Book Now that you have read, he came to me as follows.
Frowning, autumn day last year, I was at the cemetery, where two years ago, my wife was buried. Mourn at the grave, I went to the door and saw a girl in the offing years 23x-24x. She stood at the dilapidated graves, which had just placed a modest bouquet. I could barely read the faded inscription: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth and death. woman buried here died 22x years. I asked the girl who is her dead woman and why she died so early.
- This is my friend, - said the girl, yet the circumstances of her death are so unusual that briefly about them will not tell.
It zainterisovanny, I asked, if not difficult to tell. We said goodbye to the evening, and I went to the door when he heard her voice:
- One minute!
I returned.
- Take this letter, - she said, handing me a book - this is what she wrote to me shortly before his death.
I thanked him and left.
When I got home I sat down on the sofa and in one gulp, not looking up, read these notes. They could not help but worry. Judge for yourself.
...'' You write that you are very concerned about the issue of intimate relationships with men. In twenty years - it is quite natural. I do not know what to advise you. I'd better tell you how it all happened to me, and you draw conclusions.
It happened two years ago. Remember when my day is celebrated the birth? ... Arkady Ilyich - yes, yes - our teacher of physics congratulated me, made a few compliments, and invited him to go to the theater. Can you imagine how I felt flattered! I want everyone to know about it, but I had to remain silent: he has a wife and two children.
In the theater, at first I felt very uncomfortable, but he was so attentive, simple, I soon got used to.
After the performance, he walked me home. When saying goodbye, he asked me to kiss him. I kissed him. He hugged me so much that I almost choked and he began to kiss my hands, lips, eyes, and a few more times. With great difficulty we parted.
After that night we started dating. However, we went to the theater, cinema. We have a lot of kissing. He knew how to kiss something like that I became limp. One day he invited me to his friend. His name was Boris. They drank. We talked about our relationship and did not notice how was your night. Boris has offered to spend the night with him. Arkady Ilyich asked if I could stay. And although I was embarrassed and afraid, I could not leave. Boris and Arkady gave us his bed, and he went to sleep in the kitchen.
As soon as he left, Arkady grabbed me with both hands and literally stared at my lips. For a long time we stood so still. He hurt squeezed my breasts and kissed her so that I could no longer stand on his feet. Arkady let me go and put out the light.
- Undress - he said, and began to withdraw suit. I became rastegivat dress, but my hand would not obey and I barely snyalaego. Then I did the same, not realizing anything, removed the shoes. Arkady had already undressed and approached me. He stroked my bare back, dropping his hands lower and lower.
- Take a combination, - he said.
I began to take off. He eagerly snatched it and I was in shorts and bra. Instantly, I felt his hand between her legs. Another he frantically rastegivat bra. Prihlynula blood to the heart. I felt like everything inside literally torn develop into something difficult. I frantically tried to breathe and could not.
- Lie down, - he said. I dutifully went to bed, he sat down next to me, took both breasts and began to kiss them one by one. Then he dug his lips in her left breast and began to irritate the tongue nipple.
His every touch was extraordinarily nice. I wanted to kiss him for the joy he gives me. We have merged in a kiss. Chest groaned beneath his fingers. Looking up, he took my right hand and a long kiss.
Then he pulled her down and I felt his cock in his hand. Arkady squeezed my fingers around the penis and repeatedly held up and down.
- Do not know what to do - he said, - you're a girl and you better stay her ... but I'm a man ... What do you think?
- I do not know, - I said - in your hands all my future ...
He again several times held my hand over the penis ...
- Okay, I'll try with the edge of, - he said. - Do not be afraid, take off your pants.
I froze. The hands were cold and leaden.
- Do not be afraid, - he said.
And I felt his hand gently, inching back down my last defense. Second! ... And I was lying completely naked in front of him.
He lay down on me, pressed his lips to my lips, but I did not feel his kisses. All my thoughts were there. I was waiting for this terrible moment - pain, passion, excitement. I was shaking.
It is easy to spread my legs and lay down between them. I tensed. Here the most out of the corner of the lips, I felt great head that gently moved apart in their hand, and sought further and further. It was so nice that I leaned forward and ... immediately felt a sharp pain. The pain made me lean back. Arkady immediately pulled back and asked:
- Painfully?
