Divide and rule
Sorted out, one of these days, some events of days gone by. He remembered a curious history. I decided to share. Maybe you, dear reader, it will be interesting.

We then had to 18. All have gathered in his native town, for the parent homes. Staged as usual, last year's reunion. The feast was held in the only decent places of our quiet town. Drinks, eating. We dance and shared their impressions experienced by the first year of study in high school. There were not all, of course, came to the meeting, for some reason, just received. Collect no more than ten people, it is only a third of the class.

Of course, a year of opera, matured mentally and, more importantly, look at each other completely different eyes. I, for example, realized that I wanted, at least five girls at school where learning is not even really looked. And already from the "top five" of this, I want two, "very delicious." Polvechera killed on that to decide for any of them priudarit.

Before me stood a difficult dilemma. Select whether the tall, slender brunette Elizabeth entered the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. Or opt for a neat, low blonde Victoria, have not left the territory of our Central Asian country, and received in the pedagogical institute in Tashkent philologist.

I decided to act systemically. Quickly find out directly from them or through other girls who are a man who - no. Free was easier to hook up and "fuck" in the same evening. The result of my intelligence was disappointing. Both not only met with the young people. Both lived with young people, and at another entrant and the wedding at the end of August had been planned. She even invited me to her, knowing that I am to my parents to visit for the rest of the summer granted.

In general, bummer loomed on the horizon complete. I even turned his attention to Ira, the girl enters my "five" favorites. It is very transparent and flirted with me, with proper approach, it could "take your bare hands." I do not know what would have ended this evening. Surely sex with Irkoy because our communication has steadily taken a substantive interest in the continuation of the evening alone. But "White Dance" was declared at the time. Ladies invited men. And to me, Lisa swam with drunken smile on his lips ( "gave" we have overhauled brandy at this point), and an invitation to dance.

By "Wonderful valley» Mr.Credo, we circled the dance. While whirling - loudly. Just rocked to the rhythm of music, embracing in the middle of the dance floor. We chatted about all sorts of nonsense, burying his lips to each other's ears. I can not say that on purpose, but my hand to the middle of the dance, why - then slipped from the waist to her delicious ass. Lizka not endorsed by shifting the arm in place. Probubnela dissatisfied, but not angry (it inspired me to further accomplishments) that hall full - full of her friends, who certainly will report the incident to her young man in Moscow. Since he is also a student, and our compatriot. Albeit from another city.

I counterattacked with a provocative question:

- And if we were alone - you still have a hand removed?

She was confused, I did not immediately answered:

- Nuuu ... I do not know ... I do not want to think about it ... we're still not alone ...

The answer was more than satisfactory for me. I continued to pull the "fish pond" by offering:

- So maybe let's go take a walk? Breathe in the fresh air ... Alone again, we will stay ...

Lisa said that the street with me to not be able to. It will be even more suspicious if we have to go - it will come together. Because nothing wrong, we will not do, and evil tongues will think out all by yourself (I did not understand, this is it for me to Ponta said, or really believed that being alone under the moon, we will talk about matters of higher wage). In general, it has been seen by her, that she did not set off against "the winds" bachelor status. But there was not free, and wildly ochkovat about it. But what the hell, if she did she pulled to dance? I definitely something overlooked.

As soon as the dance was over, I sat down at the table, and was about to drink. Here me and it dawned! Lisa just shy to take the offer directly booze, and move out of crowded places, in a more intimate atmosphere, where it would be able to feel more relaxed. The girl is very delicately hinted to me about it, and I ram green, I did not catch up until then. Not wasting a second, I took the phone from his pocket and scribbled her "chopped with an ax" sms-ku:

"I have a hut is free. What to take? "Martini" (it all night "Martini" sipped) or stronger something - anything. "

She read my message, immediately unsubscribed from happy smiley:

"Stronger;) And take cigarettes. Thin. Better «Vogue». Others take it at its discretion. Write address. I'll go first, right behind me do not go asleep. "

The fact that she wants to forbidden pleasures, literally every word spoken message. In - First, I did not know that she smokes. In public, she had never showed. In - the second, she decided to raise the degree of alcohol. B - Third, the plain text asked where to go. So, I understand that we are not even my parents will. Where I live - she knew.

