Holidays for prosecutor
Dank autumn twilight of the district prosecutor's office door, wrapped in a coat out young woman. Thank God! Tomorrow investigator Tatyana Andreevna vacation begins - the first in three years. More would have stayed three years, but the inspection KRU freed her from slavery. You can temporarily take a break from the pile of cases to go to her friend in Novgorod - a long time ago was going, and my daughter yesterday drove to the grandmother. In general, the freedom! And soon the head around goes from murder, robbery, blackmail, visits to the scene, interviews, examinations and other highly amusing at first glance, from the very tedious duties. Especially paper.
- Girl, do not tell where a pharmacy here?
She turned to slow down at the deserted sidewalk to the car and tilt-las to the open door. In the face splashed cloud of aerosols, and Tatiana Andreevna lost touch with reality.

Consciousness returned slowly. At first, she realized that badly, just Neva-wearable thirsty. Then I realized, that is, and that his hands and feet something interferes. Cold. Oh, she's completely naked, lying on the floor. I can not see anything. But she opened the chap behind, why not see anything? Dark. I'd like to drink ... ... Potashnivaet Head Kru-zhitsya ... So what's with the hands? Unable to bring his eyes ... cuffed? And legs? WHERE I AM!!!! WHY!!!! WHAT HAPPENED WITH ME!!!!
Shine! Bright, blinding, straight in the eye. And it is in the circle of light. Eyes watering, can not see anything, you have to turn away. Oh, finally blinked. However, naked, on the floor, his hands and feet shackled.
- Good evening, Tatyana Andreyevna! How did you sleep? - Said the invisible velvet baritone-grained.
- To drink, I beg, drink!
- Well, where are we in such a hurry? Give though naglyazhus on you, and then heard so much, and so I see for the first time live. And this beauty - the most formidable, fundamental and non-corruptible investigator? Here is a charming head disentangled more than three dozen hardest cases and sent to prison about fifty people? Bravo!
- To drink, please drink!
- And unless you've been wondering why you're here in the form of so frank? What we have been invited, as well?
Only here the vision misted glass of ice water or cola or, in extreme cases, beer, replaced these simple and natural question ...
- Why am I here? Immediately release me and return the clothes! And give, finally, have a drink!
- Ohhh, how terribly! Do not you think that in this situation you should not require--vat? You can and ask. Polite.
- To drink, I beg, drink. And, please, release me and return the clothes!
- Now that's better. Already starting to learn and ask. But you also asked Tatiana Andreevna, repeatedly and politely. And it warned that people should be treated gently, and delve deeper into the case. That's the result. I'm afraid, is now asking for at-dtsya you ...
- Release me immediately, and allow, finally, to drink, I'm asking you!
- I like your tone, Tatyana Andreyevna. And I really want to help you. Even in your performance. How not to help a clever, beautiful and simply polite, howling in every respect a lady! Honestly! Here you seem to be interested in the traffic in women in the Emirates - I promise you will get of it the most complete pre-representation in the near future!
- Drink
- Then help, well, to bring a drink Tatyana Andreyevna!
Tatyana Andreevna heard a murmur. In the circle of light hand appeared with a deep aluminum bowl, which put itself near her face. At last. Young woman clung to the coveted moisture and immediately recoiled.
- The same brine cool. Please, dear, I really, really want to drink. You can at least some water ... not only salty ...
-Ah, what notes I'm melting! Only now you, my dear, have otrabaty vat every drop that you drink and every crumb that will eat! Ready?!
- Yes! Yes! What should I do?
- Well, what you may want from such a beauty? Fedenka, would you like something?
- Well, all sorts of things - bass responded invisible beam of blinding Fedenka
- Fedenka clearly wants affection, you are ready, Tatiana Andreevna?
- Yes Yes! Ready !! - No longer trying to figure out what, in fact, he is ready, she cried
In Ruge light having strong legs in trousers and shoes, at least, Mr. 46go blur. The add-on these monumental backups got lost somewhere in the darkness. Sil-valued hand raised by the hair and forced her to kneel down
- Come on!