- It hurts, - I replied.
- Well, I'm no longer going, I quietly - he promised again and spread my legs.
Again I felt his cock enters my vnetrennosti. I wanted to embrace him, but barely razvinuv sensitive parts of the body, he slipped, it was like a bucket of cold water. True, he immediately entered again to this place. Touching it, each time becoming more pleasant and enjoyable. But here Arkady carried away again and I felt a sharp pain. Again he pulled away. So several times. I was pleased and hurt. I'm tired of the unpleasant irritation. I wanted to get it all resolved quickly. Arkady I tormented myself exhausted.
- Not I! - ... He moaned - pity you. It is better to stay a woman ...
- Of course - I whispered.
- That's what sledat, - he said. - Anoint saliva from the inside of the chest. Here, here, and lower abdomen, and on ... So, - with these words he easily sat on my stomach, clasped his feet and put the cock between her breasts.
- Now squeeze it with both hands, - he showed how to compress. - So ... do not be afraid, PUSH stronger.
And he started to drive member between her breasts. I it was all very interesting. A few minutes later he suddenly heavily gritted his teeth, and jerked out of the penis splattered white as milk stream. So the first time I saw how this act is completed the men.
A few days later Arkady semiyu sent to the country and we met at his apartment. Ha this time, I felt at ease: we have tied something intimate, our.
Arkady put the table to the couch. We drank and began to kiss. Again I felt his hand under her skirt.
- Undress, - he said.
I undressed, he also took off his all. Immediately I felt his penis in his legs. Arkady put me across the bed, and he stood beside the bed. Stroked my legs, he lifted them to his shoulders and his hands clasped my hips began to slowly introduce them between the member. Again, it was nice and hurt, I trembled. He barely restrained. Bringing me to unconsciousness, he leaned forward and took her hand in my chest, my knees were almost pressed against his chest. In this position, he continued to move the member on and on. Head increasingly came up against an obstacle. It hurt, but I tried not to moan, because after each of my scream Arkady immediately moved away and it was just terrible. Not hearing my cries, he probably got carried away, I felt the head broke through the thin film and the vagina filled with all of its members. I gasped, but it all happened ...
He drove a member of back and forth. I felt a little pain and untold pleasure. Movement continued again and again. He let go of his chest and lay on me. It is approaching something that I could not imagine. I panted, grew up in a wave of unprecedented feelings. The feeling was so strong that I was afraid - not stand what happens. Suddenly, as if everything inside me lit up with intolerable light. I instinctively rushed forward with an overwhelming feeling, and hot blood stirred up a wave of my body. It neveroyano nice ...
It seemed that this sensation lasted for ages. I do not know how long I lay there, unable to understand what had happened to me. Then again, I felt a big vagina moves, has already become a mother, his penis, he sank deeper and deeper. In my head flashed: '' Squeeze! Squeeze harder to feel the head seeks in and have penetrated into the womb. '' Again, I was seized with a feeling of impending ecstasy. Blood Waves surged stronger and higher. I wanted to speed up the desired time. I also began to move toward the penetrating member, and could not help but cry when the same thing happened already brighter and more pleasant. Again, I could not get over it. Arkady, seeing my condition, just moved without removing the member.
- Well, how - he asked. - Nicely?
- Highly! - I replied.
- Well, now I have to come, - he continued.
- Do whatever you want!...
And again, like last time, he came between her breasts. Tired, we had a long lay side by side, he talked a lot about the features and technology of sexual activity (in the books do not write about it). Then I went undercut. We still drank and slept. I woke up from a terrible heaviness in the abdomen. Inside me there was something - Arkady lay on me.
- I wanted to wake you so, - laughing, he said. I grabbed it and started again these with nothing comparable affection. The rhythm of our movements are growing more frequent and speeded up. Arkady hurts grabbed my chest, a strong discharge ran between her breasts and Clitheroe and I huddled in the ecstasy of a new explosion. We met almost daily. Arkady invent all sorts of ways. I lay down on his side, on his stomach. He himself went to the back and provided me with the opportunity to do what I want. Each method caused a new sensation. Especially great pleasure for me to lie down on his cock, facing the backside. Then I pulled his legs to his face during intercourse, we slightly shekotali each other heels. Waves pleasant shiver so quickly embraced me, that I had finished there also. So it was possible to stop several times. I lived just that. Hichego was not for me, in addition to these meetings in the world. I felt an inexpressible pleasure, and did not think about anything.
