Oh, Boy!
I knew that Pam was not at home. Where is it to be, however, along with all the yacht Dave. I hope that it will succeed Dave. Pam beautiful, young, myself and at the same time more and clever. And most importantly, she knows how to keep their fears and uncertainty under control. I'm calm for her.
Quite by accident, I drove past the area where he lives and Pam decided to go. We had to pick up her things that I left in the bedroom at Pam eve of that crazy night with a striptease. Already passed exactly one week, and I had forgotten a few, in general, it is not very relevant to me now, garments and linen. And most importantly, I left Pam handbag. Handbag I was just needed. Notebook with phone numbers, credit cards, my favorite gadgets, finally.
Car near the house was not, but I still decided to try once I'm already here. She went to the door, I stand and press the call button. No one is responsible - to be the parents of Pam, like going, gone for the weekend in a suburb of friends.
I was almost ready to leave as she heard footsteps approaching. The door swung open, and the younger brother of Pam, Rat, open-mouthed, stood in the doorway.
- Look, Rats, I for a moment. I only need to pick up some of my things. I will not distract you for a long time, we can try together with my upstairs bedroom Pam. With these words, I slipped inside the house, by still not come a boy.
- Alo! Wake up! I shouted and shook the rat on the shoulder.
- I do not expect to see me? .. Ah! I'd forgotten completely. Do not worry, I'm not angry with you. Your curiosity I did not offend.
I remembered him spying on us with Pam.
Then I noticed a girl down the stairs. The girl leaned over and looked at me through the railing and quickly slipped back upstairs.
I laughed.
- Rats and your parents know that you are in their absence can drive girls to his home? Come on! Do not worry, I will not betray. You're doing fine, would have long since! And then doing: Good, good! Silent! Let's go upstairs, introduced me to her. I promise! I do not tell her about you.
- Rats, why are you silent all the time? Are you full of smoke anything?
I ran up the stairs up. The girls did not have. There was a boy, half-dressed, frantically pulling off themselves black nylon tights.
Now it was my turn to have to open your mouth in surprise. The total is only a few seconds I was confused, but then I was swept unrestrained laughter. Even were the tears.
The bedroom Pam was all turned upside down. Chest of drawers with linen disclosed, drawers turned inside out on the floor in a mess littered stockings, lace shirts, crumpled bras and panties.
- Rats, introduced me to her.
- Victoria, it's not like you think. It's just a joke. We Hank decided to have some fun having nothing to do. They argued that the courage to change into a laughing girls.
- Hank Your friend does not seem embarrassed at joke. Take your time, young man, do not tear the tights, the more under them you have nothing. Well, boys, I will not bother you
I went to the bathroom, to pick up his belongings.
On the table, I immediately saw the purse next to neatly folded my dress. Bra and panties was not. I guess I smiled slyly at her reflection in the mirror. Then her hair, pulled from her purse a lipstick to tint the lips.
- Hey guys! You're there right? I go out.
I emerged from the bathroom to the bedroom Pam. Boys have everything cleaned up, hastily, without discrimination, to stuff clothes on the dresser drawers. Hank had time to change clothes. he growth was slightly higher than the rats. Long, straight, straw-colored hair, full lips. In dress he really could pass for a girl. Well, if he had turned sixteen.
- I've been I want to understand why such pretty boys like you, avoid the girls enjoy each other's company, while those somewhere alone, dreaming of a date with you in my maiden company and tell at each other all sorts of stories about his fictional adventures . Why are you this fine evening here together, zaprshis, doing silly games in the dressing, instead of four, with two girls have fun in the ice cream parlor in the movie, but you never know where a little more.
- Vika - hesitating answered rats - the girls at us with Hank did not even look. They poseur and smug. We do not vodimsya them. We are well and without them.
- What are they, I wonder, wonder? Oh yes! His all sorts of outstanding parts! Well, they just want to attract your attention.
- Vic, have you heard about any minority there: It is about us, Hank - blurted Rats and blushed.
- Rats, Hank! Boys! You're normal guys! Just you have not yet overcome their natural shyness in front of girls. Are you afraid of them! Yes Yes! Just afraid! Are you afraid of those weak creatures in lace, bows and ribbons. Make at least one step toward them and you will see that they are still more embarrassed you. You are a man, you are a strong floor, you should take the initiative. Rare girl dares herself to invite a boy to dance. Did not you see how at school dances they huddle in flocks. And the fact that they loudly laughing and discussing someone - because it's all for show.
