Naughty neighbor (Part 3)
Vadim felt that at the bottom of his stomach there was something very pleasant. This Tatiana, head bowed, put their greedy jaws wide-open on his erect penis. Head, rznuv for smooth and soft as satin, the inside of the cheek, shivered with pleasure. Then, like a snake coiled around a dickhead pleasantly rough tongue of a mature whore.

- Oh ... umm .. - Vadim escaped.

Margarita meanwhile, finished peeing, wheezing, he lowered one foot off the couch, second, and completely slipped off her robe unbuttoned. She smiled and raised her hands above her head and began to humorously depict dance - shake his thick thighs, slowly turn. Vadim considered the swaying cellulite, white Teles in bluish veins veins, huge tits, and pressed lightly scruffy curly Tatiana's head, which, lowing like a deaf-mute, rhythmically push-fit mouth on the penis of his youthful neighbor.

- Dai and me! And it sucked like a leech ... - pushing the shoulder Tatiana, with mock indignation exclaimed Margarita. Tatiana reluctantly broke away from the member looked bleary-eyed and straightened, taking a sitting position.

Margarita, grunting, stood bare knees on the thick carpet, lowered her head and began to suck dick Vadim. And Tatiana, looking at this spectacle, began pulling off his shirt over his head. Breasts her bra covered with white, it was less than that of Margaret. But as a whole the figure slimmer and more feminine. "Not bad", - Vadim mentally appreciated, watching Tatiana, priprygivaya on one leg, removes his pants and muscle from the motions are pressed on her strong hips.

- Let's pat ... My pussycat ... - whispered Tatiana, podshagivaya closer and slightly forward exposing the abdomen. Vadim began podlaskivat fingers rapidly moisturize warm sponge. Margarita, panting, stood red-faced:

- Everything ... I can no longer ... Vadimushka you do not mind? .. - And without waiting for an answer, straddled Man, half upright, reclining on the couch.

- Ooh! .. - She moaned loudly, vigorously, so that the sofa creaked and shook, zashlpala his massive thighs backwards by Vadim.

Tatiana, hissing from lust, stood beside him and rubbed his fingers Snack her vagina. Stale, thick Margarita stopped and got off the guy. Her place immediately took Tatiana. Then they switched again. Sexually starved neighbor excited not a joke. Their eyes sparkled, panting and eager whisper hurrying each other, they climbed on top and take turns fucked Vadim razmokrevshimi its hot pussy. "Use me as a doll, or a whore in a circle" - flashed in my head lies passively Vadim, but the thought that he was not offended, but on the contrary, strengthened the excitement. He lay there, relaxed, shaking with energetic movements ebuschih his women. Member Vadim red-hot so that it seemed, soon will smoke.

- Sweetie, our ... - Tatiana whispered, stroking his thighs.

- And why do not I like this! - Suddenly offered Margarita, dismounting from him and knelt. She took her large fleshy milking in the palm of your hand, and embraced them sticking red dignity Man. And rubbed his fat flesh already perevozbuzhdnny member.

- Oh! I'll finish .. - Vadim groaned, arching.

- Come on! Come on! - Tatiana exclaimed, taking lewd poses, then turned his back and bending down to show fleecy lip between the buttocks, then putting one foot on the bed and thrusting three fingers in the damp red hollow. Vadim felt his stomach swells wave bottom. Margarita was pounced again to suck, but a member Vadim already fired, hitting the first trickle of Margarita in the eye.

- Oh! - She jerked in surprise, but then began to greedily catching mouth bristling penis seed. She did, and Vadim felt with delight as his throbbing organ continued to shoot in the mouth of a woman who, humming, swallowed pours.

- To me! - Tatiana cried, falling to her knees and pushing girlfriend. Margarita released member. Vadim, taking it from the base, began to fidget with a laugh and a member of the whip wet cheeks of their neighbors. Those, too, laughed, pleased udavshimisya gatherings. And Vadim thought that now he would often drop in to visit their neighbors.