In the face unceremoniously poked badly smelling male body, covered in hard kucheryashkah dark hair.
- What? What?
- Come on, suck it, bitch!
- Fedenka, polite to a lady! And you have to take Tatyana Andreevna to Fedenkinym wishes with all the attention, of course, if you really want to drink.
- But how? I do not understand?
- It's simple, takes Fedenkino treasure sponges and gently caress it, to and fro. You can help yourself and latch handles. Well, start!
- No no! Never!
- But the word "no" is to forget! Fyodor game!
Fedenkiny lower limbs disappeared from the illuminated circle, but the legs Tatyana Andreevna immediately pushed to the side of an invisible chain. Hands, in contrast, pulled to the floor. Now she was on all fours, legs apart and shamelessly showing ripe ass of those who call the Brazilian, and carefully shaved vagina. On the back has laid down something cold, there was a sharp whistle ....
- Aaaaaaaa !!! No, do not hit me!
On the back and rump helplessly raskoryachennoy woman walked flexible rod - Presley Wutai-rod, which can now only read in books about the cursed Tsarism. At the same time between the backs and the rod was stretched wet sheet, so that traces of beating on the delicate female skin remained.
- No no! Do not you dare! Aaaaaaaa !!!! No, no, please, dear, do not! I will do everything, everything, just do not hurt! Aaaaaaaa !!!!
- And it is that you were posgovorchivee continue. Well, ten more strokes. And you counted them myself! Otherwise - all over again! Ready?
- Yes, ready.
- So!
- Time!
Whistles blow and no longer on the back, and not by the pope, and on fine and boldly speak-schemu peach female vulva.
- Aaaaaa!
- We seem to have strayed?
- No, no, do not! Two!
New but unsuccessful for the same purpose ...
- Three!
- Four!
- Five!
- Six!
Whistling and juicy spanking followed one after another. On each shot, unhappy woman reflexively pressing, shuddered, but to publish meaningful sounds is not solved.
- Seven!
- Eight!
She pursed her once again, but the expected whistle and pain followed. Torture is clearly prolonged.
- What Fedenka delay? - I heard a familiar baritone.
- Yes, behold, his hand had covered, now!
- See, and then, maybe our dear guests are ready to wait as long as you raise up the time spent on her health?
- No, no, please, hurry! And give rather drink it!
- That's it! And what about sucking, we are ready?
- Yes Yes! Pray more, I'll do anything!
- Okay, Fedenka not Tomi our mileyshuyu already tractable Tatiana Andreev, well. So, what is there in a row?
- Eight!
Whistling, dull slap
- Nine!
Again, whistling and dull slap
- Fyodor, that there is squelching? You're her that the blood of butchered?
- No, I'm that stupid? Flows it!
And, the truth, thighs women shone from her selections. Waiting for the end of torture and the completion of the waiting met with an unexpected discharge.
- Ten!
Whistling and frank squelch ...
- On knees!
Cuffs, stretched his arms and legs were weakened in the lit space re-emerged a powerful backup and monumental manhood Fedenka.
- Well, Tatiana Andreevna, remember! You just takes Fedenkino treasure sponges and gently caress it, to and fro. You can help yourself and latch handles. Clear! Go!
She followed the advice of the invisible baritone and began first gently and not-ably, and then more and more confident to handle stake standing before the eyes of a member of the lip-mi, lick it, kissing, trying to penetrate the tip of the tongue into the hole on the first-agile. Hands gently caressed fragrant manhood. It turned out to be damp-vatym - seen Fedenka really overworked, processing cane her charms. And her lips looked so moisture ...
- Operations can, give it at least a sip - mouth as dry as sandpaper rubbing! - Followed by an unexpected complaint.
- Well, if you are interceding ... Just because she's a vyhlebaet, it is better to moisten her lips
And lips unexpectedly touched the wet, no WET !!!! finger. Ohhh, blessed moisture, finally !!! She was almost happy!
- Look, the Fed again flowed! And you're just a poslyunyavlenny finger on her lips wiped. Pour to her, however, I want to see the reaction ...