- Well, I dare, I invite a girl to dance. What if I do not like her and she refuses me? - For the first time said Hank.
- As such it is handsome, as you may not like it! Are you afraid of rejection - approach the lone girls. Those certainly not be denied! And then, the refusal, if it ever happens, it is necessary to take calm and not do from this tragedy. Just wait and make another attempt with another girl. Let us now we practice. Rats, turn on some music!
I sat down on a chair, fitted a dress, give a person deliberately haughty expression. The rats were put on some music. I looked around the boys contemptuous glance, he looked away, frowned, looked at the ceiling, yawned ostentatiously hiding behind palm.
Rats boldly walked up to me, bowed, paused:
- Allow me to invite you to the dance! He said loudly and clearly, and stood with outstretched hand to me.
I slowly, very slowly looked up at him. Studying and then looked skeptical rat in the face:
- I do not dance! - I snorted and turned away abruptly.
Rats sharply drew back his hand and stood beside me hesitating, and finally walked away unsteadily away.
I barely restrained laughter. Then he burst out laughing and laughed heartily. The boys were laughing with me. They seem to have ceased to be ashamed of me and behaved naturally.
- Vic, we have this girl in the class. Be sure to invite the next school dance it - this is hilarious! Through laughter and tears with the recovery of said rats.
- Now it's my turn! Reminded Hank - Wick, are you ready?
I stopped laughing, her hair, tried to give a person an indifferent expression, burst out again, but quickly pulled herself together.
Hank came up, waved his long straight hair, stopped, as if scrolling myself what is going to say now:
- Sorry, you're dancing?
I wearily looked at him, and did not delay, got up, stretched out her arms, put them on the shoulders of Hank. He timidly around my waist and we began to dance, slowly, in the same place, not exactly in time with the music. Pretty soon Hank emboldened his hand quite firmly and confidently supported me behind my back. He was the same height with me, slender, he will make a good man. It is urgent to save the guy.
I put my head on Hank's shoulder and snuggled even closer to his chest. The reaction was not slow in coming. Hank Movement ceased to be smooth, he fidgeted. I felt hot, growing pressure in his thigh. His rapid breathing on my neck just confirmed that a man is all right and he is not yet quite lost for females.
- Hey, you, sweet couple! - I worried Rats - I want!
We Hank did not pay any attention to the Rat, and continued to dance, everything is also closely huddled together.
Rats turned off the music.
- Rats, dear, you're a great guy, too, but it is very impatient! - I will report it. - Turn on the music again and go here, invite the lady to dance!
I sat down on a chair. Rats were included slow music and came to me. Silently bowed, looked me straight in the eye. I did not become a joke on him, simply got up from his chair and gave him her hand. We went into the center of the room, right hand Rat gently fell on my waist, the left - a little higher. I lowered his hands to his shoulders and we started to cross smoothly in time with the melody. Mischievous idea flashed in my head. I hugged Rat even tighter, leaned into his ear and whispered:
- Rats, and I know what you are now on the panties!
Rats tried to pull away, but I held him tightly in his arms.
- I did not want to shame you, no! - I whispered - I even flattered that this guy, like you, like my panties. I'm not going to take them from you. Just tell me, what are you doing with them? Dress up and only for you! You would not believe!
Rats were silent, hugged me and turned away a face to the side.
- Well, I'll help you. You found them quite by accident. Yes? You guessed at once that it is mine. You looked at them. Yes?
- Vic, do not! I'm very embarrassed! Pleadingly whispered Rats.
- I see how you are ashamed, wretch! - For fun, I was indignant and strongly pressed on the thigh flesh rebellious boy. - Quickly tell me what else you've done with my panties.
- I: I slept with them ...
- How is sleep? I did not get that. Tell us!
- I kept them under his pillow. I took out the night. They smelled you a few more days. And then there and then ..
- What then, my monkey?
- Then I began to sleep in them and imagine that I am a girl.
- And of course, I dabbled with his pod! You are their course great soiled!
- I already washed them twice.
- And what did you do with Hank? Be honest! Admit it, the sex you ever had?
- Vic, you do not think about it! We only kissed once at each other:
- What ? Do not be afraid of me, I speak freely.