Arkady took care that I do not zeberemenela. First, he came between her breasts and between her thighs, and then we began to apply all possible means. Register new world opened up for me when Arkady first came inside me, into the vagina, and the hot jet struck the uterus. The first menstruation after that was a great joy. All went well, it has become the cause of a new not experience the pleasure of me. I said Arkady, I have menstruation, when we were already excited caresses and he began to undress me. This pleased him, and afflicted. He rushed to find a solution. I wanted to finish between her breasts, but then, realizing something, began to tell me how women have resorted to methods, not to get pregnant. He said that many of copulating in the mouth, anus and other private parts.
- Kiss ego.- he said, pulling his dick to my lips. I thought it was incredible.
- Everything is very clean ... Then you will experience the pleasure, - he said. Clasping my head in his hands, he put his dick in my mouth. I wanted to say something and suddenly the cock was in his mouth. Hichego unpleasant was not.
'' Even interesting, '' - I thought.
Arkady corrected me when I strongly biting his teeth member. He told how to keep the lips, tongue. His excitement began and passed me. In some strange way, I felt that his member be in the vagina, as well as in the ordinary intercourse. It was very interesting and the heat is already flooded my body. He reached the extreme excitement, several times his dick almost got into his throat. I cleared GL thrusting his head.
- Now I finish - he gasped - not suspend, swallow! This is the purest liquid ... So ... Tak.- He shoots me with the tip of the sky and hot jet pour all my mouth. In order not to drown, I made a strong gulp and swallowed everything he poured. He long held a member of the mouth, is not reassured. I lay still, trying to understand the new feeling for me.
- You see, that's okay - he said, taking out a member - then please you. We lay side by side. He rested, and all I mentally imagined, as a member of slowly fills the mouth, lips slide over his thin skin. I wanted to take it in hand. I got up and sat down next to Arkady. Taking a member of both hands, I pulled down the skin. The head cleared and I thought that now that he's so small, I could swallow it whole. I wanted to take it into his mouth. I took the head of the lips. When I spent some time on the skin of his tongue, I felt literally in front of me began to increase, and a member of the strain. Arkady lay still, and I drove the tongue and lips, feeling neizyasnimoe pleasure. Such delights I have not experienced even during normal intercourse. With both hands, I grabbed his testicles and pulled them down badly. Arkady was hurt, but I could not help myself. It would be desirable at least for a moment to put him through the throat. I am feeling sick and was about to shout, the last time I held him by his arms, and at the same time, when the hot liquid splashed down my throat, I experienced such unspeakable delight, which had not experienced even once. The next meeting was the next day. I've already imagined how take his cock in my mouth, but Arkady came up with another way.
- Let's try the anus.
I agreed.
- It will hurt a little, - he warned - smear Vaseline.
I stood near the table, and he smeared me with Vaseline. Hakloniv me to the table, he began with the power to push me in the ass his dick. It hurt, but when a member entered there and began to touch any there bodies, I experienced neither an incomparable pleasure. To adapt to a situation in which I sat up. He took my breasts ... and you can not imagine what pleasure I experienced. So strongly diversifying fun, we met with him several times until he got off and had not gone to the country. Left alone, I really miss. Everything is done in gray, not interesting. I remembered the meeting, Arkady affection and did not know what to do ... It could not last ... One day when I suffered from insomnia, I went into the kitchen and found there flatmate, Sergei K. You know, he still cared for me at school? After serving in the army, he again began to take care of me.
- Sonya - he said - I have long wanted to talk to you. We have long known each other, marry me.
Frankly, it was somewhat surprising, although I had long known that he likes me.
- Late Serge, I'm not a girl, - I replied.
He stood for a long time holding his head. I started to leave, but he stopped me and said in a changed voice:
- Anyway, Sonya, I love you, do not worry. Come, all will be well.
- Thank you, Sergei, you are very good, but I do not love you. He begged me for a long time to accept, but I did not want to deceive him, my thoughts were with Arkady.
- You'll find another good girl - I persuaded ego.- And I agree to be your lover tonight, for one night, just for today.