It brought the mouth plastic cup that smelled of water (for the first time in her life she learned that cold fresh water really smells, and the smell very noticeable).
- Thank you, thank you!!!
- Less words, more action, suck!
Oral continued.
- As it is now Fyodor?
- Ohhh !!!!
Fedenka was visibly pleased, and without considerable cock grew even more. He is no longer waiting for Tatiana fussy movements, and began steadily to drive her throat his gun deeper and deeper. The poor woman started to choke, her nauseated. But when she tried to pull away, a strong man's hand rested on the nape of the victim and began confidently stick her head on the penis.
Tatiana wheezed, his eyes rolled out of their sockets, but no attempt to NIJ-resis- it no longer served. Finally Fedenka issued entirely bestial growl, ICA-dil a hose Tatyana Andreevna almost into the lungs and discharged. He discharged as previously beaten and fucked - long, with a sense and knowledge of the matter. Helpless victim almost choked on the entire Niagara sperm instantly overflowed the throat and mouth and gushed on his face and chest.
- Come on, lick! I wanted to drink - works. At the same time and dinner! - Sentenced satisfied male.
Tatiana obediently swallowed everything that got into it, licked as she could lip and chin, and with all diligence cleared fedenkino dignity and its surroundings from any hint of sperm.
- Great! This work may well be paid for!
Before her fuss misted glass of cool mineral water. She drained la it.
- Yet! You are welcome! More water!
- Sure, but still have to work!
- I ... I ... Well, I'm ready
- Wonderful, but first let's see again the implementation of the previous job.
The new flash of light blinded at first. Then a large glowing plasma rectangle appeared before her eyes on the screen she saw herself naked on her knees, passion-but sucking cock.
- Amazing! Do not send it to the district prosecutor? Or your lovely up-chock, Tatyana Andreyevna? Do not worry, I'm joking. While I will not! And now if you please get on all fours. Your blow vyave and the screen seems to have stirred up Vasenev-ku and Shomu. Guys, do not be shy!
And Tatiana barely got into the proposed position, as two strong arms wrapped around her hips, and the piston, clearly feels at least fedenkinogo, swung entered her for a long time already wet hole. At the same time another male prichindal poked in her mouth. Now it was planted directly on the two members and approximately slid them back and forth. At the same time the one that she is much more dexterity, did blow, but contentedly purring like a cat. The second is clearly more and more entered into a rage. The tremors became more frequent and deeper, periodically he sling woman slapped on the rump.
- Come on, bitch, come on, work zho..y! As long as I'm in this very jo .. not planted!
Imagine a future, she began energetically podmahivat.
- So, let's b ... s!
- Cold-blooded, Sema! You're not at work! - Baritone knowingly quoted Babel - And in general, get used to diversity, change to!
Minute break peresmenku and mouth investigator rushed member, richly oiled secretions aforementioned investigator, and her little girl rushed one she moistened her saliva and the remnants of sperm fedenkinoy. All mixed up in the head. She had forgotten who she is, how, why and where. There was just this crazy jump on two bolts the excited men. Gradually from below creeps start completely inappropriate in this situation languor. And co-completion unexpectedly humiliated, beaten and raped Tatiana rapidly con-Chila. After a few seconds, too, it happened to its partners. However, their behavior is controlled by the inexorable baritone. It was he who saw Tatiana spasms and hearing her voluptuous groan quietly he said:
- Gentlemen, do not get carried away, ended up on the lady! Vasya, I hope you do not dream, multiply eat with our charming guest?
In accordance with the received task to tell the gentlemen finished on his partner. That exhausted collapsed on one side.
- Well, the first lesson is over. Water lady! - Its watered again, this time - dosas, that - all of the same ice-cold mineral water. Again he broke out the plasma, and Tatiana was able to assess his exploits have two partners. Hmm, it looked originally. This is sometimes encountered in the investigation materials, especially recently, when he began to investigate the disappearance of several students of the Pedagogical University. But perhaps her staff exceeded all previously had seen. How passionately she podmahivala .... How smacked her lips on the trunks of the Knights ...