I wrote her address of residence of his elder sister, otbyvshey eve with her husband at the sea. Finish is also the key to the front door quietly under it in her handbag. I asked to feel like home. In response received content message:

"Ok I will wait;)"

15-20 minutes later she zasobiralas. She said she's not feeling well. Thank everyone for the company, with the girls kiss and left. The time was still quite early, around midnight. I waited for half an hour, and also began to leave. I do not explain the reasons for withdrawal. Just say that you need to get up early in the morning. On the request to stay at least another hour or did not respond. All my thoughts were no longer here, with everyone, and there, with Elizabeth. Do not wait to get to her "protected villages". That'll get - there was no doubt.

And here, as they say, trouble came from not waiting. Vick, suddenly, too, wished to go home. I was a little marred by the news. We had lived side by side, on the same street. This meant that she hopes to go to a taxi with me, and my landing was to take place earlier. Given the fact that at night a taxi in our area - a phenomenon as often as Halley's Comet, the prospect threatens to become quite unattractive.

Go home to various taxi was too suspicious, Vick would immediately realized that I was hiding something. So I decided to sit her in a taxi, pay in advance the way and say that a walk on foot. Like, I want to release the alcoholic vapors. But I had another shock. Vic decided to walk before going to bed with me. How I hated her at that moment! Precious time flowed like water. Lisa waited sober and perhaps "cool down." And I still could not get rid of the annoying blonde. In addition, the message also came from Lisa:

"Sasha, you Che so long?"

It was then that I decided to spit on everything and admit Vick that I have another company expects. I did not want to offend anyone, so do not tell the truth. I thought that at least now it will transport, and go home at last. But, however, it is not so! Vic plain text said that in a hurry. Home just because of the loud music going. In general, sleep not want and do not mind a bit to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere. He joked about the fact that it will soon "okoltsuyut", and similar meetings at all of her life will disappear. Well, that's where it was put?

I had to write a message to Lisa:

"Vic did not know how to float, begs a visit." The answer came fast, short and eloquent:

"Here (-censored-)!».

Following is another:

"Well, then let him go, what to do. She, too, is not free, find a common language. "

I did not expect even that in the end all the way to the Christmas tree goes. I decided that pobuhat way, and then the card will fall. Dirty thoughts in your head at once climbed, but I drove them, being sure that the girl is too decent for the various experiments.
In general, I explain Vick, what will happen to me a vast company, and one only Lisa. What Vic, answer me with his massive smile:

- And I know ... saw you in her handbag that - then planted. I think it was the key. I'm beginning to doubt that you yourself admit.

I laughed out loud and ask:

- So what circus, then? I could not just say that ...

She interrupted me a stunning matter, carefully and completely seriously, looking into his eyes:

- Say that?? What I also want to fuck? ".

Here it was the room! I do not just jaw dropped. I looked at her and did not understand, she says the truth or is evil, is pinned. Apparently, she was not going to joke:

- Well I'm telling you that the marriage will soon come out and all! The end of the free life. Am I right to finally come off well?

I listened to her. Surprised. But glad. Answered:

- Of course you have! Let's go then?

They sat in the first car, agreeing not to dissolve hands and kissing while I will not hide from prying eyes, and do not decide how best to proceed in the circumstances. Vick openly indicated their intentions in the coming night, but Lisa was coming conversation that I did not know where to start.

Vick advised throw cage a couple of cents that stood at the entrance as we go up and look at what's what. She said that if Lisa that - do not like it, then it will bring comfort to the home. I never knew that the kind-hearted Vikulya, adored by all his classmates, teachers and excellent student can be so militant bitch.

