First experience
That was in 1986. I was with a small 5. Parents left for the big money to the north. And I was left to grandparents. And here once. I wanted pisya. Have you ever seen nebudu rustic toilet. Correctly? Wooden souruzhenie courtyard. I went to open and I see my grandfather sitting over otvestiem.A of priests slowly climbs kakashka.A thick bottom sticks out, stake his thing. I then knew that the boys have pisyuny sausages. In the garden used to play "in the doctor" instead sna.No size grandfathering "sausages" struck me.
He sat on my bulging eyes, puffed. And I zavorzhennaya not take my eyes off the penis. Grandpa pokakal, not in a hurry to get up. Beckoned me. I went blizhe.- Mariska want to touch it? - he asked. I nodded. - Give me a pen. - How great! - I whispered. - He grew up to you. I love you. And when I do, it is always growing. - Said the grandfather. - Do you love me? - Yes. - I replied. - Then kiss me. I kissed grandfather on the cheek, and he gave me in the nose. I giggled. A grandfather hugged my waist and whispered - Show me the pussy !? You can not! Mom zarugaet. - I say. - Can. Mom away. I showed you, and you. - He said, offended. - Well - I walked lifted the hem of the dress and panties satel. - Look. - I childishly trusting spread her legs. He stood up, and said; I can pisya. I sat graying, podomnoy hissed. My grandfather hid his pipisku. After graduating, I also wanted to pull her panties. But my grandfather stopped me - And wipe the pussy? Let me. My grandfather took me in his arms and carried her into the house. They put me on my bed. -Lezhi, I am now. He disappeared into another room. He brought a glass of water and a piece of soap, then obmoknuv two fingers in soapy water, foam grandfather began to smear my stomach and crotch. I laughed, laughed. And subside for a moment, when a finger touches the cherished grandfather slits and Goroshenko clitoris. His stomach was unknown to this day chutstvo. - Still, his grandfather, even - to have fun, I laughed. Like? - Yeah. - Do you want? I have done well? - I asked. I nodded Grandpa pulled out his handkerchief. Wiped me and kissed her navel, his tongue licked and caressed her pussy lips. So garjachego. And I zahlesnul first orgasm of my life. From that day my grandfather was doing me good. It was "our secret game" until January 1988goda. That is, until the return of my parents. Sometimes my grandfather offered himself. And sometimes I saw that my grandmother out. She ran to his grandfather and tehonko in his ear asked. - Grandma goes. We play good? Grandpa nodded and smiled. Then I went to school. But after studying for only a year. In another year. Dad and Mom took me with him. And in the second grade, I went to have away from home.