We came into the room. It is quite embarrassing hugged me and had no time to properly settle down as soon finished. I did not experience any pleasure, although he was well built and quite handsome himself. He thanked me for a long time and asked to change the decision, and then he lay down on me, probably experiencing great pleasure. And again, not having to settle down, I felt like he had already finished. I stood up and gathered prospryntsevatsya send him home, but he was waiting for me excited and I began to prepare for the new instrument. Ha this time he enjoyed several dolshe and I was beginning to tune in to finish with him, but alas, he did not wait. So I ended and for the fourth time. It was nice, but such satisfaction as Arkady was not. Visibly tired, we said goodbye to him ... forever. Further its efforts to continue our relationship was futile. Satisfied that all was over, he soon fell behind between us.
In the fall I met a soldier. His name Nikolay. We started dating and soon he made me an offer. I told him that I had a bad novel. He was not deterred, and we got married. Nikolay was quite handsome and strong man. Constantly being with him, I always get used to it and soon began to feel the satisfaction of intercourse with him. But the fact that it was not with Arkady. At other times, I would like to take his cock in my mouth feel like the rectum fills hard, delivering extraordinary udovolsvie body. I came to the conclusion Nikolov teach some techniques and methods. To do this it was necessary to be very careful. I had no idea how he would react to such an awareness on my part. Once I told him that if women had heard talk about how not to get pregnant, they take cock in her mouth. He, too, heard about it and we decided to try. I tried to pretend that it is new to me, and if forgotten at times, he attributed this due to their masculinity. Soon I began to tire of this life, and when Nikolay suddenly went on a business trip, I was very happy. Arkady wanted to see again. Heskolko time I came to his house at night and soon we met. Upon learning that I am one, Arkady offered to meet with me. Again began a fabulous day, who took my thoughts and feelings.
Arkady than once told me about the narrowness of the current views on the gender issue.
- Haukoy proven - he said - that no man, however well it may not be able to fully satisfy a woman. And now - he developed his idea - live husband and wife, they agreed to bring each other pleasure. But the greatest joy to the husband can not. Hikto he does not blame - above the head can not jump. But is there no way out? ... There. Invite a good friend, a friend and give her the pleasure with which she deserves. Simple and good. Meanwhile smotri.- He read me a passage from '' Persian Letters '' Montes, where one woman describes life in heaven. It turns it gratified the two men. I remember, too, in '' The Tale of Poor Lovers' Protolini as two friends invited to a one of the heroines of this book Olympia and also in turn had her delo.- Our relations - said Arkady, - above petty self-interest. You are for me, and I for you. Let me invite one of his friend, and we sincerely Sweep will do to you all that you want.
I saw that he genuinely wants to please me and agreed. The next day he came together with Michael, which I used a lot of talking. They brought snacks and wine. We moved the bedside table to the couch and sat down three. Once was drunk three glasses, Arkady began to praise and show what my breasts ... legs ... Very soon I was left completely naked. They also removed all to himself and put me on the sofa. The first went to Michael me. I was a little embarrassing, but he bravely, competently doing its job, and I calmed down. Member, he was great. He penetrated to the uterus. It seemed that it reaches to the heart. It was very nice. Heskolko time I was able to look at the Arcadia, what I caressed his presence makes the pleasure even more sophisticated and sharp. Arkady considered with interest our movements. Going into a rage, Michael furiously, ending with such force thrust member, I cried. I wish I did not have time to finish with him. But when I went to Arkady, dastatochno he had to make a few movements, as I once finished ... I'm finished with him again, and only then he pulled me what he had accumulated. A little rest, I osvezhivas in the bath and we sat down at the table. Fudge them were inexhaustible: Michael poured wine into glasses, and proposed a toast to my chest, I had to dip into the glass of the breast, and they drink and kiss my chest. Be drunk, Arkady offered me a drink after a male dip in the glass of a member. All this is again excited us and we decided to try this, I knelt down, Arkady sat down on the pillow next to my face, Michael fell in behind. In this position, his penis penetrated far, far away and this caused such excitement that I literally gnawed Arcadia full member. I felt an inexpressible pleasure. There were moments when I literally hung at the two ends. I wanted to finish at the same time with two. And there is almost as much as I wanted. When Michael lunged before he was to pour out the liquid, I stopped and clung to Arcadia. Holding his breath, I made a strong drink, and felt his tip just penetrated into my throat. At this point both sides I sprayed liquid. The body convulsed. The same experienced and my Portner. They waited until I came to, only then stepped back. Reassured, we freshened up in the bath and sat down again. Again, the most incredible toast, and again in the same position on the couch. Men are reversed. The second time it was even more pleasant and beautiful. I have felt very excited, he felt behind something cold: Arkady Vaseline smeared me back. Here in the rectum reached his cock. The sensation was so sharp that it seemed about to die.
