Not Shepherd, but Rex

I was then 16 years old. How fast the years run! I lived, of course, with my parents, and they kept me in a black body. Late return home can not, the disco can not be, can not meet with the boys, etc. etc. How did it happen, and I do not know, but it turned out ... We had a terrible nickname kobelžk Rex. Color him was like a German shepherd, but rostochkom - a little more taxes. Rex was a smart
Catherine continued.

Catherine, a rest and gain strength to return to work. Having invited the deputy, she asked how things were going in her absence. He said that everything is fine, no excesses happened. Then she deepened in the study of the documents that had accumulated in her absence. Kate found that the company's profit fell by fifteen percent this month, compared to the previous month. This allowed, and
Initiation into whores. part I

Initiation into whores. Part I. It happened when I was eleven or twelve years old. Girlfriend I got sick, so I went to visit. She lived far away on the outskirts of the city. Houses there are many built. I walked, looking for an address, then I saw a hole in the fence and decided through the rack - faster. And when she heard that the unfinished house kitten literally screams. I found a ladder,

It was a hot summer, it's time to love and sex with hot sea, the most naked girls, summer cafes with live music and nemerenno quantities of beer, which seems to never end. Just this summer and it's time to gardening and a good third of the city just lived in the gardens or frequently stayed there. We went to the garden and even in the bath. It was very comfortable, our garden was just outside the
In the park

She was walking through the park, just like it was shorter to go through the so-pinned, wanted to write horror, turned off the track, she sat next to was unbearable. When he ran, too, cutting off the path, and also in a hurry. Seeing women writing off the track, he stood up, forgetting everything. Her thighs, so beautiful, stretched, lowered pantyhose, on his knees, and buttocks, white, smooth,
Guys and a gentleman

Master came in to the feast mass, stands and prays to God; otkudova suddenly out of nowhere, it was the front man and son of a bitch sinned nabzdel so that you can not breathe. - Eka scoundrel! As navonyal - thinking gentleman. He came up to the man, took a ruble money in his hand, I sprashuet: - Hey, little man! That you are so good shit? The man saw the money and says: - I, sir! - Well,

SOPHIE. Well, now, bird Sofochka, perepihnžmsya and ciao, baby! Thierry says it so simply and quietly, as if we are talking about smoking a cigarette for two. I felt the heat on the face and ears, and when the guy tried to get closer, slapped him a resounding slap in the face. I'm surprised his courage. Thierry glanced toward the door and clicked the lock. To score in the corner, with an
Zhenya. Part 4 and last

Zhenya. Part 4 (and last) Lika was gone, leaving a farewell, the smell of his body on the sheets and her perfume, somewhere beyond the subconscious. I own smells of this wonderful blend of flavors. Standing in the shower, I washed off reluctantly, these enchanting scents. I slept the rest of this and the beginning of the next day. In the evening, I decided to go fishing on the lake. Establish
First Date. Part 1

Somehow, I hardly took what I equally excited boys and girls. Since childhood, he was desperate homophobic, but by the age of 21 said that looking at porn sites scrutinize Member admire their shape, size, notice each recess, hollow ... After a time I imagined myself as a woman, even when my favorite was sucking me, I she became jealous that she has the opportunity to kneel and lips with tongue
The meeting of the new year. Part Three. Gift Presentation

After the guys gave me their gifts, they all sat down at the table. I wore my short latex jacket. I took off my bra and put aside, so that it does not bother me. The rest of clothes left on me safe: shoes, stockings and skirt. However, I wanted to remove the stockings, but the guys told to leave. Explain to me what they do I look much sexier and more desirable than naked. On the table was a lot