- Boss, she pulled myself together! - Suddenly a new voice - what to do with it?
- This, of course! Tatyana Andreevna need company!
Some scuffling behind muffled groan, the same voice I do not ask, but in Nuka:
- Come here, sleposharaya!
To her in the circle of light pushed another naked woman. On wrists - by-handbrake on the head - thick paper bag.
- On knees! - Team accompanies unequivocal pressing on his shoulders and a push below the knees, the woman is next to Tatiana.
By the handcuffs immediately carabiner attached chain, two more are attached to the ankles. Only after this miserable head pulls off the bag and she winces from light and Py-melting look through narrowed eyelids and matted brown hair. On the face of fear, confusion, misunderstanding. But the face is very correct, beautiful. And with a figure-Sedco Tatiana God is not offended. She is young, not more than twenty-five, tall, like Tatiana, about a meter sixty, sloping shoulders, high strong chest ( "C grade as me" - thought Tatiana), rare nowadays expressed waist, nice hips and a delicious round zadik , slender legs podmistye.
- Well, now all here! - Says the master's baritone. - Olga woke up!
Woman painful squinting, trying to lick his lips mechanically
- Water
God, it feels the same as me - sweeping head Tatiana - and these ... They will be just as it is now ...
- And what you're all the same - sums mocking baritone - both as a scripted or hello or please - just water! Here Tatiana Andreevna probably already guessed what was coming, although Tatyana Andreevna?
- Yeah ... - he forced a Tatiana
- And guess correctly. Olga is now also will fulfill all that she will drink, eat, and so on. Like you. Because she, though not an investigator, too, likes to be interested in, is better than not at all interested. There is the second oldest profession - journalist called!
- Drink, drink, beg, drink! - Silenced alive, was a neighbor.
- Here, the tone is already faithful, learn, Tatyana Andreyevna! Immediately begs. And you-enforcement action so thirsty, my darling? - It is Olga
- Yes Yes! And please, let me go!
- Well, just let go of such a beauty! We have not even met as a wake-! So are you ready to do anything to get drunk?
- Yes!
- And even on this?
Again, plasma flares and now Olga looks at how Tatiana zarabaty-shaft a sip of water. Her lips trembled, tears in his eyes. She quickly looks at Tatiana, they say, it's all true? Tatiana hopeless and nods. And Olga, UWI-maidens, as the screen itself counts Tatiana blows, then does blowjob and is given once two of tormentors, breaks
- Well, yes, of course I'll do it, but, please, do not hurt, and let us go!
- We, wow! Commendable sense of community is very rare these days. You have to think about yourself, Olga! But, okay, you want to drink. Vodichku. Mi-General to. Pure. Ice. With bubbles!
After each word has two women spontaneously salivate. Tatiana non-random moves
- Chief, look, first leg pushes! - Hear a bass whisper Fedenka and contented cackle others.
- Ohhh! Tatiana Andreevna, I see you like! Boys who wish in our charming female guests to be able to get drunk?
Heavy footsteps echoing, strong hands were on her hips, smelling tobacco-hand under his chin to crotch Nyala
- Come on, work!
Tatiana again already habitually begins processing the very tip of the tongue of someone very worthy manhood, takes a behind the other and the corner of his eye sees, like Olga with red face and tears in her cheeks gagging huge a shaft belonging, probably, Fede and then flinches as in spasm, on-the penetration of her vagina second voluptuary. Then she did not before. Two pistons synchronously moving in her, her counterpart yells front, rear juicy Hack. And she has even pleasant. And ahead - Vodicka! Mineral! Clean! Ice! With bubbles!
What is it? They came out of it, for a moment, heard puffing and moaning deep female side, and then into the mouth enters the new stick with a strange tart flavor. Oh, it's mine, he took it out of me! And the second, why linger? Why spit on the ass? No! No! Neeeeeeet! At this time there is something that she secretly feared. man decided to try anal and excited-nym inhabited the Aural sex. Whom she had never tried, and which treated with extreme prejudice. Or rather disgusted.
