - ordered the man.
I obeyed. Cloak dropped to the pavement, and turned several times around its axis.
-Come, - ordered the man.
I went to the guys. They surrounded me and began to touch the circle. I meekly endured their shameless touches, chips and strokes. Their hands were everywhere. I suffered much as she could, but everything comes to an end.
-All will be enough - I said, and he pulled the guys.
They were obviously upset, so swift interrupt their enjoyment.
-Money - I said.
The guy looked at the bill in the ground fifty rubles. I picked up two pieces of paper, and started to leave. But I found that there is no cloak. Heart sank in the heel. I looked around the entire yard, the cloak was not there. I looked at the guys, they smiled.
-Well, go, if so wished.
-Give the cloak, - I said.
-What coat? - I asked the guy - You lost your cloak? What a pity.
-Please give a cloak - I pleaded.
-What do you mean, I do not know - the guy kidding me, others just grinned.
I dropped to my knees in front of them, on the dirty, cold asphalt:
-I beg you on my knees, give a cloak.
The boy nodded, and I threw a cloak.
-Thanks guys - I thanked them.
-Come again, - said the guy.
Laughing kids are gone. I quickly put on her coat, and found that no buttons no. But there was no time to worry, I tied a belt and holding the cape near the gates hastened to cigarette tent. I bought a pack of Marlboros and went back to school.
In class I was waiting for the guy.
-Why so long? - he asked.
-Money could not find - I answered honestly.
-Undress, - he ordered the man.
I took off my coat.
-Cigarettes bought?
I took out from his pocket a pack of cigarettes, walked over to the boy, knelt and bowed handed him a cigarette.
-Lighter And where? - He said, taking a cigarette.
-But you did not ask lighter - I began to make excuses.
-Do not understand? - Raised his voice guy.
-Let me find you a lighter - I just said.
-Ten minutes you.
And then I realized that I was naked, and run naked through the school where she taught me not to smile.
-Can I wear a robe? - I dared to ask.
-Good dress - let me guy.
The robe I ran out of the class, and went to the men's room. My suspicions were justified, in the toilet someone has smoked. I took a deep breath and went to the toilet. The student already jumped in surprise when he saw me. Cigarette he immediately threw it into the toilet.
-You smoke here? - I asked strictly.
-It's not me Nakuru - he began to justify the boy.
-Well, to turn out his pockets.
The guy took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.
-I take that back - I said - and if once again see you smoking, you will go to the director with his parents.
I went back to class and handed the lighter to the owner. The guy lit up, and I stood in front of him on his knees naked and with outstretched palm, where he brushed the ashes. However, I was telling him how to make money on cigarettes.
-And they're not trying to fuck you? - Asked the guy.
-No. Only all felt.
Guy finished his, put out his cigarette on my chest and his order to eat.
-Now you go to the park, and there you shall beg. Fulfill all the orders without exception. During sex do not take money. By evening, bring a thousand rubles. Understood?
-I realized - I said dejectedly.
The guy left ...
Park is reached in the same coat without buttons.
I stood behind the trees, still can not daring to reach out to people. Cloak is already lying on the ground behind me. Also, I went into the park, away from the busy lanes. But I need the afternoon to get a thousand rubles, and for this we need to do something. I took a deep breath and holding back trembling at the knees out of the undergrowth. Completely naked, barefoot, I walked along the path leading to the center of the park, away from their clothes on and on. Stepping back a good distance, I knelt on the hard asphalt, and waited for the next humiliation.
People of all ages were passing me. I held out a hand to them begging, but I just insulted. Many people stopped to stare at my naked body, mainly the male population. The worst came when young children or students. These are not particularly shy in terms of its relationship to me and to my body.
Two students stood beside me, they smiled.
-Guys post as you can, - I reached out a hand to them.
The guy took out a coin and came closer, stretched out his hand with a coin.
-Take her mouth - he said, waving a coin over my head.
I lifted her head to the top and stretched as I could, but could not reach coins. The guy raised his hand all the time above. I continue to pull up when I felt that the guy took my chest. I did not keep it, had no right to. The boy squeezed the nipple, and I'm still trying to catch his mouth a coin. This is the second man began to touch me in the second breast. I endured and it is. When the guys played enough with my breast, they allowed me to catch a coin mouth. It was the coin of fifty cents. The guys went on, and I put the money aside and continued to wait. His knees ached from the constant standing on solid asphalt, but I did not dare to stand up.
I passed by another couple where the man devoured me with a look, and his woman tried not to give him staring at me, showering me with insults.
We approached two women. I held out a hand to them, and they just stared up at me with contempt.
-And you did not try to make money by going to work? - She asked.
-I work - I replied.
-What is it?
-Chemistry Teacher.
-You're a teacher, but here, what are you doing? moonlighting?
-Abomination what - the girl escaped.
The girls went on, and I sucked in five minutes at the guy in the bushes. This also happened, had to obey.
The day gradually wore on. Shadows lengthened, cold. I earned fifteen rubles, I fucked eight people, five of them in the ass, suck seventeen and a lot of people I Fingered. And passersby did not become less. I was forced to kiss and lick the shoes, while I dealt with breast cold and dirty asphalt.
When it was dark, I realized that I collect the necessary sum. I was raped, abused me, humiliated, do with me whatever you want, but the money is not paid. I also knew that he returned to the owner with no money I would be a bad thing. But I still put on a coat and went home.
We were guests of friends host eight people. I walked into the room, guys drinking beer, all staring at me. Olga naked on her knees in front of the guys pretending table. In her vagina empty bottle of beer it has been inserted. On the buttocks, hips, back and chest were red marks from a recent flogging. In the teeth it held a wire, which is apparently her and flogged.
-Grandmother brought? - I cried the host.
-That's - I held out a handful of coins.
-It's all?
-Yes, - I replied softly.
-I think, I told you to bring a thousand!
-I did everything you ordered, only ...
-Only the money is not earned. We're running out of beer, get us another.
-Maybe this will send? - I asked one of his friends, indicating Olga.
-No! - I said the man threw another and I - Get out!
I left the room, reflecting on where to get a beer on the way looked into the bathroom. Quickly she washed, substitution and rinse your mouth. Coming out of the bathroom, I heard groans Olga, whipped her again.
I left the house and went on the night street. Cloak ruffled breeze. I do not much care on the street is almost no people. Rare passers-by did not pay much attention to me, I did not try to draw it. I walked for several blocks, trying in vain to solve the problem with beer, suddenly stopped near the car. Inside were two young men. One said to me:
-How many?
I got the idea that they took me for a whore. They were not mistaken, I became her.