'' -Oh, Man! How then are you all doing well '' - I thought.
- Lie down on the other, - said Arkadiy.- We stopped. He lay on his back, I sat down on his cock, turning his face to the feet. Then I lay down on the back chest. Member is in the anus. Michael fell in between our legs with difficulty, since the opening is very narrowed, pushed a member into the vagina. We Arkady lay motionless. Arkady held my chest. I put my head on his shoulder. Michael staralssya full. The film separating the hole, taut under his blows. I was a little painful, but it's so nice chtoya was ready to howl with delight. Men experienced the same thing. Not much I can say all this was going on. Concha, Mikhail nearly pulled me inside. Arkady graduated before us and waited. When they pulled away, I was cold, shaking all over, as in a fever. Men understand my condition. Michael, who was still a member of the tense, lay on me. His movements warmed me. Sensing that he is about to finish, I walked into his rhythm and at an incredible pace, we came together. Freed from the secret overwhelms me, I felt a sudden sharp pain and could not sleep for a long time. at breakfast the morning we discussed peripitii last night and I truly said that, if it were not bad headache from the wine, whether we would have hardly settled down on what we had. In the evening I was looking forward to their call. They came in eight, and not alone, Boris was with them, which we Arkady had once slept.
- Today, you'll be amazed - Arkady said from the doorway, - Boris knows things that we never dreamed of. - They drank, and then the man put the couch on the middle of the room, undressed me, put on the sofa, Arkady sat down on the right, Michael left, and Boris stood near the feet. Arkady took the right breast, Michael - left, and they began to kiss and irritate tongue chest. Boris parted my legs and pressed to the spot. I felt like the language he pushes shameful lips, the clitoris feels and begins to push and tickle the tongue. Currents acute feelings from one person to another and there amounted to a flaming triangle, I squealed with delight to the palate. I was literally in time with their movements cast in the heat, I squeezed the head of Boris, biting the hand to Arkady and Michael, but not in
unable to do anything with them.
- Dear, dear, dear ones! Make probably something - I screamed - sooner rather die!
I not remember the Arkady put me over the belly to belly, and brought a member into the vagina. I remember feeling a pain in the ass. Boris member introduced into the rectum. As then, two members were eager for my bowels, bringing untold pleasure, and suddenly I saw before my eyes is another blazing red cock. I immediately took it into his mouth. What felt not convey any words. All were brought to the limit. Hikto did not want to stop. I first could not stand such heat and finished. But did not have time to pass the first convulsion, I felt in the womb fiery jet and shook me. Even more severe cramp brought me when the hot jet gushing throat. And with a small sip of the tip penetrated the throat. Pushing it, I leaned back, as well as Boris, grabbed my legs and pulled over and finished, too, prompting a response in me shudder. For a long time after the man pulled away from me, I'm lying, experiencing pleasure. Hi, one woman did not hear on your address as praises and praise as I heard that night from their cavaliers. Ha tomorrow Nikolay sent a telegram that he was going and meeting friends stopped. Flowed dull, gray days with Nikolay. After what I experienced life with him has become a burden. I began to think about divorce, but then again sent on a business trip and I hurried to see Arcadia. For a long time we talked to him about life, its joys and sorrows, he assured that he will always do everything for my pleasure and finished all his thought saying:
- That's good. Ugorori any friend that we met together. Hauchim it, our meetings will become even more interesting. Think about it, who can be persuaded? - I thought of you, but you disappeared somewhere and I decided to invite Valya. For two days I tried to persuade her to part with the innocence and experience the pleasure that has no equal. She told me about his meetings with Arkady. Ha third day she agreed.