- More fun, we made love.
- As it is, tell me, I'm very interested!
- Hank dressed in clothes, Pam, and I with him as a girl .. .. went above and between his legs.
- What more, where between the legs?
- Simply, he firmly squeezed feet, between the hips and I .. smeared with Vaseline, so it was slippery .. Then he told me ..
It was only then I noticed that the rats were trembling as if in a fever. Waves tremor passed through his body, calmed down, then rolled again.
- My boy! Is it really so much want to!
- Vick, Vick - he wept.
Large tears flowed a stream, without stopping. He pushed me away, rushed into the bathroom and shut the door.
-What's wrong with him? - Asked surprised Hank.
I shrugged in bewilderment.
- I do not know, I did not want to offend him. Let pobudet one, settle down. By the way, do not consider yourself a unique phenomenon and do not make hasty conclusions. I was at your age, too, girlfriend, with whom we are engaged in all sorts. But this was not reflected in my future life, or rather on my sexual orientation.
- Vic, something Rats long leaves. Sorry to leave you alone and go and see if everything is okay with him.
Hank knocked at the door of the bathroom:
- Rats open, it's me.
The bathroom door slightly cracked open, Hank came in and shut it again.
I wondered. Something is wrong. I was pressing too hard on the boys. You had to be softer and more cautious. They are so vulnerable at this age. What do I do now? How to improve the situation. Clearly, to me, an adult in the eyes of their aunt, they are unlikely to experience the romantic feelings. Not romantic - more than enough! Both fell out with me a passion, one stronger than the other. Boys obviously deserve to be encouraged, and I a little joy. In addition, they will go to benefit. Nothing enhances the youthful self-esteem, as the feeling of power over women; real, beautiful woman pilot.
- Why not! - With these words, I was dangling straps from her shoulders, she slipped out of the dress. Stepping over him and left only in the same shoes and stockings, quickly disassembled bed. He leaned back light, a thin blanket and lay down on the cool sheets. Unbuttoned and threw shoes on the floor, they fell one after the other, with rapping. I started to remove the stockings, but changed her mind and remained as is. Place your left hand under her head, revealing a strip of relatively rare, dark hair, armpit. Slightly bent right leg at the knee and slightly shifted his feet. With his right hand slowly stroked his not overly lavish, but strong, with hard brown nipples, breasts. Then, a little fluff residue pubic hair and began to wait anxiously schoolgirl, when at last there will be boys.
Time passed very little, but a lot of thought has had time to shoot me in the head. Starting from: to:
Well, that's all. Too late. The bathroom door opened and bewildered boys faced each other in the doorway, with stupid surprise party, silently staring at me.
Goya painting. Nymphet and sovratitelnitsa. Jaded slut! Now they kicked me with shame, and they will be right.
Why am I so excited! Where this happens, the boys in such an interesting age renounced such Christmas gifts!
- Well, which one of you two is the brave? Who was the first willing to part with innocence? I shamelessly stared straight into the eyes of embarrassed to the extreme teens.
Pushing each other, rats and Hank approached slowly.
- Wow! Vic, you're not kidding? It's all real? Maybe I'm dreaming? Hank, pinch me! Nude girl in front of us in the bed - no it is not possible!
I licked my lips, closed her eyes languid, stretched like a cat. My breasts swayed. Boys fascinated looking at the two, slightly flattened under its own weight, completely untanned below, blinding her nakedness, rounded hills. Cropped mound no secret cherished slits in the abdomen, and so well in harmony with dark stockings and a bikini untanned strip milky white skin.
Pants both boys unnatural bristled. Face flushed and forehead seemed to sweat.
Rats something quickly and excitedly, looking at me, a friend whispered in my ear. Anyone that has tried to argue, but rats turned his back to him and began to push out of the bedroom. Hank rested.
- Hank, if the rats do not mind, you can stay and watch. With me there is no problem, but you seem to have no secrets from each other.
Rats stopped to push his friend, he immediately sat down on a chair against the wall and began to bite his nails intently, it is not looking in my direction.
The rats were returned to the bed with knees climbed on her and leaned over me.
- Rats can undress you first? - I smiled, still languidly staring at the boy's eyes.
