I am a chemistry teacher at the school. I am forty years old, but I kept the slim figure. In general, I'm a woman even though where. I have two children, the eldest a girl named Katy, the youngest boy Kolya. My husband left me when Kohl was born. Since then interrupted by casual relationships. It was an ordinary day, like all before it, did not foretell or anything bad. I came to the school held
First experience

That was in 1986. I was with a small 5. Parents left for the big money to the north. And I was left to grandparents. And here once. I wanted pisya. Have you ever seen nebudu rustic toilet. Correctly? Wooden souruzhenie courtyard. I went to open and I see my grandfather sitting over otvestiem.A of priests slowly climbs kakashka.A thick bottom sticks out, stake his thing. I then knew that the boys
Oh, Boy!

I knew that Pam was not at home. Where is it to be, however, along with all the yacht Dave. I hope that it will succeed Dave. Pam beautiful, young, myself and at the same time more and clever. And most importantly, she knows how to keep their fears and uncertainty under control. I'm calm for her. Quite by accident, I drove past the area where he lives and Pam decided to go. We had to pick
Divide and rule

Sorted out, one of these days, some events of days gone by. He remembered a curious history. I decided to share. Maybe you, dear reader, it will be interesting. We then had to 18. All have gathered in his native town, for the parent homes. Staged as usual, last year's reunion. The feast was held in the only decent places of our quiet town. Drinks, eating. We dance and shared their impressions

Book Now that you have read, he came to me as follows. Frowning, autumn day last year, I was at the cemetery, where two years ago, my wife was buried. Mourn at the grave, I went to the door and saw a girl in the offing years 23x-24x. She stood at the dilapidated graves, which had just placed a modest bouquet. I could barely read the faded inscription: name, surname, patronymic, date of
Holidays for prosecutor

Dank autumn twilight of the district prosecutor's office door, wrapped in a coat out young woman. Thank God! Tomorrow investigator Tatyana Andreevna vacation begins - the first in three years. More would have stayed three years, but the inspection KRU freed her from slavery. You can temporarily take a break from the pile of cases to go to her friend in Novgorod - a long time ago was going, and my
Real Domination - 1

Published for a narrow circle of fans of Real Domination Ladies and gentlemen! I present to your attention a new direction, which I call the Real Domination. The essence of this new subculture, as opposed to BDSM, unfeigned is the absolute reality all of the events. Among all selected in the "contact" finding married beauties choose the most liked girls and I start to provoke
Black Envy (part 4: Katya)

Nina has long stood on the platform and peered into the darkness after the train departed. She felt her legs flowed sperm, already getting to his knees. I felt like part-autumn chill made through wet panties cold and unpleasant. But the soul sang it. She knew that Andrew stayed with her, although it was removed further and further with each passing minute. Nina went to the toilet in the station
Real Domination - 2

Real Domination - 2 RealDomination@mail.ru * Published for a narrow circle of fans of Real Domination Among all selected in the "contact" finding married beauties choose the most liked girls and RD begin to "Married" theme. Today I was lucky! Cute married brunette dropped me better than all the others in the last month. All selected photos in bathing suits and just pleasant
A friend of my boyfriend

It happened not so long ago. My name is Olga, I'm 21 years old. I have a guy (Stas, his 28 years old). We live in a civil marriage 3 years. My guy has a best friend Sergey (28 years old). So I feel a terrible desire to Sergei. It is my dream to erotic dreams, I imagine it as having sex with her boyfriend in his presence, I was on fire. For a long time I want him to me from roasted properly. But