Office passion
I was very lucky with the job. What has not just lucky, but it very much. I work as a sales manager in a fairly large company that sells elektroniki. Pretty high s n, a good percentage of sales - it's a dream for yesterday's students. And besides, the work is not difficult - to sell elektroniki in today's world, where everything is instantly grow old - a pleasure.

Incidentally imagining I Bogdan, I'm 23 years old, as they say girls - smazlizyvy guy with a sports figure. True to start the sport had a little podzabrosit, although I try to keep myself in shape. At the expense of his personal life - a dull, except for the sex ratios at the weekend in the toilet of the club. And so I'm quite happy with my life.

This story took place at the end of the first working month. Me and my Kolegov Vadim (also a sales manager, yesterday's student), summoned the director of the firm. I saw her only once - during the interview, it mileyshaya and strict business lady. Age guessed, but I assumed that she was clearly over 35. The main thing that I remember in Alla Sergeyevna - so is her black hair, bob haircut (I confess I like it most of all), and very impressive bust, which though I tried not to stare but unfortunately difficult to understand why pidzhachek under which he was hiding, still do not burst. I wore it as you can guess strict office suits - knee-length skirt, blouse, jacket, shoes with a low heel, and of pantyhose or stockings.

On entering the study, we saw that Alla S. decided to relax (the end of the week, the end of the month), and she is on the table an opened bottle of whiskey and a little of the drink in a glass with ice. Seeing us, she smiled and muttered something like "and here you are," drank the whiskey in one gulp and stood up. She was dressed as usual - the same strict office style. We Vadim choir sang "Hello Alla S."

- I congratulate you with the end of the probationary period. During this month, you have proved to be good workers, to be honest I did not expect. And I would like to know, are you going to continue to work with us?

- Of course Alla S., - first, Vadim said. She looked at me questioningly.

- Yes, of course - I said.

- Then ... - she began rastegivat jacket - promise that will fulfill all my orders this evening.

We stared at her, very much like to see what's under the jacket. She took off her jacket and threw it in front of us opened her chest restrained black lace bra.

- I promise, Alla S. - swallowing saliva mistimed I said.

- And I, I, too, - not behind Vadim.

- Excellent boys. I did this for you and took the job. Two pretty, young boys ... undress, hurry!

"That's it" - I thought - "so that's why we took on this job, you need to please the boss."

- Well, - said Vadim and began rozdevatsya.

I followed his example. He took off his shirt, then pants, thinking a little and did not hesitate took panties. He looked at Vadim - he beat me. Alla S. with a gleam in his eyes looked at us, but rozdevatsya no hurry. Well it is a game and we will obey.

- Bogdan kneel down and take in the mouth Vadim! - Like a bolt from the blue streaked voice of the headmistress.

- Alla S. is already too much - I tried it perceived.

- You also need this job kid be obedient! From the beginning I wanted to see how you will take in her mouth. Look forward to me - her voice narostalo excitement

- But I'm not gay! - I said

- Here, too Vadim not gay, not against it!

- He is going to do a blowjob, but he is not.

- He will also do a blowjob, you do not mind, Vadim?

- Neeznayu - it seems the excitement he began zaikatsya

- Vadim do not worry, you'll like it. You see a cute and Bogdan member he looks very good. And you promised slushati.

- Nuu ... Okay Alla S., - mumbled Vadim

"He agreed," - flashed through my head. "The guy agreed to suck me, but he wants it and I used it sucked" - wildly pounding in my head. And the two of them exchanged glances ustvilis at me, as if asking, what I decide. I looked at Vadim. This blonde is clearly better look after themselves, cubes on Prese were very nice. A below was poured his penis with blood is clearly longer than mine, though thinner. I presented it in his mouth, he would walk back and forth ... "Damn, what I think, I'm not gay!"

- Ooh look at Vadim Bogdan, he seems excited by your appearance, - noticed Alla S.

I looked at his penis. He stiffened and stood in all its glory. Alla S. poured into his glass of whiskey and even drank a little. Then she came up to me and poked me a glass

- That drink and relax a bit

I drank the whole glass in one gulp. The heat from the alcohol spread through the body, burned inside me. Alla S.

He kissed me on the cheek and whispered:

- Agree kid, you like it.

She grabbed his hand my cock and began to stroke it gently. I gave up. Obediently she knelt down and picked up a member Vadim. He stiffened in my hand, I feel it pulsing. Slowly it began podrachivat, exposing the head, closed his eyes and licked gently. I liked the taste, and I began to lick his entire penis.

- Molodchinka, now suck it like candy - said Alla S..