While traveling to the convenience store, Vicky decided to clarify something - what moments. She clarified that she is not a lesbian or bi. Therefore I asked these topics, in which case, do not pick up. She said that she is not against to cast lots, and fuck with me at a time with Lisa. But it is not, and not simultaneously with it. I was taken aback by how cheerfully and cynically Vic talks about the upcoming process. As if he picked tomatoes on the market. The reality of the situation could hardly believe. It seemed that at the last moment will be refined raffle.

Hastily typing shop drinks and snacks, we finally pulled up to the entrance semietazhki. Of all the windows of an apartment house burned only one - my sister's apartment window. I paid the taxi driver, put on top of money, he has asked to wait. I explained that I will go out either, and let him go. Or will the dark-haired girl, and it will need to take, where to say. They went up in the elevator to the sixth floor.

Lisa opened almost immediately, offended purred:

- Finally!! You went through Beijing or what?

They Vika simulated bowed in greeting. At school, the girls are not at odds, but her friends and especially also never been. Always we are in the neutral ways.

Vick continued to go ahead, and immediately moved decisively to the case. She asked, though, and with a smile, but with a dry and open a malicious:

- Well, Liza as man will share?

Brunette was taken aback by the question of the ram. Zalapotala about what she did is not going to share, do not understand about what Vick says. The blonde finished off her:

- Well, that's wonderful. So, in my Sasha today, then do not be offended. Agree?

Here Lisa realized that pride is not the topic. Disable "fool" and snapped:

- Well, that's where you are, (-censored-), come from? Itself asked for, now the right, (-censored-), shakes!

With dignity Vic retorted:

- Where did - is no longer there. And you if something does not suit, you can bring down home, at the entrance to the taxi stands. If you stay - a coin toss will be. But this is just for Sasha. I'm not a prude. I saw him through the eyes of the whole evening you undressed. I will not argue, I can figure is worse than you, but believe me, I find, than compensate.

Vic skillfully feminine, downplayed his dignity. They Lisa really had and the growth of different (Lisa was half a head taller), and figures. Vick was slightly less than elegant. Not full or stocky, no. Just breasts bigger, more magnificent ass, shoulders wider. But both girls girls, believe me, were simply delicious. They asked me to choose only one, would have to be torn.

The degree of opposition increased, and I kept silent, baldeya of new sensations. Damn nice when because of you two beauty bite. I was about to intervene, but Lisa, suddenly threw the white flag. He laughed heartily and said:

- That is what we are giving to you, Vic. As if torgashki market. If you want - I'll leave

Now and Vick was replaced by anger at the mercy:

- Yes, no, Liza, I'll show you just said, that we can share and Sasha (she cheerfully looked at me, kissing the air, as if my lips).

I finally cleared the air, to cook up a serious face, and saying:

- Well, if such a thing, and you're now a friend - I can walk.

They laughed merrily, shouting excitedly that now - they are me just will not start up. Exit I still had to - the driver's release. But when I stay outside to smoke a cigarette, as immediately came just two messages with the same text:

"Shura, where are you ?? We'll zhdeeeeem !!!! "

I finished smoking a cigarette slowly, experiencing new, previously unknown, a sense of celebration of the soul. Nothing more than this exciting, perhaps, until now in my life happened. But I deliberately delayed the time of return. Not so much teasing girls as himself. Five minutes later, deep breath, jammed pad «Orbit», and went upstairs. The front door was unlocked, he entered the apartment.

In the living room playing soft music. Girls already built artless clearing on the coffee table. I moved closer to him a couple of chairs, and which sat, busily throwing his leg to leg. For me was privolochen soft ottoman from the bedroom the sisters. Vick told Lisa some funny story student. They sincerely glad my return, and without a hint of lust, friendly glad.

I do even scared, thinking that "doottyagivalsya", and all canceled, but the form is not submitted. He sat down, poured the "fuel" for glasses. It was decided to drink cognac with Coke and ice. Both ladies are not transferred to hard liquor in pure form. They drank, ate fruit, began to talk on abstract themes. Once again, we drank and ate. I just reassured his experiences, about the intentions of the former classmates. Both languidly looked at me and smiled. I understood that they are "snapped" alcohol for courage, because of all this legwork hops completely povyvetrivalsya of young organisms.