He got out of bed and hastily, with trembling hands began to tear off his clothes. Entangled in the pants, barely keep his balance. Not unbuttoning buttons, he pulled the shirt over his head. Then he began to fiddle with the buttons on the sleeves, do not resist, with force he pulled and tore them. Elastic white long, almost to the knee, panties caught on a protruding. Rats were pulled down, is not allowed, then straightened, he jumped to freedom, loudly slapped his belly and shivered in
, for his age, the boy was fifteen years is necessary. abdomen was covered with a thick blue-black vegetation. From thickets bulged and took out almost to the navel, bald obscene, foreskin, shining pearl droplet on the tip, impatient, like a taut string, nose, ready to boil the kettle. young stallion aroused admiration shine in my eyes.
- Come, dear. Be in front of me on my knees. Now you will dedicate to the Knights. already opened and waiting when your fluffy fly to pollinate my sultry, voracious flower.
Rats crawled onto the bed, knelt at my feet ..
- Well than not watering! - I smiled to myself.
- Rats, take off my stockings, it's yours, you earned it!
Rats, trembling with impatience hands, rolled up my left leg is thin, slippery nylon. Then he paused, with lust and delight looking at my naked body.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, he threw himself on me and began eagerly to kiss my chest, then stomach, then chest again. His clumsy, wet lips tickled my skin. I laughed, caught him by the head and snapped her lips to his hot, absolutely still kids, wet mouth.
- Kiss me like that! - Finally, I pulled away from his lips, - see, as I do.
And again, plunging his lips to her, he slipped his tongue between his serried lips and licked his teeth and gums.
- Do not clench his lips sucked, but again with me, I feel that I am doing and saliva to swallow their own. Nothing, that's quite good! Nice my student!
Rats were emboldened, fell just below and began gently at first and then more and more passionately kissing the nipples of my breasts. I hugged and stroked his back, shoulders, sharp blades, then pulling it back on a par with me, start gently stroking his cold buttocks. He tensed up, stopped, and here I widely spread her legs:
- I'm all yours, Rats, take me!
He shivered. Hold the air, legs bent at the knees, I hugged his neck and began kissing her cheeks, the lips, the nose. Quickly tired and hugging her knees, pressed them to her chest, legs apart even more toward the Rat. At the same time two, trembling from the unbearable desire, hands, rats began to mess down there, trying to find the narrow entrance to the mine. He poked like a blind puppy, every time in different places, and the nozzles at the same time in my ear. Then several times loudly and took a deep breath, he shook even stronger, twitching in spasms and a strong jet of cold sprayed on my stomach again and again, gradually losing strength.
Rats obezsilenno down on me with all his weight, his breath a little, then raised his head and looked at me with eyes full of tears:
- Neither of which I did not work! Vic, I did not work!
- Calm down, you're all right! I wonder what would have happened to me, after fifteen years of abstinence! You've just done! And then, I'm still not going to go away!
Rats were slowly and reluctantly got up and braids, shaky legs went into the bathroom.
I looked at Hank, sitting silently at the wall.
- Go ahead! The golden-haired beauty, your turn initiation into manhood.
Hank did not take long to beg, stripped in an instant, and stood before me, shyly with his arms crossed in the lower abdomen.
He, though, and on the floor head taller than rats, still was still a boy, and seems embarrassed her, still not quite grown-up, but in contrast to the rat, not trimmed.
- Do not be afraid, you have seen, I do not bite. Relax, do not strain so much. Go ahead!
Hank knelt beside the bed and bowed his head. I got up, turned to him and kissed his forehead.
- Remove the remaining stocking, it's yours today.
Hank without haste, skillfully removed the last stocking with my right foot and in silence, not looking me in the eye, lay down on top of me, and without kissing, without caresses, immediately set to work.
I know how important it is for men in the first penetration of life. Therefore, strained muscles input so that even a small Hank went not once, but covered by a dense ring, gradually overcoming significant resistance. He hid his face on my shoulder, hot breath in my neck and quickly like a rabbit up and down rhythmically glided over to me, based on spread-eagled his chest.
I helped Hank, rising to meet his thrusts, and, simultaneously, to the beat of his hands pressed on his buttocks.
He lasted less than a minute, pushed several times faster and deeper, and I felt an outpouring of sperm trickles inside me. He then immediately rolled onto his back and lay down beside him. He was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. After a short while, I asked:
- Hank, are you sure that this is the first time you've had? I thought you knew what he was doing.