Not knowing how to do it, I tried to remember and blowjobs porn scene somehow imagining yourself in the place of chic pornokrasotok, I was excited even more and began boldly sucking dick, trying to deliver maximum enjoyment Vadim. He moaned softly, apparently he liked my actions. Releasing a member of the company, I started nadrachivat one hand, and the other put his eggs. I looked at Alla S. - she was sitting in a chair in front of us with a smile and was watching my actions. Catching my eye, she nodded approvingly. I turned to a member, took the head in his mouth and began to play with her tongue. I licked, spent on her tongue, wrote out eight - in general did everything he did with me and the girls saw in porn films. Vadim obviously liked it, his groans grew louder. He put his hands on my head and began to fuck me in the mouth. It feels like I pull on the penis .... do not even know how to describe. Vadim all gaining momentum and I realized that he was ready to cum. It is understood and Alla S., she rose from her chair and walked over to us.

- Cum on his face, - she ordered.

Vadim, of course, listened to the boss. He pulled his cock out of my mouths and began furiously nadrachivat front of my face. A moment later, a member of semen erupted, though I wanted to catch a Roth, but it did not work, and Vadim Zalim my face with sperm. Alla S. was delighted. She ordered Vadim assemble language all the sperm from my face. On shaky legs, I got up and immediately Vadim began to clean my face from the sperm. His reed flitted across my face collecting sperm and suddenly he kissed me. It is not strange, but the kiss was nice, I was not embarrassed that the whole of his tongue was in the semen.

- Boys you are super - admired Alla S., - Vadim's your turn!

Vadim slowly walked to the table, poured himself half a glass of whiskey and drank. I decided that the floor is not so convenient, lay down on a small sofa, which stood in the office and began lightly podrachivat member. Vadim came to me, knelt down and immediately swallowed my cock. I startled, and felt pleasure. I did blow a guy who I just sucked away! Alla S. drank more whiskey, and began to pull her skirt. She stood back to me and the first thing he saw - ass in the same black as the bra, lace panties. Then the skirt fell to the floor, and I saw that her chic black stockings. She comes up to me and takes off bra and we, finally, we can see her gorgeous breasts, with big pink nipples. Hand it tilts Vadim my dick and whispered, "do not be distracted," and kisses me passionately. I hug her walk on my hands back, ass, our tongues entwined in a kiss. Vadim seems, I got a taste, he fiercely nadrachival my cock and caressed the tongue on my balls. Alla S. zahonchila kiss and began to expose me your nipples. I do not razocharovoval her and caressed her nipples, licking, sucking and gently biting them. It looks like I did everything correctly and the answer I have been intensifying moans. Vadim lifted my legs so that now he could see the hole of my anus, which he promptly took advantage of. His reed began to lick my hole, and his hand did not stop stroking my dick. It was an incredible ecstasy, feel that your ass hard lick, hand nadrachivat member and slag-boss, to persuade you on this sex, forcing her to lick her nipples. So I did not hold back, groaning loudly. And when was replaced by Vadim reed on his finger - it was a bit painful, but it was a very sweet pain. Alla S. walked away from us, watching Vadim fucks my ass with a finger, began to caress her pussy through her panties. However, she softly moaning. Vadim felt that I like such affection, added another finger into my ass. Again, it hurt, but the pain changed to pleasure. He had not touched my penis, but I still had the feeling that I will soon be over. Alla S. rummaged in a drawer and pulled out a small vibrator. I immediately wanted to try it in my ass. She licked it and brought Vadim, who without hesitation put it in my ass. It was painful and sweet, I groaned aloud. Alla S. licked her fingers Vadim, whom he fucked me and began tselovatsya with him. Vadim began to fuck me a vibrator, and Alla S. came up behind him and began to lick his ass. However, it podrachivala his penis, which again was a stake. Then, repeating after him, she began to fuck his fingers and came to the table pulled out a vibrator slightly larger size. Approaching me she took a small vibrator and handed Vadim one that more. Leisurely he brought him into my ass and letting me get used included vibration. The very same Alla S. Vadim put the vibrator in the ass. He moaned as I do, letting him know that he was very pleasant. She took off her panties and see her hairless pussy wet already flowed down her thighs. She sat down in a chair and watched for a moment as the Vadim, with a vibrator in the ass, fuck my vibrator. Undoubtedly, this is what was part of her plans. Then she told Vadim:

- Fuck him in the ass. He still dreams of a direct member in the ass

- Come fuck me - I asked

- Now, - he said.

He pulled the vibrator out of me, turned it over in his hands, then pulled the vibrator from my ass and put greater his anus. Then he put his head of his penis (which would be much more vibrators, visited me) and began to press on my hole. I let him easily, my ass was already well developed, that's only been a little painful. He inserted a member until the end, and briefly stopped, letting me get used to. And then he slowly began to fuck me. Alla S. vengeance caressed her pussy and fucked herself fingers. Vadim threw my nogii on his shoulders, and quickened his pace. Holding his cock and making a few moves, I could not resist and finished, semen fell on my face, chest, abdomen.

I welcome your comments. and to be continued.