Soon, the necessary condition has been reached. In the eyes of the ladies pozazhigat lecherous lights, and I sensed a sixth sense that soon everything will start. The first could not stand all the same Vick obviously craved sex, more than anyone else. She fidgeted impatiently in his chair, and murmured:

- So, let's start?

I answered the question on the merits:

- With another undecided?

Vick said that they decided to opt to leave this question for me. I thought to myself indignantly: "Remove the bitches! Here's how to choose one right now, and the other left behind? Resentment, damn it. " Aloud he expressed uniform serving both compliments and suggested trust blind draw. I took a couple of toothpicks from the table. One broke down a quarter lengths. He reported that the one that will pull short - will be the first.

He reached out to Lisa. She pulled a short, and, judging by the expression on his face, scared. However, courageously stood up from his chair, and asked me:

- That would be around so lucky in life. Nothing that we have "it" in the bedroom to engage in your sister's will?

This phrase she immediately ran into objections Victoria:

- Hey! People! What the fuck, bedroom? You're out of your mind? I'm human, one will sit here and listen, like a fool? Here, let's!
I looked at Lisa. She hesitated embarrassed:

- Well, no ... I can not ... I hesitate when someone else ... Vic, come on then it is better you first? And I have a little drink, my thoughts get around.

Vick showed enviable principles:

- Lisa, (-censored-)! No turbidity water! Agreed same! What the hell, thought? Briefs removed, lay down on the sofa, legs spread and all! Then let Sasha already thinks that to do with you!

Scolding worked. Lisa lowered her head meekly and hesitantly climbed hand under the hem of her black evening dress. I decided it was time to go to the forefront. He caught her hands and pulled her to him, saying:

- Do not touch ... I myself ...

Lisa finely trembling all over, almost losing consciousness, excitement. Probably already regretted adventure, which got involved. I even had peacefully to whisper in her ear a few words of tenderness and calm. Instead, she hugged me touching, leaning over the body. I hugged her to him, and could not help but glance over her shoulder at the Vic, who was sitting with a glass of cocktail in hand. Burning eyes she eagerly devoured the action unfolds. It was clear that this notion she watched for the first time.

By the way I clung tightly to Lisa, I had the feeling that she was pleased and would have stood up in the morning. But in my plans is not included. The pants are already in full storm raging passion. Member desperately eager for freedom. Desperately he asked me to shove it into his mouth, dark-haired beauty. But I realized that the blow, now is not the topic. To begin with, it would be nice, at least in her pussy stuff. So I almost forcibly tore himself from Lisa, and pushed to the decomposition of the couch.

Ordered, after, kneel, and chest on his pack. She meekly obeyed. I acquired a taste. My throat was dry. Before proceeding, I leaned over the coffee table, pouring himself a pure, free of impurities, brandy. I was almost face to face with Vika, who suddenly bit my lip kiss crazy. Agile tab immediately appeared in my mouth. Fussy tossed from side to side. I knock mine. And then the kiss stopped as suddenly as it had begun. Vick pulled my ear to his lips, and whispered drunkenly aspirated:

- I'm just going crazy ... Fuck it ... Fuck it for me ...

Needless to say that the emotional fuse, passed me, Victoria, would be enough for the whole company of soldiers? It was like a chain broke. Slammed not biting "sotochku" cognac. Strongly I moved to Elizabeth, obediently waiting for their fate in a given position. Leaning over her, he pulled her dress up. Abruptly pulled him onto her back, revealing underneath appetizing smuglenkuyu ass. With a charming mole on the right "bun", just below the waist.

He looked around at the Vic. She was sitting in the same chair, but a little differently. Tight dzhinsiki were undone, left leg thrown over marginalia chair, and his right hand in the running shorts. She moved it slowly. Keep your eyes on us with Lisa and intermittently breathed. This spurred me even more. Once again, I focused on the brunette silently peering at me over his left shoulder. Her tiny panties - thongs were instantly pulled up to the knees, and firm buttocks divorced wider apart.