In the evening we met up with me. Arkady was done. He immediately endeared himself to Valya. And when we had a few drinks, she was happy to kiss him. As the brotherhood we have not drank, Arkady ultimately offer a toast: '' How did it - interested Valya?.
I told her obyanila. We made bras and breasts removed. It was interesting to watch how she trembled when Arkady kissed her nipple, she soon got used quite. After we have had a drink, I offered to undress completely. She agreed with her figure is not a shame. They settled on the couch. Bringing down the middle, we Arkady sides. She felt completely at ease. Arkady took her breasts and began to kiss. I decided to help him and introduced as the language tickles lascivious pimples around my nipple, almost all felt physically. Vale, apparently it was nice. She began to move, to touch his feet, grabbing me by the arms and chest.
- Enough! - Whispered ona.- Pretty ..!
Arkady lay between us.
- Each tie - he joked.
He started kissing me and turns her. Then he put us, and he knelt down between our legs open. He kissed us on the lips, chest, stomach and so on.
Valya trembled when Arkady lay down on me and began to enter the penis into the vagina, her pupils dilated and were ready to pop out of their sockets. Mess with me, Arkady moved to Valya. She drew back in fright on the pillow, and probably wanted to say something, but at that moment Arkady strongly pressed, she cried out, jerked all over, as if breaking out of his open arms. But there was already a member. Arkady moved back and forth. Gradually her eyes closed, she lay down and clasped his hands. I eagerly looked into her face. Ha it reflects all that it is now felt. Looking at it, I also felt all her feelings. I absolutely really felt like his penis is in its interior. Breast filled with languor, the current ran through all my members and I felt physically penetrating her ecstasy and also could hardly contain himself. At last Arkady got off her and lay down with me ryadom.On stuck in my insides flushed cock and seemed pierced right through me. In ecstasy, I still looked at Valya, she looked curiously at us. Arkady finished and we rested a bit, stood up. I went to the bathroom, we have given myself up. Arkady, too. And not dressed, sat at the table.
- Well, how - he asked Valya.
- Interestingly, - she said to us, looking at the Arcadia, adding: - interesting and nice.
- Well now you will experience things which will remember all my life, - said Arkady, and we drank to Valya. I suggested that '' men's toast. '' Arkady put his dick in our glasses. I first drank and kissed his penis. Valya looked at us with pleasure and surprise. Then I offered her to do the same, but she pulled away.
- Not to worry - I told her - see how it all easy.
I took his cock deep into his mouth and began to irritate his tongue. Member tensed. - Have a drink and a kiss - I said Vale again.
- Take it in your mouth - I said. Valya took.
- Well you are now really got involved in our society, - Arkady said. We repeated the toast and then went to ... Of course, most of his caresses in the evening went to the Valais. Twice he went to her, and twice she had finished. Arkady diversified pleasure: the second time he came in my mouth, and the third - in the anus.
- You do not regret that came to me - I asked Valya morning.
- No, - she said - thank you.
We agreed that the evening will Arkady Boris. At six o'clock we were waiting for our Valley Knights. The bell rang. The postman brought a telegram: '' retarded, will be nine. '' In order to reduce the time we drank a drink, and I began to tell Vale all that has already experienced. Speaking, I showed her that she could show: in the mouth took her breast. And interestingly, I felt a strange pleasure. By stimulating her nipples, I felt the same as must have felt she was. Then I told her about Boris and tried to make her voluptuous sensation there. And again, when irritated by the language of her clitoris, I felt as if everything was happening to me. Also I gave neizyasnimoe fun to see how my actions from Valea lights. I wanted to bring it to such a state that she had finished. I told her about it and lay down on it like a man. She grabbed my arms and legs. I was in a terrible state of excitement. We kissed. I sucked up to her chest bruises. And finally dug his lips in between his legs trembling and hot clit. We were both sweating and finished almost simultaneously. A little rest, we look vspomtnali all our feelings and come to the conclusion that this, too, can get a lot of fun. Since we were looking forward to our men, fantasizing what joy it will bring to us. Men came at nine. Boris could not quit work and Arkady waited until he had finished duty. While on duty, they have drunk, and then still missing for a drink, we immediately lay down on the sofa. Men put us side by side. Arkady went to Valya and Boris lay on me. Once we have a bit of pampering, men swapped. So several times. All my life I'd lay there, feeling a member in its bosom. Valya finished with Arkady and Boris. I both times with Arkady. Then the men finished in our mouths.