And now it is happening. The man, slowly, gradually penetrating deeper into her anus. More, more, more, it seems, everything went back. No returns. Now quickly back again, forward again. It hurts, it is! Beast! But you have to endure! Otherwise there will be beat. Otherwise, there will be some water. Again included! Oh! Expenses "love-nick" swung slapped her on the buttocks with his hand, not inferior to the size of the demining Patka lo ...
- Bob, a pancake, more careful! It is me now otgryzet all!
- Oops, sorry, Semik, here are the legs. I could not resist. Oh, look, a second shlyush-ke also point printed!
Now both women are writhing in the first anal sex life. And both diligently licked, kissed, licked and swallowed the hefty "bananas".
Fyodor, how are you? I'm coming! I, too, right now! Guys, wait, I'm with you! And I!
The mouth and gut direct Tatiana rushed powerful stream of sticky apportionment men-tion. In fact, at the same time also it happened to Olga. Then the remains of these same secretions poured their people back, priests ....
Naked, drenched with sperm they were kneeling in front of their masters, and jade-but drank mineral water from some tin bowls. Yes, I do not care what the tin. But waters. Mineral. Pure. Ice. With bubbles!
- See how little it takes to feel full and final female NAV-ste! Two good member and a liter of mineral water! - Once again ran into the consciousness of the master's bari-tone. - Are you for some reason Myka in this life, climbed, where it is not necessary. Well, that's why you, a thief-yana Andreevna, and you, Olga, needed to know what has become of our teacher's college students of faculty of foreign languages? Let's go girls at practice, okay! And now you have to go through the same practice. However, you are already going through it, admire!
Plasma with all the ruthlessness showed already two companions in misfortune at the moment of the love ecstasy with four men. And in all of the ADVANCED-was seen only Tatiana and Olga, and those of their partners were hiding in the dark.
- Pleasure to watch! Just imagine, ladies, that is, if it's videos, for example, suppose that on NTV? Or just throw in the Internet?
Ladies presented and become sad even more.
- Well, I hope you'll be wiser and more obedient. In the meantime, the company gives you a bo-nous - month tour to the Emirates!
Something pricked in the forearm, and Tatiana again lost touch with reality. And he regained in a completely different place. Bright, spacious office, softly rustling air conditioning, an expensive leather couch collapsed a couple of full very dark man with chubby cheeks, full lips, huge fleshy noses, both in the glasses-governmental, business suits, on their heads "arafatki". She stands in front of them on the carpet ab-lutely naked, only feet unusual shoes with high heels and platform, convent-house Olga in the same dress, her face carefully made up, her hair is not matted gris-ing, and are graceful wave. However, she sees her reflection in the bar mirror - on the go-fishing as fine hair, on his face - make-up, bright and deliberately. As Olga. Both hold back strong hands. A reflection shows two strong men have European species also wearing sunglasses.
One of the eastern stands, fit, finger pushes her lips.
- Open your mouth! - A voice from behind, hand claw tightened on his forearm. Obediently, she opens her mouth. Oriental man with a sense of, and attention really hardened dentist or chanter explores her mouth. At the same time the thumb of his right hand unceremoniously travels Tatiana in the mouth, and the left hand with a sweet ease begins to touch her breasts, ass, belly, and then rushes to the pubis and below. Tatiana blushes, hesitates, but bitter experience, afraid to resist.
Arab completes the inspection with a loud laugh, and said something to his companion, showing his left hand. On the index finger and thumb glistening droplets.
"Lord, I also began to flow!" - Slips out of place in my head. And then his fingers, humidification-nennye its secretions go into her mouth. Clearly, it is necessary to clean. Already no stranger ...
Her push Arabs to the second, which has laid bare light brown plunger and Tanju beckons to him.
- Suck owner! - Good advice from behind. Well, her new owner ...
Tatiana corner of his eye sees, as the first Arab explores the anatomical features of Olga the same methods that have just got to know her. Again, the results wasps Mothra his delight. Happy Arab, Olga slapped on the rump, coming to the table, writing something and transmits leaf one of their former followers.