The sight of her naked crotch caused a storm of my emotions. For a few moments I just stood and admired. Admiring the anus is dark brown. Tightly compressed obviously a virgin. Admiring the wide slot of the vagina, is located just below. Small, elongated at the edges, lips sex were the same color (although, perhaps even darker), that the anal spot, and shone from the released grease. Lisa was not a little excited, in spite of the ill-concealed spiritual experiences.

I am a long time did not stand on ceremony, instantly "uncovering" his "instrument". Linen pants with shorts (still tight briefs) flew to the side. Bumpy, lumpy barrel member, was excited to such an extent that looked even bigger than usual. For the first time he had seen such. Two pairs of drunken girls' eyes with genuine delight looked at it as if hypnotized.

Solemnly opened the condom. Finally I pulled the "cap" of the foreskin with a half-naked, wet head. Experimental hand unrolled "gum" in numb from the strain penis. Immediately I took the optimum position for a prolonged "siege" on bent legs hovering over obscenely protruding ass Lizka. The sight, put in a swollen head "flooded to the brim cave", and gradually squeezed barrel member in a cozy, pretty close, vagina ex - classmates.

At the same time, nearly finished by overstimulation, in the first moments of immersion. But he managed to escape in time to a neutral topic, freeze and prevent incipient shame. As soon as the approaches orgasm wave subsided, continuing, and the most "handle" drove his "rapier" in a defenseless flesh. Hostess defenseless flesh of relief exhaled impatiently squirmed under me, getting used to new sensations of fullness.

The next motion I moved back, leaving only the head inside one. I took comfortable hold of the elastic buttocks and pulled them wider. To Vick is behind us, we are clearly visible all the details. Only now, already considerably sharper and stiffer, drove the most important muscle in your body in juicy pussy brunette.

Lisa started, barely audible gasp. She buried her face in the couch and spread her arms to the sides. It was clear that she liked to "game", impaled on the "spit". I am pleased with this development, and I began to hammer on the soul in it his "pile" (sorry for the pun). Stubbornly, persistently, without indulgence.

Externally, Lisa stayed surprisingly calm. Without a hint of emotion. But the physiological signs of excitement the girls were not just pronounced. They were egregious! From the vagina Do not brook flowed grease barely. I actually first saw that it was so much that she literally ran down the legs down. "Girls 'juice' soaked in delicate stockings, which slid almost to the panties from the constant rubbing knees with the floor.

By inertia, transmitted to her my body, soulless Lisa swayed to the beat of my frictions, like a pendulum. Forward - backward, forward - backward. Is that shook periodically, as if about to finish. And every time deceived my expectations, forcing continue to hammer away at it even harder.

But the justified expectation, which I did not expect (again apologize for another pun). From - behind me came a muffled, intermittent moan moan Victoria, apparently, who has brought himself to orgasm. She tried to behave as quietly as possible, but it came out she is pretty lousy. I have not seen, but clearly heard her tossing in his chair, deep and frequent breathing - exhaling. This went on for about ten seconds, and soon it was all over. The groans ceased, she calmed down. Then came a splash Cola pouring into a glass. Vic prevented for a new cocktail serving.

In the meantime, I have with great difficulty controlling his orgasm. Pauses between heightened frictions became longer. Every time I needed more and more time on the delay in the final. Movements were fraught with a minimum of danger. Breath quickened, and much heavier. Increasingly flashed treacherous thoughts float fingers and tongue. And here Lizka I was surprised and angered.

She lifted her head from the couch and looked at me through the shoulder. Judging by the look in her eyes - my efforts were not in vain. Brunette was completely worn-out. Woman suffering, but rather said:

- Shura ... Well, you gave ... Is it possible? Stop already come fifth orgasm I will not survive.

Fifth! That is four she had survived and was silent! I was ready to kill her.