- Vic, you're right, I've done it many times and with different girls, but unfortunately, it was only in my dreams and fantasies. And then, I read about a special book.
- Hank, honestly, I did not deceive your expectations? Do not be afraid to hurt me, tell me how to eat!
- Vika! You're gorgeous, magical and wonderful! That I lied to your expectations! I am not satisfied you.
- Dear Hank, I need to do a little bit more time. And a little more affection. You will succeed! I understand that you do not worry, you're a great guy!
- Vic, do not mock! I also very small! - I almost cried Hank.
- Stupid! The main thing is that I feel it is good. And you did not notice that my barely took him? Do not dissolve the nurse, you're a man now!
- And I? - It was only then I noticed that rats in the bedroom and quietly out of the chair watching us.
- You? .. So far, only half. But if hurry up here to us, we will very quickly fix this unfortunate misunderstanding. - I beckoned Rat hand.
Hank was about to get up and leave, but I hugged him, kissed him on the cheek and asked:
- Do not go, Hank, I want it!
Rats with her at the ready, are not forced to invite himself twice. Not in the least embarrassed by the presence of others, he hands tightly grabbed my chest, I sat down on the thighs and abdomen, then leaned over and started kissing on the lips, neck. I went down below, much to the pain sucking nipples, making smacking noises, kissing my chest.
I caught the hand of Hank's head and pulled it down. At first he did not understand, but then realized that I want from him, and pitting me sitting on the rat, started kissing and stroking my legs, thighs, abdomen. Rats were half sitting beside me and caressed the upper part of my body trembling with desire. I spread her legs and holding her head evades Hank, directed his lips his crotch.
Good boy read books! His tongue immediately found my swollen, rebellious, impatient. A spasm of bliss ran through my body whenever language Hank concerned that my most sensitive spot.
Two boys at the same time call me blessed. I could no longer hold back the excitement gripped me passionate. With his left hand tightly clasped hard as a rock rat, the right to direct the movement of Hank. Do not restrain myself more, I was shaking in convulsions, moaning loudly, flexes back and closing his eyes from the incredible pleasure, biting his lips.
The climax approached suddenly, and I cried when tearing me apart flame wave originated somewhere in the lower back and abdomen at the same time, it began to spread up the spine and down to the very tips of my toes.
The rats were roughly removed Hank and climbed on top of me. I continued to twitch convulsively paroxysm of passion, when he introduced his huge cock into my burns desire razverzshuyusya flesh.
It penetrates deeply and hurt, but I wanted this pain, fed toward her, trying to hold up, stop at the deepest point. Strengthen unbearable and without pleasure.
Panting and sweating, rats were rapidly poured into me the accumulated stock of sperm and passion. Then, smiling happily, breathing heavily, she got up and looked at me in my muddy, detached eye. With both hands, I hugged both boys simultaneously.
- My dear! HOW I feel good! Hank, you're a miracle! Your language! I still feel it in yourself!
- And I! - Cried the Rat.
- Well .. You are also well done. - I was joking.
I completely lost all sense of time. Do not notice the dark, as it was light again .. Sometimes we wiped my feet with a towel and abdomen and continued again and again, endless kisses, hugs, copulations, screams of delight, moaning, hot pot, crumpled sheets, and matted hair.
We are exhausted simultaneously. The boys fell asleep and did not let me even in my dreams. When I tried to stand up, to take a shower and finally bring myself up, tired, sleepy rats raised his head and asked thickly:
- Vic, do not go! Now we'll sleep a little bit and we will love you again ..
He broke off and fell back on the pillow.
Staggering, I got in my head dense fog. To the touch I got to the bathroom. Closed the door of the stall shower, I turned on the tap, and with relish catching cold face, intersecting, life-giving water jet.
I did not wake up the two angels, so they are very sweet sleep. Yes, and left still almost a whole day - in time, before returning parents Rat, sleep and remove traces. Trying not to make noise, I packed my things and again, looking round, slowly closed the bedroom door behind him. Go down the stairs, quietly opened the door, stepped outside and closed it as quietly. Heels clattered on the tiles track, slammed the door of the car, started the engine and I disappeared in the bustle and noise of the big city.
Some days I still felt like I was all through the damp smell of a young aggressive sperm.