- Well, dear, Tatyana Andreyevna and Olga. Bye. We hope that here you will get the answers to all your questions and never boo-Dete ask them. A month later we meet again!
Compatriots left. Tatiana and Olga briefly detained in the office, where after oral ladies love with the owners hospitality offered also anal. And then they were taken to one lovely and very welcoming establishment. Tanya and Olga are now enjoyed constant male attention and actively replenish your sexual experience. By the end of the first week, they could without hesitation to answer the perennial question of what men want, and along with some women (Tanya twice, and three times Olga bought wealthy Arab women).
By the end of the second week of each of the companions in misfortune, it was extremely close, one might say, intimate, familiar with about half hundred men. One could boast as familiarity with Doberman one of the new friends, and the second - with a loved one donkey from new friends. Oral, anal sex, group sex and normal in a variety of poses become commonplace. Women instinctively moved apart legs at the sight of all men. Life was very simple: Woman with small breaks for a modest meal and sleep. However, sometimes food or sleep, too, combined with the sex. There were fans have a woman while eating or sleeping.
The third week, in fact, nothing new they are not pleased: the flow of men, occasionally punctuated by women, animals, or what some devices, a complete shutdown of modesty, humility, and similar rubbish, constant touch anywhere and anything mild aching pain in the perineum and anus , numbness in the vagina, which removed the tongue best friend or their own fingers, painful orgasms from carefully inserted clients vibrators or clients, exceeding their persistence vibrators, permanent sperm taste and smell her, interrupts everything, complete detachment from his own body, to torus lives a strange painful life and indulges the wrong body ... sex, sex, sex, and the thought of only one thing - what the customer wants the next .... You are the slave, the mistress, the maid, the nurse, the teacher, the police officer, but all the time you - the prostitute, litter, privy to sperm pouring from all over the world ... Sometimes - acute fear: what if infected? And suddenly he flew, he was not wearing a condom? And syz nova ...
What sort of investigation, case, colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, the children what the pro-girl who fell from a teacher's college (though now it is clear to them all, they are here, too)? Just the same as you, prostitutes: they are here with you more than two dozen, suck or almost naked, painted and often drunk or obtorchannyh. And those who buy for you. Faceless, sweaty, lustful, terribly cynical, inhuman Rav-nodushnye ...

All ended as suddenly as it began. She would fall asleep with a vibrator in the anus, wet from urine amateur "a rain of gold", broken and tired on the stinking sheets. Pro-snulas clean, fresh, in his own bed. God, what a nightmare ...
The familiar murmur of a mobile phone.
- Yes Yes!
- Tatyana Andreyevna, my dear! Something enthusiastic you leave, it's time to service! Come to the city prosecutor's office: a new head has all met, it's time to introduce you to. After all, the pride of the department, solved all your envy!
Lord, what a native voice on the phone, her boss, and along with a caring nurse, Ivan Timofeyevich.
- Dear, dear, Ivan Timofeyevich, I will soon!
Today we need to put on a uniform. Like this. Strong hairstyle, makeup modest. Sapo-gi, coat slipped, it's time.
"Newbie" half-empty bus, who served for twenty years somewhere in Denmark, which is reminiscent of unfamiliar signs in the salon regularly dovozit center. That city and the prosecutor's office. At the entrance to my friend the watchman - crust.
- Hi, Uncle Jack!
- Hello, Tanya, look good.
I ran up to the second floor, the familiar door, only the name and initials on the label but-tions. In the dressing room the new secretary, young, cute.
- Good afternoon, investigator of the district prosecutor's office Petrova.
- Hello, come in, waiting for Sergey.
The office under portraits of the president and prime minister, amid glorious tricolor (of which still poses grandfather - he was forty-third on the Dnieper fought against Vlasov) - relatively young, very good-looking man in a well-fitting uniform.
- Well, hello, Tatiana Andreevna, finally you're here as a rest? - Pro-sounded very familiar velvety baritone ...