As it turned out later, noted by me shudder was not a fraud, she really had finished. Just her orgasms, by nature, more reserved, but more often. The interval between them is not more than five - eight minutes.
In general, I had the "official" permission to orgasm, and I immediately took it. Ending in a condom was oblomno. Very much in Lisa's mouth finally wanted to. As punishment for a long period of silence. Moreover, such a possibility could never provide. This evening was largely insane for us and went well beyond the generally accepted principles. But the next day everything had to return to their seats. Therefore, I strongly reeled Lizkiny long hair in his fist and pulled him relentlessly, putting it on her knees.

She instantly prosekla that I'm going to do, and prayed:

- Sasha, not in your mouth, please ... I do not like it.

I did not want her to cheat, but also plans to change is not going to. Therefore, in silence, he pulled off "the end" gum, still holding her hair gathered up in a bun. And also in silence, without compromise overworked head wedged in, suddenly became surly, Lisa's mouth.

A moment later, in her palate struck a powerful jet of sperm thick, long time millet out. Then the second, third, fourth. All to the accompaniment of my growling, tremor, and uncontrolled moans. In the fevered, almost liberated from the mad excitement, pulsating consciousness fantastic conclusion:

"Mouthful! Nakonchal Lizka Morozova, clever and beautiful, full mouth! Against her will! As cheap, complete whore, which can make even the fact that she did not like! "

After experiencing some amazing moments, I came back down to earth. I scroll down look, and found frenzied indignation Elizabeth's eyes. They just lightning flashed silently covering me selective mat. But open the mouth and make a claim in no hurry to vote. So they kept the head, in front of fading member. His mouth was full of jelly sperm, which certainly would have stained dress, in the case of loss of alertness.

Finally, I let go of satisfaction brunette hair, gently tossing wearily:

- Blow into the bathroom, beautiful. Swear then you will.

Along the way, he gave her a used condom, adding:

- The Wash drains, do not leave the bucket.

To say that Liza ran to the bathroom, then do not say anything. Meteor flashed. From the bathroom he heard the sound of running water. Noisy spitting and rinsing the mouth.

Exhausted but blissfully, I fell into a chair. Translated look on, smiling enigmatically, Vic. She remained still, in jeans at the hips, but the pants unbuttoned. Helpfully he asked, holding a bottle:

- To drink you want?

Having received a satisfactory nod in response, quickly I filled my glass.

I could not help but wonder if she liked what he saw. Vick embarrassed (much surprised me, given the general lewd behavior before) lowered eyes:

- I liked very much. Yes, you heard myself, I guess. I've never seen a stranger sex live by. Now I know how others are doing. And you…

It is another thing - that was going to say, or ask, but she interrupted, returning to the water treatments, Lisa. She drove very emotional on me, though not in anger, to my bewilderment:

- Kililenko! You bastard, asshole! I asked in the mouth does not stop! What do you guys have for this craze? Be sure to feed this abomination, finally, it is necessary. What makes you think that it is delicious and we did not quite disgusting? Vic, tell him that it was "fuuu"!

Wick on this tirade replied calmly and impartially:

- It's a matter of taste. I used to - that, too, rebelled, but Sergei (her fiance), gradually accustomed to it. Now even like. I do not like the taste, and the process itself. Did he cums in my mouth, just crazy with delight coming. Moreover, each time as the first. And then at the hands of me, willing to wear, and just glows with love. For this is not a sin to steel himself. Besides, if to swallow all at once, it is not so dumb taste.

Lizka pouted, not finding support from the girlfriend. I sat down on the ottoman, devoured the residual sperm taste chocolate and hurt summed up:

- Anyway, I do not like this stuff ...

I was amused this short dialogue, and the recognition of Victoria excited, despite the recent orgasm. I felt a rush of blood to the genitals, but it was a matter of time, and soon. After the feast of debauchery was in full swing. And the queue was another languid girl sex with which promise to be even hotter than the slightly conservative Elizabeth ...

The end of the first part.

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