- Wonderful girl you brought, - said Boris.
They took everything from the sofa and a bed on the floor.
- Lie down on me - said Arkady, showing me where to go. I lay back so that his cock was in my mouth and I began to play with him. I just got carried away. Boris felt it, and apparently became more exciting Valya. She began to sigh and moan. Then I felt Arkady ups and push my legs and his penis crawls under my belly. Excitation reached the limit. Everything burned. Arkady groaned and gritted his teeth.
- Girls - he gasped - Cum together.
He began to move, I became sick. Clutching both hands in the testicles Boris, I take his cock deeper and deeper, gasping from the flesh and excitement. Then I felt like Valya legs twitched, she screamed and writhed in ecstasy. Boris, too, twitched, and I rushed to the throat of his jet. At the same time I felt a stream of hit me in the womb. That was great! The same wave struck my bowels. That is to die at this moment !! We razedinilis, but for a long time I have felt the inexpressible delight. Steel rasprashivat Valya whether her and that she felt like during intercourse. She liked it. It was decided that the men take Valya alone. She lay across the sofa. Arkady sat on her chest. Boris lifted her legs over his shoulders and fell in standing. I watched the whole body tenses, as a member of Boris pushes her lower lip as her lips, as if to smile, bow Boris member. In my mind I was going through all this. Havernoe I felt everything that she did. I saw that they vozbudzhayutsya more and more. Wali's body shook beneath their blows. Sometimes she would tilt her head, but Arkady held her head in her hands. And without knowing anything further pushing member. I was afraid that she would suffocate, but everything went well. Arkady finished and tears. Boris continued to beat her uterus. In this position he took away, Valya started grabbing his hands. We agreed that while Valya will end: and when moan, she had finished, Boris immediately shouted:
- Sonia, come quickly! I finish with you!
I stood up to him backwards, and this finished. Tamara! In our company, there is Michael. If you priydesh to us, there will be three pairs. And all will belong to each other. Imagine that you can come up with six of them. Make up your mind. In this case, only two ways: either you get married and you will live a lifetime with her husband, or to live with many men, thinking only of one pleasure, but then it is better not to marry.
I wrote to you as it is. You can come to our company to see. I showed your picture. All very much want you to be with us. We are waiting for you on Saturday or Sunday, to six chaasam evening.
Having read this book, I could not get over it. In the evening I almost ran came to Tamara.
- Come, - she met menya.- read?
I said that I have read and burning with curiosity, what happened next.
- On Saturday night I went to Sonia. The whole company was assembled. They drank for my appearance. I told Sonia that came to talk to her, that they have done, then decide what to do. All this is arranged. Root usual orgy. I tried not to drink to sober to understand. I did not hesitate and soon everyone was excited and stripped. I was sitting in a chair. The other men and two women were lying on the floor, is a chain: each woman took the two men at the same time. The light is not quenched, and I select all. Absorbed unprecedented spectacle, I did not take her eyes off them. And when I looked up, then he froze for a moment: in the room there was a young man - the military. As it turned out - Sonya's husband. He also stood in a daze, and then ran his hand over his face and put his hand in his pocket. Slowly, as if in a trance, he pulled out a gun. At this point, it was noticed on the floor. The chain broke, came a deadly pause and immediately sounded three shots. Sonya cried out plaintively, intermittent wheezing Boris podskachila Arkady flopped his head on the carpet. The military quickly ran out of the room. I wanted to provide some assistance to Sonia, he immediately returned to the police and we were arrested: Sonia died right there in the room, Boris died in the hospital, Arkady recovered. I figured Ha court as a witness. FAQ about my virginity completely excluded me from the participants in this case. That's all.
Her words moved me as much as a letter Sony. I thanked the girl's confidence and a quick goodbye left.
I admit, I thought a lot about this story, and more and more recalled Tamara. It was it something serious, clean. I wanted to see her, and one day I went to her. She greeted me very warmly. We had a wonderful evening, and then began to meet more often. Tamara I liked more and a year later I made her an offer. Freed from the bachelor life, I reshul get rid of this notebook. That's why she's got to you.